Busy Days & Company

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I am very proud of myself. Yesterday I had a very busy day with doing laundry (not just the usual, stripping beds & bath towels & jackets) & cleaning house. Plus of course the regular stuff of with the kids. On top of it, my youngest had me up a couple hours during the night... and I was DEAD tired.

Even though I didn't need to get in any exercise (for my monthly fitness challenge) as I did double the day before; I still went for a quick walk last night. Oh yeah - on top of everything my parents are in the city for a couple days. Those always equal busy days/nights with poorish eating and no actual exercise, just lots of running around doing errands. (My parents live in the country, so coming in is a whirlwind of visiting mixed in with shopping & errands.) Last night I took my mom along for my walk (visiting while we moved). Not sure how today will go - but I'm certain I will find time to fit in a bit of exercise. Like now! I'm off to walk my middle son to school (about 1 mile round trip).

Have a good day everyone!
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