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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Once in a while, the Hula Hoop All Stars team does a video "challenge." It's not a contest or anything, just for fun. Someone picks a song and folks who want to participate, hoop to the song and then post a video. We're not supposed to look at anybody else's video, until we post our own. That way, everybody does exactly what was in their own noggin. You can waist hoop, spin fire, stand on your head and hoop with one foot, whatever. This is our latest hoop challenge video. I wanted to try something different from what we usually do. I wanted to try something artsy and pretty. Audrey was doubtful; I was hopeful. We started off artsy... But by the time we broke out the glow necklaces, strung Christmas lights on the dog, and kept running back and forth to charge the batteries for the LED hula hoop, we were back to spaz. Audrey said we can't help it; it's just who we are. I argue that we're creating a new genre, a fusion of artsy and spastic. Let's call it "spartsy." We had fun and I'm pretty sure that's the point.

In other news: I just completed Week Two of meal planning and tracking. I have planned and cooked meals for two solid weeks. Be on the lookout for flying pigs. This continues to be a shock and awe campaign for my family. I can't honestly say that I enjoy all the extra time in the kitchen, yet. But it's nice not being stressed over what we're going to have for dinner.

Another non-scale victory--I took Audrey and one of her best buds to King's Island Amusement Park this weekend. We opted out of passes this year and decided to have one, filled to the brim day, instead. We opened and closed the place, tromped all over and had a blast. My neck injury makes a lot of rides off-limits. (Also, the older I get, the more I feel like my head is going to explode.) So, for the most part, I'm the "hold all the stuff and wait at the ride exit" person. This used to make me sad. Not anymore. My new SparkBrain focuses on the cans and haves, rather than the other stuff. I enjoy seeing the people I'm with having fun; it genuinely makes me happy. And what better place to people watch? Plus, I can talk to other "waiters" and hey--I even finished a book I've been reading for a while. But guess what? On the few rides I was able to ride--I totally fit in the seat. Not "squeeze in and hope for the best" kind of fit, but comfortably, with plenty of room and everything. Just for fun, we hopped on the carousel and I wasn't afraid that the horse was going to fall over, or have to be put down or anything. It was great! Disney, here I come!

Here we are, after we finished a bank heist.

Check out my new $12 sneaks. Aren't they Sparky?
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