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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Update April 2013
We made a change to the site so that all members get our new Fitness tracker. We have made a lot of improvements to the new tracker, so it should only add to your experience. However, if you have any problems or issues, please email support@sparkpeople.com.

Original Announcement in June 2012
Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce we made some upgrades to our Fitness Tracker, adding more tracking options plus making everything more streamlined.

A quick summary of the changes are:

- There is now just one “unified search” box where you can search for cardio, strength, and other activities all in one place. (Previously, you searched for and tracked all of these activities separately.)
- You now can see and track calories burned for all activities, including strength training. This has been a long-standing request from our members.
- You can copy exercises to another day and also create exercise groupings, much like you would "food groupings" in the Nutrition Tracker. This makes it easier to track a group of exercises you tend to do multiple times a week, for example.

Here is a new tutorial video that showcases the changes.

If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below. We hope you enjoy this simpler way to track your fitness—and the calories burned for more of the activities you are doing!

Dave H.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm like some others. I'm doing exercises called one thing but SparkPeople calls them something else. I had to go look through the exercises and either watch demos or read descriptions.

    I have no idea how many calories I've burned. On my start page is says "Goal to burn 670 calories per week, 19 burned this week ." But on my fitness tracker it has a different amount.

    Thursday - Calories Burned: 123 Weekly Total: 27/670.

    Friday - I walked for 45 minutes and it shows Calories Burned: 0.

    I don't like that it tracks the Minutes either. I enter the number of sets, reps, and weights (if used) and it figures how many minutes... which are not correct. Some exercises may be less time and others may be more. It is a lot easier to keep track of sets/reps than to watch the time on everything.
    1725 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/7/2012 2:07:24 PM
  • HHB4181
    very nice

    1725 days ago
    This is terrible...exercises that were searchable before no longer exist. Even if I create under the old version I cannot save anything for my next workout day. I guess I have to type everything in manually? emoticon
    1726 days ago
    I am having trouble entering the series of excercises I do for DVDs that are not pre-listed by you. They are 30 second intervals but when I enter something like 2 sets of pushups of 0.5 minutes each it takes it in as 5 full minutes of pushups. It is a speed thing not a number thing so I prefer to add it by time (ie: 30 seconds of high knees, etc). Please modify this to help me out!

    I even tried this in the old tracker again istead and that one messed up too, even though I think I got it working previously, it no longer works like that.

    thanks, K. emoticon
    1726 days ago
    I would like to see the mileage tracker on my Fitness Tracker page like I did before. I'd like to see the number of miles in addition to minutes and calories burned.

    Also, the reports are all bar graphs now, which is not what I was looking for. There used to be a list of all exercises, minutes, calories, and miles for the week. Where do I find that?

    1727 days ago
    Will the pre-planned workouts be added to the new tracker? Previews for the different exercises?
    1727 days ago
    I had 95 minutes total of water aerobics/water jogging today which should be 19 points, but am only able to get 9 points to show up. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. . .
    1727 days ago
  • GRNEYZ12
    I used to have a strength training routine programmed in daily and I could print off the sheets of what I had to do each day for the entire week. I can't find that anymore .. please help??
    1727 days ago
  • LADYBUG1943
    I've been motivated by tracking monthly minutes of exercise, and some of the team goals I've seen have that option (i.e., exercise 800 minutes/month). How do we find that in the new system?
    1727 days ago
    I second (third?) the request to add back the ability to track by miles. One of my fitness goals includes tracking miles and I want to be able to do this all in the same place.

    Even better if it was easy to edit the calorie "estimate" in the same entry--the SP estimate is WAY more generous than what my recumbent bike or my bodybugg estimates for a 30min workout.

    1727 days ago
    I really like the new changes to the fitness tracker. It does make it easier to input all of them since I routinely do strength and cardio in the same set. However, I did have one question. In the old version, one could preview the exercise before adding it. I do exercises that are called different things than what Spark People calls them, but I usually manage to find them by checking the preview. Is it possible to preview it from this new version?
    1727 days ago
    I love the new fitness tracker a lot and it is very easy to use. I also love that I can see now how many calories I burn while doing strength training, however I have to ask why on our Shared Food & Fitness Tracker on our personal page we can only see the cardio workouts listed and nothing for the strength workouts?

    Thank you!

