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Doctors and Fat people...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Okay... so In the past few years prior I was going from doctor to doctor.. even a gyno to get answers to my many different symptoms. I was mostly told
"Its in your head"
"pcos?? lose weight"
"wanna try antidepressants.. u seem depressed" (mind u, she JUST met me, all I said was I have been experiencing stomach pains)

So this past week I've had stomach pains and dizziness (which has occurred many times prior). Like any other human I decided to set an appointment. ...But the more I am sitting here and enduring cramping I am beginning to feel like its not worth the $25 co-pay I will have to pay. I mean, it will subside eventually...maybe. ::shrug::

But truly its kind of sad that a FAT person cant go to the doctor and get a proper diagnosis. I mean, how can PAIN be in my HEAD?????? or how can you say it might be PCOS... and not explain wtf that is or even truly test to see if it is the issue. I mean, they aren't even subtle with telling me they dont give a damn what my problem is.

Truly, I KNOWWWW I am fat and I need to lose weight. That is nothing new. I obviously understand that if I lose weight these things will be less of an issue.. but what about doing something for the HERE AND NOW. You dont tell a diabetic.. well, lose weight and it will go away. ...They might need MEDS/Insulin/TREATMENT that will prolong life until they get better.
I dont think its tooooo much to ask to be treated like a human. Like, on doctor literally sat across the room like FAT was a disease she could catch. ...REALLLLLLY?

Yea, I'm just ranting cause Im not feeling too great and this appointment is adding more stress than reassurance that I will find a solution. Nonetheless.... WE SHALL SEE WHAT TOMORROW HOLDS.. literally.

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JCHRELLE_04 6/20/2012 12:57PM

    Thank You everyone for your comments and support. I didn't have much luck at my doctors appointment so I've been self medicating with a lot of stomach meds and waiting for my insurance to switch out in July so I can find a new doctor. Its just unfortunate that I still wasn't able to get the medical help that I needed... But surprisingly, the pain isn't as intense. So I'm grateful for that. I have done some googling and I'm thinking its either a stomach ulcer or IBS. I'm going to continue on this weightloss journey and pray that ALL these different symptoms eventually vanish someday. Thank you guys again for all the wonderful words.. It means alot!

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3G1RLS4ME 6/20/2012 12:30PM


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CRESHA20 6/18/2012 8:22PM

    Hey, I found your blog through a friend who commented on it. Are you saying that you have PCOS and don't know what it is? If so, I had to do a lot of research on it and do a self diagnosis quite a few years back. It's a combination of a lot of issues that they call PCOS. I got my insulin levels checked and the doctor looked at my ovaries for the diagnosis. A lot of people are insulin resistant meaning that all of the refined carbs are really bad for you and you should eat more wholesome foods. My last doctor told me that it would be very difficult to lose weight with PCOS b/c it makes you crave carbs. I have been trying for a while. I will be seeing a new doctor next week who is a specialist. I hope to get some type of help. It's nothing worst than going to a doctor who won't listen to you. I've been fortunate enough to have some kind doctors along the way. Good luck to you in your journey, and I hope your doctor's appointment went well.

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HEALTHYASHLEY 6/18/2012 5:13PM

    I think a doctor who can not look beyond weight for answers is a crappy doctor. I would tell them flat out you understand you have a weight problem but feel that you are not receiving sufficient care for your symptoms. It is an excuse to shove you out the door. My mother was having serious digestive issues and she ended up going to an MD who focused on holistic health because mainstream doctors wouldn't listen to her. She is not overweight but she got the brush off too. If they can't solve the problem it is in your head. It's not right.

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ACCT1908 6/18/2012 5:09PM

    I lucked up and found a fat doctor. No lie. She did tell me at 300+ I needed to lose weight but in a very kind way. I guess she understood the struggle.

Hope you find one that is more patient!URGGHH I'm sure you're frustrated!

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BECKY_LYNN84 6/18/2012 4:31PM

    I know exactly what you mean!! When I was having gallbladder issues, before we knew what it was, I had doctor after doctor tell me that I just need to lose weight....oh really like that's my solution to the reason my I'm in such TERRIBLE EXCRUCIATING pain....I finally went into a doctor and said "I'm not leaving here until you schedule an ultrasound for my stomach" and two weeks later I was having surgery. I spent three years going through all that! Good luck!!!

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KERRYMONIQUE 6/18/2012 2:37PM

    I have a ton of medical conditions, most of which were there before I gained a ton of weight. Mind you, I gained 100lbs because of a medication the stupid doctors gave me and then they look at me like I'm out of control!! So, not only did I have these conditions before I gained most of my weight, and it was caused by their medications, but they still lecture me like I'm some idiot who knows nothing about proper nutrition or exercising!!!! Coz all fat ppl are just stupid, right? Words can't describe how frustrating it is. I would love to get through just ONE appointment where my weight was not mentioned. If they helped my issues, I could exercise more and lose more weight. Instead, it's a circular argument. You need to lose weight - well I can't lose weight if I can't even walk or do laundry and you put me on meds causing weight gain - well you need to be more active.... {sigh}

Right now one of my most motivating factors towards losing weight is I don't want weight to be on the table. I don't want to hear it. I want to be at an in-range BMI and go see what my docs have to say. It's such a cop-out - it's all your weight, urggh!! And you know what, if I do lose over a 100lbs and all my problems go away, well, then I'll eat my words at that point. But I still think the docs should be treating my condition without the stupid "weight clause" circling over every option.

I don't have any answers, but you are definitely not alone. I struggle with this and it is definitely very frustrating.

Many, many emoticon

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MRS_RAQUEL 6/18/2012 11:41AM

    I hope today goes well emoticon

&& you can get some answers for your stomach issues other than the repetitive "lose weight" solution.

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ANNROSE126 6/17/2012 11:48PM

    Many doctors work well with their patients.

alas quite a few others don't merit the trust that folks put into them.

How much of a co-decision-maker can you become about your own health/medical care, along with all the medical professionals you can visit?

why not?


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DJ4HEALTH 6/17/2012 10:16PM

    I met them types of doctors and it is always best to find someone else who will listen to you.

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SUNSET09 6/17/2012 9:36PM

  Dont take it personal. I'm not a large person; was told I was pre-diabetic and it was suggested I lose weight as well. I've also had to get a second opinion in reference to a dentist who wanted to make a diagnosis just from looking at x-rays and not look in my mouth. Hopefully, this appointment went much better and it's said that we are lacking in good customer service. Keep on, keeping on as it's worth finding out whta's really eating you! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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