Final Stretch

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This post is short and sweet just to announce that I'm back for the final stretch. My weight loss has always been like this... I lose weight steadily for a while, then I kind of ease off all the healthy habits I've been working on, and I either maintain what I've lost or gain a tiny bit back. Then I get back at it, and it the cycle starts again.

This time, however, I haven't maintained or gained a little back... I'm up 30 lbs from my lowest... which was 162... which was ONE POUND AWAY from having lost 100 lbs. What the hell?! Surprisingly all of my clothes still fit me... well... all but one very important garment... I'm the MOH in my best friend's wedding this upcoming September 8th, and when we went and tried on dresses in (I think) January or February, the store's sample size 8 fit me perfectly, so when I went back (but to another location), I ordered that size without getting measured. It just came in and I picked it up today... I was worried it might be a little tight in the tummy or thighs (it's a fairly fitted dress), but it's fine in both of those places... I just can't get it to zip up the last 3-4 inches... WHAT?!

That really makes no sense to me since I wear xsmall or small tops on top, so why they heck does this size 8 dress fit everywhere else but the top?!

Anyway, I'm on a mission now. This is the final stretch to finally get to goal weight. I want to feel strong and healthy like I did when I was eating the way I should and working out regularly. I never thought I'd be one of those people that would semi let themselves go once they moved in with someone... but I kinda feel like I have to an extent. I'm not taking care of myself like I really should, and it's high time I do.

I'm engaged now, by the way! The love of my life popped the question shortly after we boarded a ship to set sail for a week long cruise... yay! I know he does and will love me no matter what and even if I do put on a little extra weight, but I want to FEEL great again, I really NEED to fit into that dress, and, damnit, I wanna look damn good on MY wedding day... which is Oct. 5, 2013, by the way (we just booked the venue today!)

Ok, so this wasn't short and sweet... but when are my posts ever short?! HA! Anyway, I'm back, because I know spark people is the way for me to go to be at my best. Here are my "fast break goals" for this week:

1) PORTION CONTROL! Eat sensible portions... and don't clean my plate just because I can.

2) PLAN! I'll be working on prepping my lunch (and maybe breakfast) the night before... but after I've brushed my teeth so I don't wanna sneak bites in between prep just because. I'll also try and track those things on here before bed so that most of my meals all mapped out.

3) MOVE IT! I will try to get in at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day... in addition to work (I'm a retail manager in a pretty busy store, so 5 days a week I'm on my feet about 8 hours). I know my dog will love me to take him on more walks, and I really think he would love to become my running buddy... he's a 6 month old (though already 50 lbs!) Aussie/Lab mix... so he's a cattle dog and he's pretty much born to run... I'm depriving him! He'll put me to shame, but that's alright!

And now I better skeedaddle off to bed... it's getting late and I have to be at work early. Goodnight to all you fabulous sparkers... I hope many of you are still around and that I'll be talking to you more again soon!

Later y'all,
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    Congrats! You always did the best food blogs! You should just go back in your notes for ideas on planning again.
    2095 days ago
    First of all, congrats on the engagement! I am so happy for you!!! There seems to be a common theme amongst my sparkfriends today. Why did we gain weight back? Check out my blog today. I think you might like it. You know how to do this and I have confidence that you will get into that dress!
    2097 days ago
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