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Genesis Shelter 5k - June 9, 2012

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Raced my second 5k this morning. This race was hosted by Genesis Church, who runs a low barrier homeless shelter here in Bloomington in the summer. Our church partners with the Genesis Shelter, so it was not only a great chance for me to get more experience racing, but it was for a great cause too.

No surprise hills on this run. This was a "there and back" race and happened to be the exact route I run on for every single training run during the week.

So, while the course was familiar (memorized), I still had some issues going in. Remember that huge blister on my left heel? It literally covered my entire heel and I drained and removed the skin from it on Wednesday. It was slowly healing but it was still pretty raw. Yesterday, when I ran two miles (yeah yeah...I just couldn't help it!), I did all I could to take care of it (Vaseline, blister bandages, running socks) and it was bleeding when I got home. Ugh.

I've realized that the shoes I am wearing are not cutting it. They are Champion walking shoes that I bought from Payless for literally $8. They worked GREAT in the beginning...they have extra padded soles and they were really comfortable when I started with my short runs. But, as I've upped my mileage and kicked my training up to 4 days instead of 3, things have drastically changed. I am convinced my blister problem and the soreness in my feet and legs after a run definitely have to do with improper shoes. I am looking to remedy that this week because I am worried about future injury if I keep wearing these shoes.

Anyway, back to the race. I protected the blister as best I could this morning, but just kind of went into it assuming I'd be running with some pain in the heel.

I recruited three friends to run this race with me. My friends talked me out of using music this morning, saying they wanted to chat during the I left my ipod in the car. I wasn't so sure about running buddies because I've never run with anyone before...I usually just run on my own and I prefer it that way. I was also worried that a race situation was not a good first time for running with a partner (or three). But...what are you gonna do? I resigned myself to the fact that this would just be a fun, easy run with friends and I wasn't going to break any time records or anything.

Race started and I was super slow (as usual). Friends took off and left me in the dust. I yelled out to them and said, "You're the worst friends ever!" haha. They came back and ran with me and made fun of me for a good mile. I told them to go on ahead and said I'd catch them when they wore themselves out and had to stop and walk. But they stayed with me for awhile. About two miles in, two of us started walking and the other two kept going and our group split. My friend, Jenny, and I alternated between walking and running and talked the entire time. Talking the entire time did make the distance go by faster. Still, with the fast pace in the beginning, I figured we were done for on time.

I was surprised to cross the finish line with a time of 41:35 - a whole two minutes faster than my first 5k time. Just 1:35 less and I would have hit my personal best. I definitely didn't win any prizes for time, but apparently the church received a bunch of extra donated prizes from the sponsors of the race, so they decided to "raffle" the rest of them off. I ended up winning a $5 Starbucks gift card. Ha!

My next race isn't until July 28th - Color Run in Indianapolis!!! I cannot WAIT until that race! I also officially start my half marathon training plan this coming week, so I anticipate that the Color Run will be an even better time than today's.

Keep on keepin' on, Spark peeps. Who else raced today? How'd it go????

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Yikes on the blister!! But congrats for another race!
    1464 days ago
    Congrats! Running in pain is NO FUN!
    1473 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1476 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1477 days ago
    My husband hiked Half Dome. The moleskin pads are the best for blisters. The good running shoes are costly. However, Big 5 has huge sales. If you try on shoes at a nice store, such as Sporting Authority, then try and get them at REI outlets.

    There is also a few stores online, but allow you to take them back or exchange. I thought the one I remembered was Zepo or Zaps or something like this with ' Z". You can google it. Anyhow, this way, you can sometimes get 2/1 price.

    Good luck.

    I'm sure you can find out from the pros' how to deal with blisters.

