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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I acknowledge that I am a turtle.

That's okay though... turtles are strong and enduring creatures. They are able to carry their homes on their backs and to continue with the metaphor; able to take on the weight of the world and move with it.

So, I'm a bit slow weight-loss wise. I had a great start way back in September when I joined SP but since then have been derailed. Damn you thyroid cancer & moody piriformis muscle! Much of the last four months have been spent flat on my back, gingerly avoiding movement, being poked by doctors, or being zapped of energy. However during these past couple of weeks I've gotten my mojo back and am attempting to get back on the bandwagon.

A new friend on Sparkpeople added me today and I noticed that on her profile it read: "I have successfully become a big failure when it comes to losing weight." And I realized that a lot of us often feel that way. Things happen, life gets in the way, and old habits come back stronger than ever. Those of us who have been struggling with losing or have been bouncing up and down the scale are not failures in losing weight, we are successes-in-training. We are learning every day how to better ourselves, what to do and what not to do, and the only way we fail is by giving up entirely.

This kind of statement though - the "*doom-inspired sayings" - almost all of us make every day, are negative absolutes in our life and we really should resist them. Words have weight and become powerful, both to ourselves and others. Some words should just come out of our personal vocabulary entirely.

"CAN'T" I'm tired of people saying that they "can't" do something. Really, they WON'T do it or they shouldn't do it because someone else has told them so. Just remember, people with no legs play basketball, people with no arms swim. If you won't or shouldn't do it, that's fine. It's your choice. "The problem with declaring a barrier [like "can't"] is that once you say it, something in your head clicks and you begin to tell yourself that you really can't do it and that you shouldn't even try. You've walked away from a door of opportunity without checking to see if it was unlocked."* (-quote from Psychology Today)

"IMPOSSIBLE" Nothing's impossible. Perhaps it is improbable, but you need to believe you can beat the odds... especially if you can take matters into your own hands.

"NEVER" Remember the old phrase, never say never? It still rings true. Negative reinforcement is just that. Pigs may not fly yet but when someone figures out how to get a pig to actually sprout wings you're going to feel awfully silly for saying never. Remember, "never" is a really, REALLY long time.

When I'm teaching yoga, I often get students that get frustrated when they can't do a pose. I always tell the class that this is why they call it the "practice of Yoga" not the "doing of Yoga". If we could all DO it then there would be nothing to work towards or enjoy. Sometimes we have to remember that life's enjoyment often comes from being challenged, or learning something new. There is always great excitement or joy when we accomplish something for the first (or 50th) time but if we always could do it, without effort, wouldn't it be likely that we would just take it for granted?

Today, I looked into the mirror and for a second, thought that if I hadn't been bouncing up and down in weight over the past 4 months, I'd be 20 pounds lighter by now. It's easy to be mean to yourself. It's easy to slip into "I should have done this" or I "could have" done that. Frankly, that's not fair. You may have made some decisions that held you back from reaching your goal but the past is past and it's what comes next that matters.

What matters is:

I am still here.

I am still trying.

I am still moving forward.

I can. I will.

And so can you.

Remember? If at first you don't succeed...

then watch this:

and then, try try again.

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