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Weekend Race Results

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Last Saturday I did my 10km race in my town. This was the 3rd annual event & my 3rd year running it.

The first year I ran it...I just learned to run a few months prior & I ran it with a friend. Our running teacher ran back to meet us (she ran with the 5 kers first) & to help push us throu. At 9 kms there is a little 'hill' we have to run up to get us out of the ditch & she nudged (pushed) me up it (cause I wanted to quit at this point & she knew I had more in me) & I told her off (in a joking way). At 9.5 kms I wanted to just walk to the finish line & started to walk (I really felt like I had nothing left). She told my friend to keep going & she'd walk with me. My friend said "NO..We're in this together...she walks. I walk'. Well wasn't about to slow anybody down..so I ran to the finish line...we ran it in 1:09:03.

Last year I ran it by myself, but my friend surprised me & showed up with her daughter to support me. Which was awesome. I finished it in 1:03:54. Woo Hoo!!

This year I was nervous & excited. I think I was nervous because my Grandparents were coming to the event, but excited because they'd get to see me run. I don't know why this made me nervous, but it did. So I get up in the morning & it's raining...well if I can survive last weekend I can survive this, I thought!!! I finally found something to wear that I hoped would keep me dry (it didn't) & walked to the event.

As I'm running I'm reminding myself that this is not a race....I'm out here to try my best, but have fun at the same time. The trails were muddy & there was a bit of a detour this year due to construction around the trail.

I don't know how this happened, but after 5kms, I felt like I was running by myself. I only saw people when I was coming up on them & passed them. Which shocked the heck out of me, I'm the passee, not the passer. I wanted to walk a few times during the second trail (there's 3 different trails we run on) as this one is narrow & all uphill. I really wanted to stick to my 10&1's for the whole race...so I kept repeating in my head..slow down...so what if your watch says 7:02(km/min), it's faster than 9 or 10 (my walk pace) & way faster than if I were sitting on the couch. It helped me get me though that tough patch.

As I'm on the last trail I was behind this fit looking girl & was going to stay at her pace, then I thought, I can do this, so passed her. She yelled good job & I yelled the same back (hopefully that's how it came out as I was breathing hard. But I did wave so I'm sure she got the idea). To my surprise I was putting distance between her & I. Then I came up on the little 'hill' (you know the one I got pushed(nudged) up at the first year) & ran up it. And standing up ahead alittle is my running teacher (she was a volunteer). As I was coming up to her I say "you know, I think of you every time I go up that' Her response 'and look at you now...so strong..way to go'. It gave me what I needed to finish strong.

I'm now coming around the last bend to the finish line & thinking 'I don't have it in me to run faster'...I see the finish line...'YES YOU DO!' & ran faster. Then I remembered a picture I saw (I tried to find it so I could post it..no such luck). It's of a girl running & it says something about running faster & putting your hands like your karate chopping the air(?). So I though nothing to lose, I karate chopped the air & ran even faster (wow, it worked) & flew acrossed the finish line.

I collected my medal (first year we got medals for this event), a water & set out to find my grandparents & friend. I guess my grandparents missed me & told me I had to run across the finish line again...not happenin, I told them & we laughed. I could tell they were proud of me thou (even if they did miss my grand finish).

When I looked at my watch it said 1:05:11, but my official chip time was 1:05:04. Not a PB, but I'll take it. I also placed 55 out of 142. Not bad.

My friend & my grandparents left & I stayed (I had volunteered to help after my race ). I just happen to see a guy (who I think ran the HM) run in. You could tell he was hurting & happy to be finished. Well, a while later I was walking down the hall & I hear him yell at me. He said 'Hey, I tried to catch up to you. But I just couldn't make it." He's with a group of people & they are all looking at me now. Speechless (how do you respond to that)..I responded 'Well you never stopped trying & you finished. Good for you.' smiled & walked away. I was kind of embarrassed (because everyone was looking at me & I didn't know what to say). But thinking about it now...I should be flattered (I think)...I was someones pacer/target!!

Later (when I downloaded my garmin) I found out a few surprising facts:
1. I crossed the finish line running 3:48(km/minute)
2. The second last set I ran a 12&1 (not a 10&1)
3. I ran 10.20 kms (Last year it was 10.02 km. I guess the detour added alittle distance)

All in all..it was a good run!!!

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    WOW...what a race! I love the passee vs. passer part, too funny but I betcha it feels great to be the passER!

    You just keep getting better and better Ms. Butterfly, keep up the great work!!
    1915 days ago
    Way to go... you were the rabbit! emoticon (The one to catch!) you rocked it girl... Congrats! emoticon
    1917 days ago
  • JENNNY135
    Awesome job, doesn't it make you feel stronger that you can improve. Passing someone, running up the hill and doing 12:1's.

    1918 days ago
    Great job! YOU ROCK!!!
    1918 days ago
    Well done!!
    1918 days ago
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