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That Red Polka Dot Bathingsuit

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Years ago a friend was visiting and she had the cutest red polka dot bathingsuit. That she was a tiny, slender, delicately boned woman, in contrast to my (at the time) overweight, sturdily boned, much older woman, didn't phase me - I knew that one day I would own my own cute red polka dot bathingsuit. Eventually I joined Weight Watchers and lost nearly 40 lbs and also found that cute bathingsuit. I wore it with pride and delight for two summers.

Alas, I did not keep my focus and half those pounds took up residencce once again on my body - rendering the red polkadot bathingsuit way too small and relegating it to the far back corner of a bureau drawer. it did NOT get tossed out, though, because somewhere in my mind a picture of me in that cute thing lingered, a visual cue to remind me that there was a slender me beneath my softly padded flesh.

Since that last summer when I knew even polka dotted lycra wasn't going to stretch around me, I have bought quite a number of bathing suits. I live on a river and belong to a gym with a pool, so swimming is a large part of my summertime activity and it is always an option when the cold wind blows. I have chlorine proof suits and one very pricy thing I picked up at Nordstroms at one end-of-summer sale. But I still held on to that dotted red cutness.

I'm on a beach vacation right now with my sister's family. (Himself had to stay home, boo hoo, but at least it meant we didn't have to board the dogs) Just before I zipped my suitcase shut I thought about that red bathingsuit and wondered if, after the seriousness of my efforts this spring, I might be able to get into it. It took me a while to even find it but it was there, in the far corner of my bureau, just waiting to be loved once again - and what do you know. Yup. It fit!

I had hoped to be at my weight goal by the time I went to the beach. I had hoped to wear that size medium white dress here at the beach. I didn't reach either of these goals - but what I had not hoped for - had not even thought of - was that I could be decked in cute red polka dots - and what do you know - the reward for trying was just that - Me - in That Red Polka Dot Bathingsuit. I'll take it.

As a post script - I have learned how to use a boggie board.
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