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Sprink's Pity Party Saturday Saga - Day 10 Post Op

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Well I think it's the tenth day post op, figured out earlier that all my posts were showing up with tomorrow's date on them. Got it fixed thanks to SparkHelpers - thank you again. Not sure why you needed to know that... lol ... tee hee ...

It's too damn hot out to go out, and I have been waiting for a call from my car dealer for D A Y S about a Toyota I wanted to buy since before my surgery. Still No Call, so I quite literally have looked at over two thousand used car listings in my area, and the arsehole that won't call me back yet is still the cheapest. So I am instituting a Sprink-a-torium on doing any more shopping for cars till next week, and I have the rest of my downpayment money. No car is worth this, I'll get a box and cut the bottom out and power myself Fred Flintstone style if I have to. Yabba Dabba Doooooooooooo...

My bigger problem is that I have ZERO appetite due to the heat and my mental state, and I am even having problems getting all my water in. The thought of opening another jar of baby good or having to "try" to mouth-puree something the other inhabitants of this dwelling are having for dinner (baked fried tilapia and mac n cheese) makes me sick to my stomach. So boo hoo, I am having a Pity Party For One here. I know you all care about me, but sometimes I do feel alone in this house, even with people five feet away. I am grateful that I can blabber till the cows come home on SP because it really is theraputic. For those of you that enjoy my sense of humor, thank you, and if you don't get my twist on life, fuggeddabouddit! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee enough of this pithiness, I really did want to ask y'all a question:

Since I ain't buying a blender or food processor to puree anything for a couple of weeks during my metamorphosis, what did you find easiest to chewerize/denturify/gumnambula
te into small enough particles to be of taste and nutritional value. I tried searching SP for recipe ideas but the results are either selling something or two years old. So I am just lookin for your SprinkSpirational Pureed Meal Suggestions so I don't wither away in my recliner tonight. Worse comes to worse I can jury rig the needle from that old Cajun Turkey Injector into a makeshift IV that I can plunge pudding, water, and babyfood yams directlly into my veins. (And yes, I keeeed I keeeed, only a joke don't ya know).


Well I hope that you are cooler than I am literally and figuratively. And that the air you breathe is better than the Ozone Action Day inside my home since dad crop dusted his pits with an ENTIRE can of original Right Guard Deodorant (just like from the 1960s). Then after he finished his menthol cigar on the patio - he asked me if I had an Albuerol Puff Inhaler he could use so he could breathe. Crimeny I am going to have to break out my Nebbakaneezerulizer myself if I don't catch my breath soon. Tuttenkhamen had better air in his tomb than the fishy Right Guard Mac N Cheese and occasional less than flowery poot out of the rear of "Precious" the wondercat's Stink-Star that is my current "Cat-mosphere" in this domicile.

So if you find yourself at this point wondering why you read or subscribed to my blog - you obviously know that while I am nuttier than squirrel turds, I can always amuse myself, and maybe some of you along the way.

And just as luck would have it, my roommate did come in and ask me what he could get me for dinner out of the pantry, so I am now at peace with the world. Call it what ya want, the yin and yang, the feng shui, the "circle of life," karma, emoting, qvetching, in universe there is always a balance to this entropy, and like bad tuna salad if you don't talk or blog, or think your way through the rainy days, you'll never have a chance to appreciate the rainbows... (Too gay? - Well it's a rhetorical question cause I am so out of the closet, I go back in once in a while to redecorate!)

Happy Saturday Sparklers! Your friend -

"Sprink" emoticon says "Haaaay"
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  • MY_YEAR2011
    just remember hydration is most important at this stage, sip sip sip! I remember this stage and introducing new foods, but then I would forget to make room for all the water and other fluids (protein drinks) .... then my tests showed I was slightly dehydrated..... soooo surgeon took me off of foods and back on liquids only. Just a tip so you don't get in the same boat as I was. You seem like you're doing great with the pureeds, I never did puree anything, just chewed and chewed and chewed :) I had a hard time with eggs in the beginning too... they felt really heavy.... but now almost 11 months out I eat them every morning (egg subs) and have been doing that for at least 6-8 months.
    2045 days ago
    When I am not hungry-- yogurt it is or split pea or lentil soup! Easy to get down.!
    2051 days ago
    You must have been typing at lightening speed. I too use SP to stay balanced. It has good karma and helps us cope with our loved ones and room mates. Or maybe it helps them cope with us as we are calmer after writing. emoticon
    2051 days ago
    Thank you for your comments my new SparkFriends! I'm never easy and always cheezy and ALWAYS your friend -

    "Sprink" emoticon
    2053 days ago
    Haha, I love your sense of humour! Nuttier than Squirrel Poop is good for me! Thanks for sharing :)
    2053 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    I enjoy reading your blog. emoticon

    2053 days ago
    Sprink, I am 18 days post op and going nuts.if I stand up or walk my side hurts something awful so I have been planted in a recliner and I feel like I've turned into a vegetable. I just wish I had an expectation on when I will feel better.
    I am not too hungry so I'm happy with my Baricare a couple of times a day and then a meal or too. My absolute fav. So far is 1/3 cup of fat free refrained black beans with 1 wedge of sun-dried tomato laughing cow melted in. Sure beat the puréed chicken I had earlier this week. We have some insanity here.my dear son decided that it was better to not have to chew so he blended his chicken and added tomato soup and rice . Can you say yuck! I've also had tuna fish with a tb of fat free mayo - not bad, not my favorite, but very hard to eat when the cat is prowling around. Best wishes for easy recovery
    2053 days ago
    nuttier than squirrel poop. *snort* hehehe I'm going to use that phrase, thank you.

    already pureed high protein foods that I enjoyed when in that step:
    liverwurst (aka braunshweiger), refried beans with melted cheese, salmon mixed with mayo (really mash it), low carb yogurt, cottage cheese

    I still find eggs hard to digest but I eat them anyhow.
    2053 days ago
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