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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Update April 2013
We made a change to the site so that all members get our new Fitness tracker. We have made a lot of improvements to the new tracker, so it should only add to your experience. However, if you have any problems or issues, please email support@sparkpeople.com.

Original Announcement in June 2012
Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce we made some upgrades to our Fitness Tracker, adding more tracking options plus making everything more streamlined.

A quick summary of the changes are:

- There is now just one “unified search” box where you can search for cardio, strength, and other activities all in one place. (Previously, you searched for and tracked all of these activities separately.)
- You now can see and track calories burned for all activities, including strength training. This has been a long-standing request from our members.
- You can copy exercises to another day and also create exercise groupings, much like you would "food groupings" in the Nutrition Tracker. This makes it easier to track a group of exercises you tend to do multiple times a week, for example.

Here is a new tutorial video that showcases the changes.

If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below. We hope you enjoy this simpler way to track your fitness—and the calories burned for more of the activities you are doing!

Dave H.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow, I didn't realize that you can't see the comments that you put in the "optional comments" section. I agree with the other Sparker, why bother having it? I had put the number of miles that I had run in that section since mileage doesn't show on this new tracker, it did with the old one. Since I couldn't see the comment, I added my mileage number in the "Today's Fitness Notes" section. It seems sort of silly to have a "comments" section if you can't see the comments. I also think it's sort of silly to not be able to see the mileage. Please add this feature back. Thank you.
    1789 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/28/2013 2:08:42 PM
    New Fitness tracker.... don't like it... just started keeping track again. Before I was able to enter cardio work outs Elliptical, Zumba, etc. and it would tack the calories for me now it only tracks the walking calories. Is there a way to go back to old tracking system? for a while it was an option.
    1789 days ago
  • KBK6091
    Please give me back the old fitness tracker. I really dislike the new one. emoticon
    1789 days ago
    I don't walk a set route. I base it on how many steps I walk and manually enter my distance and calories burned, but that is not an option on the new tracker. Please give us the option of deciding which tracker we want to use. emoticon
    1789 days ago
    When you first changed to the fitness "upgrade" you gave the option to use the old fitness tracker which I did. Now once again I logged in and you had changed mine to your new format. this will not do. I will just start tracking my exercise on myfitnesspal.com

    It is a downgrade not an upgrade. emoticon
    1789 days ago
  • -COURT-
    I don't like the new fitness tracker either. I'll just post my mins in 'Other Goals'.
    1789 days ago
    When the new fitness tracker went into effect, I lost all my exercises that I had saved to my fitness tracker, that pops up on the days I had set to do them and I could just check them off. Now I have to go find them all again.

    Really not happy with the new tracker. Please give us the option to use the old one instead of forcing us to use one that makes no sense and that the majority of us do not like.
    1789 days ago
  • CHRIS3874
    1789 days ago
    HATE the new fitness tracker!!!! Bring back the OLD.

    Can't figure out even how to track strength training.

    1789 days ago
    I am going to add my voice to those that say "Nay!"
    I chose not to use this 'new format' when it was introduced last year. I tried it. I hated it. emoticon
    Bring back the old format!!! Please. emoticon emoticon

    1790 days ago
    Are you trying to force us to use Spark Coach??? The new Spark Fitness Tracker is NO GOOD for tracking strength training, now and Strength training is CRITICAL for a healthy lifestyle!

    I can't afford memberships anywhere, including here, and the old Spark Fitness Tracker was awesome to help suggest and track strength training. I had my own custom routine on there and it still tracked it. Now, the best I can find is the basic workout, which offers about four different exercises. I don't want a whole full body work out each day! It's not beneficial to do so! Muscles need rest, so to work upper body one day, lower body the next and core the day after, keeps the routine going but gives the required rest. Can't do that anymore without perhaps programming in each day, every day. MASSIVE FAIL, SP, I'm so disappointed. Please bring back the successes we had already known! Please bring back the old tracker!
    1790 days ago
    1790 days ago
    1) where is the option to keep THE OLD ONE!!!!
    2) Why bother letting us put in comments regarding our work out if WE CANT SEE THE COMMENTS!!!! That is how I track the work out so I can increase either speed or minutes at a certain level,.

    I am feeling like I need to go back to an excel spreadsheet to track things the way I WANT THEM tracked.

    PLEASE add a button to allow us to choose this "great" change.'

    I don't like it at all!
    1790 days ago
    I need to search for, find and select my strength training exercises, too!

    I hope it works with a good drop down if I start with something like, "seated..." or "concentration..." or "tricepts..."

    Haven't tried it yet! It won't be as good if I just enter 20 minutes strength into the fast tracker!

    1790 days ago
    So ... maybe I'm doing something wrong, but how do I track my weight/strength training? I'm really not too keen on this new format; feel like I'm wasting too much time!
    1790 days ago
  • GABY1948
    I have used it ever since it was introduced...I didn't find it a big deal...
    1790 days ago
    why did you change it? I loved the old one
    1790 days ago
    Well...I will add my two cents as well. The only thing that I regularly track on SP has been my fitness minutes. I liked how quick and easy I could do it; this will change because of the new way of tracking. Hopefully what the 'powers that be' thought would be a positive change will listen to the people and change back to what most of us thought user friendly!!!

