I won't let weight define me, so I will define myself instead.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Who am I? Simple question and for many perhaps you have the easy answers. Well lucky you, because I find myself anything but a simple answer!

The most obvious place to start is I am Rebekah Lynn Spragen, named for the Biblical woman by the same name. My middle name is my mother's middle name and obviously my last is my family surname. Straight forward enough so far don't you think? I'm the oldest of two children. I have a younger brother named Adam who I can say has become my best friend over the years. Unlike many families, I have two parents who are still married. Like most families, we all still have our issued to contend with. But the love is there, and in the end, that is what pulls you through.

I was born and raised in Ohio. Yes indeed, I'm a Buckeye girl through and through. OH-IO! That's right! Scream it! I have dreams of travelling and living beyond the Ohio borders, but for now, I find myself content to just travel beyond them for a short time. Which brings us to where I would usually start ranting about how my weight has kept me from doing the travelling I really want to do. True statement, but not all together accurate. I still travel and for now, I put together a mental list of all the things I want to one day go back and do.

I'm a lover of all things old and historical. I daydream in the past sometimes and have even put to pen the stories that fill my brain. Point two, I'm a very creative person who enjoys writing out the things my crazy mind comes up with. I suppose that also explains my crazy dreams. Fortunite is the person who dreams within their own real world, for I have decided that is not for me. Instead, I travel to places that there is no way they exist and interact with people who I know don't exist....moving on before someone calls the men in white uniforms.

I am not working in my degree of study, but I enjoy the perfectionism of my work non-the-less. I'm a Customs Brokerage Agent. If you don't know what that is, I won't sit here and try to explain, but at the end of the day, what does the bottom of all your items in your house say? "Made in China" perhaps? Point and case, those items don't get from China to the U.S. on their own. My company makes it possible for them to.

I'm a sucker for the outdoors. I love visiting beautiful places and admiringthe world God has given us to call home. I am rarely seen without a camera, but I have found a camera can not capture what the eye does. Because not only does the eyes take it in, but it is captured on the soul which is something no physical camera could ever capture.

Okay, time to list: I love: Chinese, driving ranges, my cat, playing strategy games, doing family geneology (believe me, I could write a whole blog about this category alone), find cool things to decorate my home with, scarves (don't hate), doing things WITH people (not the sort who goes and does things alone), and....sleeping with a fan. Okay...random list complete.

I am single at the moment. Their loss I know, but I am convienced that part of meeting the right guy will be getting with weight off. Let me explain. There are so many things that I enjoy that are physical activities. Well, most men involved in physical activities are going to be what? More in shape. Yes, admit it to yourself. I want to enjoy these activites and the men enjoying these activites are more in shape.

I have PCOS. Yet again, another blog all in itself, but those who know what I'm talking about know, it is a condition that you must make part of your lifestyle and life in order to control it. I have found I have had to embrace this part of who I am and accept that it is just a part of this crazy person God put together called Beks.

Okay, enough said for now. This seems like a pretty good start. And yet again, while some of these things fall into the weight category, not one totally defines who I am. Good thing to remind yourself of. Your weight never defines WHO you are. You are so much more than the spare tire around your waist or the double chin on your face.
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