    1727 days ago
    Maybe I am just not seeing it. If it is in this program somewhere please let me know. I would like it if they would add the p90x, insanity, etc that is what I choose to do for workout time. They give me everything I need. Then I could just plug in the workout that I did. the way it is now I have to put each exercise in the video workout in individually very time consuming. emoticon
    1728 days ago
    Like the new fitness tracker. If there is one thing that does not appeal to me is that you can not check off what you've completed as you go along. The selections give however are pretty good. I'm still trying to build up my strength since my spinal fusion (1yr the 17th).
    1728 days ago
    I liked being able to try and schedule my workouts ahead of time easily, with the checkboxes. Would like to see that functionality added back into the "settings" page. I like that it tells my my goal calories to burn and asks me how many days I want to do a week, but it would be nice to then also be able to choose which days and have that activity pop up automatically in the Fitness Tracker.
    1728 days ago
    For some reason, from the new tracker page, none of the menu buttons work, so after I've tracked my fitness, I can't navigate elsewhere on SparkPeople... I end up having to open a new browser window.
    1729 days ago
    hey...I have an exercise bike routine in my favorites...If I use that then there is no place for mileage entry...If I use the mileage thingy there is no place for calorie entry...or am I missing something??

    ooops! belay that...if I use the mileage thingy is auto calculates the calories....I need a manual entry function there...still need a milage entry for the stationary bike...
    1729 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/3/2012 12:19:01 PM
  • JPEARL127
    I like being able to get to all activities at one time, because I generally mix it up since my rehab has me doing strength training exercises as well as endurance exercises.
    1729 days ago
    Hmm, we were asked to put questions in these comments, but I haven't seen a single answer yet. Will they ever be answered? It's been nearly 2 weeks.
    1729 days ago
    Can't seem to find how to add favorites in this new tracker.
    1730 days ago
    Aside from a manual transfer of the 30 or more frequently used custom exercises I have in the old format - how do I make them available in the NEW utility.

    I have not been able to enter accurate info since this change...quite irritating that there was no provision for migrating the custom exercises that I have.

    I cannot believe I am that unique in my moderate use of that feature, since I work with a very creative trainer
    1730 days ago
    I resistant to change, but I switched over today. New attitude calls for the new tracker!

    1730 days ago
    I like the new fitness tracker, but I do have a question. For instance if you want to work on upper body and core workouts, I have not figured out how to use the new tracker to be able to select exercises for both areas to put into you daily workout.

    1730 days ago
    Please please please add plyometric exercises to the menu of Sparkpeople exercises.
    Since I can't add my own exercises (due to this new tracker bug) please consider officially adding new, varied exercises to your menu.
    I found a fantastic resource online with TONS of strength and plyometric, olympic lifts that my trainer has me perform.
    This website has a lengthy list of items to add: http://www.exrx.net/Lists/PowerExer
    Thank you.
    P.S. I enjoy using Sparkpeople, it is a wonderful resource. I hope that you will have time to add more exercises for sparklers to add to our daily fitness regime for more accurate tracking results.
    1730 days ago
    I really miss the generated workouts. I really loved my little checklist. This is so much more work. Not simpler at all.
    1730 days ago
    I like the fact that we can change the number of reps and sets BUT I really miss the demo button - I use the demo button often to make sure I am picking out the right exercise. I also think that once a ritual is set up it is easier to select which exercises were done - something more akin to the old set up with an option to edit reps/sets/weight
    1730 days ago
    I would like to know how to generate the custom strength training workouts I was getting under the old fitness tracker. Except for missing that, I like the new fitness tracker changes.
    1730 days ago
    I like the new tracker for cardio and mileage, but I can't figure out how to add strength training in the new tracker. Are there written instructions anywhere? I see you've added a video, but I'd rather read than watch - I'm better able to remember things if I've read them, it's more efficient for me.
    1731 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/1/2012 2:16:18 PM
    I think I am going to like the new format as soon as I learn how to move exercises over that I had entered manually...:-) I like being able to input sets and reps as I change them rather than having to edit my entries.

    Whelp...I copied a workout in from a month ago and it copied the exercises into today for me but they don't seem editable or "save to my faorite-able". Probably I will add them in tomorrow or the next day...you'd think this could be done with just a few lines of code but maybe not...
    1732 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/2/2012 10:06:21 PM
    You've made it quite difficult to actually keep up with all we do when we do several different activities. Why not go for something "simpler" instead of "click here, click there, and then click everywhere!"
    1732 days ago
  • RIKU13
    I would like to be able to add both sets and the number of reps to either old or new format
    1732 days ago
  • WALL-E2
    I just wish I knew how many calories are burned. It keeps reading zero.