    Oh, one more tip, I figured out, I wear 2 thick pairs of sock, then my foot doesn't slid around, or rub up and down on the ankle or heel. emoticon
    1477 days ago
  • v TARAH85
    I was just in B-town yesterday evening! I think I even saw a poster for your 5k on the way down there. Anyway, congrats on your run. That's so awesome that you were able to almost achieve your personal best! I wanted to share that I love Asics for walking (they're actually running shoes, but I'm not actually allowed to run because of my heart defects, so I walk instead). They're very expensive--I think mine were around 115$--but well worth the money. I've used mine in rain, snow and hail for a few years now and still love them. If you use them enough, they may be worth the investment.
    1477 days ago
  • v BLUE42DOWN

    Hope your poor heel blister heels up quickly after that.
    1477 days ago
    Way to go! You inspire me. Thanks for sharing.
    1477 days ago
    Great job!!!!! I am very proud of you. I too have big problems with blisters on my feet. The shoes that I like are Avia. I really like them but since they were not avaliable when I need new ones I got a pair of Saucony. I really like these too. Hope you find some good shoes soon. Keep up the good work.
    1477 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Great job on the race. My favorite socks are Feetures. I did the marathon in them. I would recommend black because the white ones don't really wash bright white...but other than that they are great! Running shoes will make a difference. I wear Brooks running shoes. They are right for my feet, fit my arches. Have to find what fits your foot. Get fitted at a specialty running store. It will help a lot! You are a runner, gotta have the right gear! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    PS I've never gotten a blister from running. But I did damage a toenail in the marathon...It's growing back healthy but I did traumatize it, lol. Gotta keep the feet as happy as possible they are going to carry you to the next finish line!! Have a great next race!
    1477 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/10/2012 3:04:10 PM
    Get the shoes! You also need to trade them in every 400-500 miles. I just bought my 3rd pair. I will run in the new ones, alternating with the older pair till they hit their 300 miles (I don't always record the mileage) and then I'll use them as walk around shoes.
    1477 days ago
    emoticon You should get running shoes to run.
    1477 days ago
    You really should not run in $8 shoes. They do not have all support you need and can lead to foot issues down the road. Most articles and books I read said that $80 was the minimum that one should spend for quality running shoes. Just a tip.
    Keep up the good work though. Sounds like you having tons of fun.
    1477 days ago
  • v MOMMY445
    glad to hear that you are doing a 5k! you'll definitely need good shoes for it! have a great day!
    1477 days ago
  • v STEPH2444
    You have to get a pair of New Balance running sneakers. I went to a professional running store and they fit me for them what a difference. I was also told to get special socks that were not cotton. I wear them all th time. I love them so much. Congrats to you on your 5 K. That time is great. Right now my pace is very slow but I can run the entire 5K at 49 minutes.

    1477 days ago
    You will be amazed at the difference when you get a running shoe. Congrats on your race and jackpot (the Starbucks card).
    1477 days ago
  • v JIBBIE49
    Great to see your blog featured in the Spark Mail. What an honor.
    1477 days ago
    All the others are right, new shoes! I love my ASICS, expensive, but well worth it for good running shoes. They are like a hug for my feet :)

    Great job on the 5K, keep up the good work
    emoticon emoticon
    1477 days ago
    Dang have to get some new shoes!! No sense in risking injury! Glad it went well today. So proud of you!
    1477 days ago
  • v TIFFY0906
    emoticon emoticon
    1477 days ago
    Congrats! Great job! I'll be running a 5K race on July 21.
    1477 days ago
  • v AMEHHH87
    That is great! I can't wait till my first 5k on July 4th! Reading your blogs about just running in general, and especially running the two 5ks, just makes me get all excited and pumped up about my 5ks that I have planned. I am signing up with a bunch of girls from work to run the Color Me Rad 5k in September, which is going to be soooo much fun! I think it's the same idea maybe as your Color Run 5k you were just talking about. Can't wait!

    Well, keep up the fabulous hard work and dedication! You give inspiration to us all!
    1477 days ago
    You DEFINITELY need to get as good a pair of running shoes as you can afford. I had pain in my hip after running for several months before I got a new pair of shoes and realized that with the new shoes the pain was gone! It is amazing how much difference a good pair of shoes (and socks!) will make in the quality of your run. Congrats on your 5k results and looking forward to hearing about the Color Run. Spark on!
    1477 days ago
    OMG!!! I cannot believe you are wearin $8 shoes from Payless. Girl - you are now a Runner with a capital R. If you want to keep running and not chance major injury, you need to invest (and yes I mean INVEST - they are expensive) in the right shoes. Go to a running store (or online - a couple sites have good tools) and get assessed for the right shoe and BUY IT!!! I can't believe how incredibly great you've done in those!

