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One cup of orzo, wheat allergy proven. Goodbye wheat, hello healthy.

Monday, June 18, 2012

When I deviated from my fruit and veggie routine by having a bowl of orzo on Saturday, I was prepared for my weight to not go down for a couple of days. I was not prepared to find that my insides instantly felt sluggish, normal bodily functions (use your imagination, folks) stopped for two days, and I just felt OFF. Guess there is something to that wheat allergy identified many years ago. I have read that food allergies can affect weight and wonder if in fact this might have contributed to my difficulties with losing weight. I already knew dairy was an issue and made good attempts at avoiding it (and NEVER drank milk) but I guess the wheat allergy is something I must accept as a given. Goodbye wheat, hello healthy!

Doing well on adapting to this lifestyle but am finding myself a bit bored with salads. Think I will veer away from them for a couple of days and fill in with some sugar snap peas (love, love, love them!) and other fresh vegetables. I have adjusted to having spinach in my smoothie so I am getting that in even if I avoid salads.

The best side effect of this new lifestyle has been my energy level. No longer feel like I need a nap each day. Always used to have at least some time during the day when I was wiped out even if it only lasted half an hour. Not experiencing that any more!

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