Full story behind the epic airplane trip

Friday, June 15, 2012

So here is my agony in all of its glory!!! Don't mind me being sleep deprieved lol!!!
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    Get some crocs while you are there!!! Believe me I ALWAYS made fun of ppl who were obsessed with crocs when they first came out.....UNTIL.....I tried them on myself! They slip on! Just do it. Think about the shake weight skeptics! Dont be a croc hater til you put em on, all ive tried is the cheap knockoffs, so i bet the real ones are ahahahhhhamaaaazing lol PLUS its just for the airport and while your in your house sheesh! U think Adalynns gonna diss on em?! I think not! lol

    LMAO coo coo clock in 3...2....1

    Thats awesome about the hottie, espesh cuz hes younger, props to his mama! And wtf is with the no pre boarding with kids now?! I havent heard of one incident that would cause them to make that rule! Yay on never flying fat again!!!!!

    2102 days ago
    I love you chickadee!! I am glad those people helped you.

    2102 days ago
    I just met you, well, I mean I found you and I hope to 'meet' you.. feel like I did from watching this, and perhaps you will after you see one of mine, but I want to say HURRAY and KUDOS and CONGRATULATIONS ON your progress and your success, but MOSTLY on your DEDICATION and COMMITMENT to getting healthy!!

    How old is Addalyn - and my apologies if I have misspelled it.

    OMG I canNOT believe pre-boarding with children is against regulations! That's freaking RIDICULOUS! I have a 5 yr old and have traveled with him at 1.5 and 2 yr old. Just thank GOD we were able to pre-board.

    About that chivalrous gentleman - I wonder if he was once heavy or his mother was.. He was raised right, anyhow! And he may have been HOT HOT HOT, but it sounds like the MOST beautiful thing about him was his behavior and attitude towards being helpful.

    I am teaching my son to HELP people.. regardless of their size or looks. I want him to know that larger people have harder times and MAY need more help.

    What was your trip for? You went to LA? From Savannah, GA? Is that right?

    Hey, and my clavicles are starting to show! Yay!!

    Nice pep talk at the end for your friends. Sweet!
    2102 days ago
    You are just so cute! I could listen to you talk all day! :D I am so glad to hear about the guy that gave you his seat and the hot hot hot gentleman that was so nice! That story has restored my faith (a little;) in people and the fact that not everyone is a jerky mcjerkerson. I'm sorry about your blisters and the nonsense of not preboarding, but you so did it and you rock!
    2103 days ago
    I can't believe they didn't let you pre board! Honestly, that is just the crazies thing I ever heard. I also so irratated on your behalf! Again Im very gald that you got there safely but I'm sorry it had to be such an ordeal however those nice boys that helped you made me smile. There is still good in the world! Hope yout settling in nicely in sunny cali and good luck with your school work, which reminds me what kinda school work are you doing? I think you would be awesome with kids but you might be studying to be a Astronut for all I know lol, I'm sure you'd be great at that too :p Have a greay day! Luvs ya chicky!

    2103 days ago
    LOL...I broke my clavical as well when i was young. I had to wear a brace for a few months... emoticon

    I have that worry as well. Next year I am going to go on a plane to Mexico and I do not want to have to wear a seatbelt extender. emoticon

    As far as the tennis shoes i understand. Why don't you buy some crocs. They come in all different colors and styles and you just slip them on and off quick. I love them!

    You have to remember that we judge OURSELVES more than anyone else really judges us. There are so many people in worse shape than us...keep that in mind. Don't let what you THINK other people are going to think about you to stop you from doing anything.

    Girl, i can tell you from experience...there are so many men that think chunky women are sexy. Don't let people fool you. There are some men that target big women because they think it is easy to get them, but there are alot of men that actually love a bigger woman! emoticon It just depends on the you that you are on the inside and they can see your beauty... I am FAT and beautiful. emoticon We can only get sexier the more weight we lose.

    Come on girl...let's do this together!! emoticon
    2103 days ago
    Would not play??
    2103 days ago
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