    Great race report. I love reading what you accomplish every single day. Go get em at the color run. I want to do one so bad. I saw a bunch of girls walking around the Farmer's Market in Denver all colored up after their run when I was there.
    1477 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1478 days ago
    Athletes need the right equipment, Miss Leah! Splurge on those runners~ you, my dear, have earned them. I am so incredibly proud of you. Every time I read of your progress, or your perseverence, I am floored. YOU ROCK! Congrats on your run! Now put your feet up, rest, and recoup, and have a great weekend! emoticon
    1478 days ago
    The fact that you've done all you've done so far in Payless sneakers just floors me. I'm afraid of what you'll accomplish in the right running shoes! emoticon

    Great, great job today!
    1478 days ago
    I am doing the 5k walk for arthritis tomorrow am. First walk that is organized that I have attended. I have sciatica acting up and dr suggested I not walk it but I am goign to take it slow. I walked 5 k on tues as a practise and went in 47 mins but that wasn't with as much pain as I am having. I am determined to walk the 5k even if it takes me an hr.
    I will rest, ice and take my morphine after the race!
    CONGRATS to you and you take care of the blister!!! OUCH!
    1478 days ago
    Great job for persevering through the pain! I agree on the running shoes. I have found my walking shoes are heavy and my running shoes are much lighter and easier to run in.
    1478 days ago
  • v AWOOD1973
    Awesome job on your time! Definitely DESERVE new shoes!!! Way to go!!
    1478 days ago
  • v LINDAK25
    YES! You did it! Congratulations! I have to admit I don't run (I'm a candidate for knee surgery and the doctor would kill me if I ran), but I walk. I need to be fitted for better sneakers, too. Even walkers get foot pain and blisters. Worse yet, I wear the lightest socks I can find instead of sport socks, which I know is the worst thing you can do. I'm finally realizing that if you are going to commit to doing something then it'ss worth going all the way. So that means spending the extra money and being fitted for the right shoes for you and getting the right socks, as well.

    That being said, I am so thrilled for you. You finished with a great time and ran without your music! Yes!

    emoticon emoticon
    1478 days ago
  • v MPRILL
    1478 days ago
    Great report, and yeah dead running shoes hurt your feet. My last pair pronounced themselves dead with pain on top of my feet. Go to an actual running store to get properly fit. They may even have a running club with some nice slow people in it.
    1478 days ago
    Congrats on your race today!!! Woohoooooo!!

    Three words: Shoes, shoes, SHOES! And this time, expect to pay more than $8 for them! emoticon

    I hope your feet feel better soon. emoticon
    1478 days ago


    1478 days ago
    Congratulations on your great time! Way To Go!!! I've heard a lot about how important it is to get good (costly) running shoes. Many people recommend going to a running store where they will fit you for free. Granted, they're very expensive ($60-$110), but it's worth it if you're dedicated to continuing running! I'm reading a couple of books about running which also mention running socks. =-) Hope your heel heals soon!
    1478 days ago
  • v JEREMY723
    Highly, highly recommend going to a running shoe store. My first time I spent an hour at a New Balance store and the pair wasn't cheap, but was well, well worth it.
    1478 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/9/2012 3:33:59 PM
    by nuskin for your blisters and yes buy new shoes. congrats on your race and good luck on the half training. remember if you have any questions you know how to find me
    1478 days ago
    Great job on the race, sorry about the blister. Everyone is right though, get a good pair of shoes since this is your new lifestyle! Need to protect those legs and feet. emoticon

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1478 days ago
  • v JENNNY135
    Congrats again. You should also check for running socks, there are socks that minimize blister formation. They are more expensive but well worth it. And running shoes make a big difference too.

    All the best for your next race.
    1478 days ago
  • v SWEDE_SU
    get thee to a running store! there must be one in your area where you try on at least a dozen pairs of shoes and they watch your gait and pick the right type and you can run around the block and choose the ones that feel&fit best - you are a runner! running shoes!!

    and woohoo for a great race! emoticon emoticon
    1478 days ago
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