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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More random stuff...sorry if I ramble but I was a bit tired. It took be two tries to upload this!
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    LOL, you are just too funny. I am sure you don't look like Phoebe when you run.

    It was date #2, and we went to the movies and walked around the santa monica pier... and it just... oy... there was just nothing there between us. And he kept telling me he really liked me and he kept wanting to hold my hand and put his arm around me and it was so clear I was uncomfortable which really frustrated me. Because he kept mentioning it like "you don't have to be so nervous, I like you" blah blah blah, but he knew I was uncomfortable and really never stopped. But yeah, I posted a blog but didn't give a ton of details, but heather backed up cuz I want butterflies. Not like super passionate romance novel stuff, but someone I am at least excited to see, and thinking about when I'm not around them and someone I really really want to see again and this was just not it. So yeah, I had to tell him today I didnt want to go out again because he did. I felt bad but Heather rocks and reminded me it's only 2 dates so no big deal and it was better I told him now. *PHEW*. Like I said in the blog I don't really date like EVER LOL, so this was at least a good learning experience for me. *DOH* ha ha.
    2071 days ago
    Oh my gosh zombie run?! Scary! lol and YES greys anatomy is on netflix start from episode one, its one of those shows where you start to love the characters and you get attached to them, and that show will make you cry all the time.....if your a cryer.....haha. You killed Chloes water bowl?! HOW RUDE! haha I'm going to get one of those scales!
    2071 days ago
    Sweet thanks for the lego info! I just looked up the millenium falcon and its 127 at walmart! lol his birthday is in august so I just better start saving now. Yeah, the weighing at the dr. I like because its usually free no matter where you go, and they write it in your chart so you have that record. And its the same scale everytime and more accurate!
    I want to find a good vegetarian enchilada recipe. I have been doing good, I havent had meat, and I don't feel bad about it aside from craving a burger. But I found that organic chicken so I'm going to do that tonight.....fajitas of course :) And I'm going to the farm store in a little bit to see about their beef and other things.
    And luckily I can't run because of my hip replacement, this weights just too much for it, but I would be self concious too, but just block it out and run, most ppl will probably only be thinking "wow that girls running for exercise....I just ate a cheese burger and havent exercised in 10 years" haha
    2071 days ago

    Quick running tips that help me:
    1. Good running shoes
    2. Build up/ 5k plan
    3. Go early enough to where no ones awake- so like 6:30-7:00. For some reason I used to be super concerned with people watching me run, but it turns out anyone whose awake really doesn't seem to care. Or watch. And I noticed, I have a habit of mouthing the words of what ever song I'm running to....with hand gestures.... so If this uber goober can do it, you can! If you have tight work out clothes, maybe looser ones would help. That way, you won't be self conscious at all. emoticon
    2071 days ago
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