    Thank you in advance for listening and hopefully changing!!!! : )
    1790 days ago
    I was surprised to see the new format. I haven't liked having to enter each weight exercise individually from my routine each time I do that set routine. Entered the exercises in a group and with one click I had that day's routine all entered!
    1790 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/27/2013 10:13:59 AM
    Where did my strength training exercises go? Do not like the new fitness tracker. Will not take the time to set up again! The new fitness tracker takes to much time. Bring back the old one or at least give us an option of the new or old
    1790 days ago
  • VALYNN26
    I don't understand..If it's not broke why fix it?? I do no like the new tracker at all. Would much rather have my old one. emoticon
    1790 days ago
    Count me among those who would rather put my limited time into being physically active and not documenting to the new tracking system.
    1790 days ago
    I don't like the new fitness tracker. I have the video's from Beachbody by Debbie Siebers and it isn't possible to put them in. I would much rather put my time and the type of work out I have done and click off the lunges etc. and be done with looking up .
    You do a great job of trying to improve but this doesn't work for me, so I just won't post my workout, it's too bad for it was a great encouragement to see what I have done.

    1790 days ago
    New tracker is a nuisance. It takes too much time. Probably will find a more user friendly site.
    1790 days ago
    Definitely do not like this new one at all. emoticon
    1790 days ago
    I don't like the new fitness tracker. How do you enter heavy housework? Is it deliberately difficult and confusing or am I just obtuse?
    1790 days ago
  • JLOSS01
    This new fitness tracker is horrible. Please please, please please bring back the old one. I just wasted 20 minutes trying to track my exercises. The old one is soooo much better
    1790 days ago
  • NANAGO1204
    I like the old tracker better...it gave me more information without having to go anywhere else. When I track something it disappears into another reporting area...it took me a while to find it again...hmmm....it has got to be easier than this...

    1790 days ago
    Is there a tutorial on how to log strength training? emoticon
    1790 days ago
    Didn't like the "new tracker" when it first came out so will just use the Spark America site and track my minutes the food tracker is a big enough headache its the one that needs improving. having 10 to 15 calorie counts for some foods and can't find others that I eat and they are not odd foods English is the one it couldn't this morning
    1790 days ago
    I have just wasted 20 mins, trying to track my fitness minuates.I really do not like this new system
    1790 days ago
    I LOATHE the new fitness tracker. Why, Sparkpeople, are turning into Facebook and changing stuff around all the time? THIS IS DISCOURAGING to those that use it to log and track.
    1790 days ago
    Why no warning, no heads up?? Sparkpeople has helped me for two years get my life and health back on track. I think it's sad that the spark team thinks new is always better. I guess we are the proverbial red-headed step children :-(
    1791 days ago
  • DAS92687
    I'm still getting used to using the new tracker.
    I DO like the ST Workout Generator feature ... very nice!!
    1791 days ago

    I too do not like the new exercise tracker.....
    very confusing and not user friendly at all !

    Change it back.....change it back,......change it back !
    1791 days ago
  • JD394471
    I do not like the new tracker at all.
    I was using the old one, but see they changed me to the new one and not happy about it at all. Can we go back to the old one?
    1791 days ago
    I do not like the new tracker at all but did like the old one. I tried the new one and it never has what I use. please go back to the old version so much better. since it seems a lot of people don't like it I don't really understand the change. emoticon emoticon but not the new tracker
    1791 days ago
  • TERRI289
    I am glad that I am not alone in not liking the new tracker..PLEASE bring the old one back!!! emoticon
    1791 days ago
  • MISSM66
    I do not like this one,the old one is better,although I have only a few days here on spark,give us your Members the options. emoticon
    1791 days ago
    I really appreciated the option of having the old tracker or the new tracker. I understand it requires extra work to maintian two versions, but it seems like the voice of your customer is requesting the option. I'll add my vote to that as well.
    1791 days ago
    This stinks. I chose not to use the new fitness tracker when it came out for a reason. Now you have taken that choice away from me. Is SP becoming a dictatorship? I will just have to find a site where I can track my fitness the way I want to track it. I had all my exercises entered and saved in the old tracker. Now I can't access it. This sucks.
    1791 days ago
    Where did my saved exercises go? Do I need to add them ALL AGAIN? Not happy!
    1791 days ago
    Already weighed in on this new tracker - but I am so frustrated and unhappy when I go to log in my exercise that I am compelled to reiterate my huge dislike of the change. PLEASE listen to all your members concerns and bring back the old tracker or at least give people of choice of how to track their fitness exercises.
    1791 days ago
    I work out with a trainer and often can't remember the names of what I am doing. The option to look at the different exercises was great for me. Now I struggle to identify what I did that day and how to log it. Takes much longer too! Please bring back the old tracker.
    1791 days ago
    do not like the new page the old one i could go right to add cardio
    1791 days ago
    I like some of the new things but I do think that it is confusing and do miss the old tracker because i liked being able to check mark the exercises as I finished them so i knew what i still had to do and what i couldn't get done that day and share that experience with my friends and family on facebook...
    1791 days ago
    I liked the old tracker better. I had tried the newer version while the old one was still available and went back to the old one. Please give us the choice. Mine was set up the way I wanted it and now it's all messed up.

    As many others have noted, I liked being able to just check off what I had done - for strength training AND for stretching after exercise. The stretch after exercise was a good reminder too.
    1791 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/26/2013 9:42:52 AM
    Sometimes new and improved needed and that's the case with the fitness tracker. Please bring the old tracker back. It was so simple and covered all the bases.
    1791 days ago
    It's UNANIMOUS! We want the OLD TRACKER BACK!!!!!!! emoticon
    1791 days ago
    I don't like the new fitness tracker. It won't let me enter how many minutes I jogged this morning. I don't have time to watch the video and find out how to do this right now! Very frustrating! Bring back the old tracker, please! This one is too complicated! emoticon
    1791 days ago
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