    Your system does not include abdoer. Perhaps that could be included for people who own one.
    1732 days ago
  • WALL-E2
    I like it. emoticon
    1732 days ago
    I could not get the new tracker to edit a workout correctly. Each time I tried to add an exercise to a custom workout, it never added it. I tried two different browsers. Since I could not get it to work, I had to switch back to the old version, which was disappointing, as I wanted the new version to work.
    1732 days ago
    I like the new tracker. When will the Sparkpeople Android App catch up? It still runs like the old version, doesn't count strength towards fitness goals, and doesn't use groupings.
    1733 days ago
    Did I miss something ? Everytime I add cardio it adds itself three times for that day?
    1733 days ago
    Not sure I like the new version. I like the concept for sure having everything in one area. However for my classes like Body Sculpt, there are different exercises within the class and there is usually different weights used as well depending on what type of exercise or move we are doing. When I enter the class there is not one weight used, and usually we do anywhere from 4-8 reps and not always a certain set. If there is ever a time you all want to update this I would suggest classes such as Body Sculpt not have the option to add weight, sets and reps.
    1733 days ago
    I tried to create a grouping with my strength training, but only the cardio was in the grouping. Also, my strength training items are not in the favorites - how do I add them - anyone?
    1733 days ago
    I added my strength exercises to my tracker, but it only shows one of them publicly on my shared fitness tracker...
    1733 days ago
    I am not a fan of the new set up and will keep the old as long as I can. I liked having the cardio, map miles, log miles, strength, etc. all right there in front of me. The new version makes me search and click and click to get what I want. How is that better?
    1734 days ago
    I love the new. Love it. I have to say, one of the things that has kept me faithfully on this site for over five years is the constant improvement. This is a MAJOR improvement in functionality to one of the core components of the site.

    As the wife of a software developer/programmer, the content of this thread is hysterically familiar. I trust you're able to tune out the 'If it ain't broke' naysayers. Great job on this. It always shocks me a little how ballistic we humans go when faced with the slightest change, even if it's an improvement (yeah, I have my guily moments). Keep doing what you're doing)
    1734 days ago
    Hellllllppppppp ....
    I can't add my own strength exercises to the new tracker! I've been trying to manually add exercises that my personal trainer has me complete (they are not found in the SP library.) But, the new tracker will not let me add them to my favorites, daily tracker or even to create a group. Soooo frustrating! emoticon
    1734 days ago
    For me the older version is much easier to use and clearly separates the cardio from the weight training, etc. In the new version my favorites also are viewed in a strange order.

    Thanks for trying but it is not an improvement for me.
    1734 days ago
    No, no, no! Not liking the new setup. I think I am going to just track my food here, but it was fun tracking and viewing how to do exercises in the old system. I don't even know what to call the machine exercises I do at the gym, so having the pictures and demos really helped. Thank you, Susan
    1735 days ago
    1735 days ago
    I am all for new and improved but I would keep all the stuff I like from the old tracker integrated into the new. Because I am coming into SP during the transition. So I kinda like both.

    Ms. Kayla
    1735 days ago
    I liked that I could look up exercises on the old fitness tracker and there were pictures of how to do them and then I could just click on them and they were added to my tracker. They also stayed there so all I had to do was check off what I did each day!! I have moved some of my routines to the new tracker by looking up individual names of what I use to do but it was time consuming. I added them to groups which was helpful but it is much more difficult to change what I do each day and log it. I like getting fitness minutes and calories burned for each item but it takes forever to track things. Could you make the list of exercises with pictures available and a way for us to put in a list of exercises we usually do with the ability to check off what we do do and delete what we don't do that is quick and easy...Launching a new application that adds some new things is great but don't take away the things that were good about the old one please!!
    1735 days ago
    I checked swimming for 60 minutes on the new fitness tracker and it registered as 240 calories burned, but on the old fitness, when I would check general swimming for 60 minutes it would be in the 800's. calories burned. So which is correct? emoticon
    1735 days ago
  • KATV865
    It will still take some getting used to, but I am loving it so far!
    1735 days ago
  • HUNNI55
    What am I doing wrong? I went to my old fitness tracker to check boxes of workouts ..went to new tracker and tried to create group as I do the same things but it wont add whats there..very frustrating..I dont want to have to look up each exercise to add because its already there..they are in my fav's on old tracker but not on new tracker...ugh I need help emoticon
    1735 days ago
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