My Weekend

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I am proud to say that I didn't overeat this weekend. I also have been able to stay up-to-date with my fitness minutes. Weekends are usually hard for me. The family is all home, we usually have some events going on, or we are just being lazy around the house. Either way it's not easy for me to always get in my exercise. And I tend to overeat or just have too many treats.

This weekend was a bit hectic with my son going to a birthday party with tons, and tons of food. We all ended up sticking around, so I had the food temptation all afternoon. But I stood firm - I had my one plate of food and a couple bites of desserts and that was it. No going back for seconds (or thirds, etc). I even ended up passing on cake!

Then before we even walked in the door at home, I had siblings (& families) calling to say that they were stopping by. Of course it was right at supper time, so of course I invited them over. Then had to run like mad to quickly tidy up & make supper (many thanks to hubby & kids for pitching in!!). But sitting around & visiting in the evening made up for the mad dash. After company left, my hubby & I laced up our shoes and went out for a 6.9km walk (included was a 0.7km jog). WOOHOO - got in my daily 60min plus a bit extra!

Today was a day up at my mother-in-law's cabin. So a day of sitting around basically. I planned ahead and made a veggie tray & fruit so that we would have good things to snack on. I also stuck to just drinking water, even though pop & beer were offered several times. Still need to get in some exercise. But I will before bed.

Now I have to do a bit of family bragging.... I had 8 family members running in the Manitoba Super Run ( 4.2km ) today, two of my brothers & their families. And I am proud to say that my (soon to be) 11 yr old nephew placed 2nd in it! I'm sure he will be a bit disappointed that he didn't meet his goal of getting first in under 15 minutes. But the rest of us are sure proud! Not to leave out others... my 14 yr old niece got 5th in her category and their dad got 1st in his! In the other family, I was very proud of my 6 yr old niece for running it for the first time in about 36 minutes! Way to go Family!!!

Hopefully everyone else had a good weekend as well. Happy Father's day to all the dads out there!!
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