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Don't feel like blogging...hard end to a long hard year but I survived!

Friday, June 08, 2012

This week has been so incredibly hard, stressful, and has nearly done me in! Why did I think that the last week of the hardest year would be less stressful than those that came before? I'm not even sure where to begin. School has been incredibly hard, and my 3 teenagers decided to all lose their minds and make poor choices this week as well.

I blogged already about my step-son's wreck last Saturday. He isn't hurt badly, just really sore and has 5 stitches in his hand and neck. He stayed at our house Saturday night, and is back at his house and working now.
Wednesday, I got a call at work just as I was sitting down to eat lunch from my 14yo daughter's friend's mom. She thought I had picked up the girls from my daughter's boyfriend's house the night before, and the girls had told me they were going to the friend's house. I left school and went to the boyfriend's house (less than 2 minutes from my school) and got the girls, meeting the boys mom for the first time by barging into her house to get my dd and her friend! She guarantees me that they slept on the couch and the boys were in his room, his mom didn't know anything about it but her friend/neighbor was there.
As if that didn't add enough stress, I get a call Thursday morning from my son's ex-girlfriend's mom. She was so hysterical, I didn't understand what she was saying, made it sound like my son had been in a wreck and was threatening with him being arrested for trespassing. Through additional conversations with her, ds, and dh, I found out that he had gone to her house while she was at work and parked beside a neighbor's pond so he wouldn't be seen at her house. The girl is still lying about him being in the house, but her mom believes her and it isn't my place to say "your kid is lying to you".

The girl at school that I have had trouble with her and the mom all year didn't show up for school all week, and mom wouldn't answer the phone all week. Our county has a policy that if a student misses more than 18 days, they are retained unless the parent applies for an appeal. I left multiple messages, but the mom didn't return my calls. I talked with the girl's case manager Tuesday and today, and she was able to talk to mom. Apparently, the girl had the flu earlier in the week, then mom had a ruptured appendix Wednesday, so the girl has been with family in another county. But no one bothered to call the school, even after multiple messages were left. I met with the principal and we decided not to retain her, as none of the absence craziness has been her fault.
Due to changes in routine and changes to his meds, my student who has autism has had multiple meltdowns this week, requiring me to hold him twice this week so he wouldn't hurt me, himself, or others. Tuesday, it was because I shut down his computer- he was on a website he wasn't supposed to be on. Then Thursday, we were going swimming. Only, the last time they went on a day I couldn't be there, and he pulled down his trunks and later ran into the lobby of the YMCA. Our principal had told us that he wasn't allowed to swim anymore. So, as anticipated, he had a huge meltdown when he wasn't allowed to swim. Mom didn't handle his behavior at all when she got there, acted like we should have left him at school instead of bringing him to the Y, and ended up calling the district office asking if there were a different placement he could go to instead of our school. I told the EC director all that has been going on, but that there hasn't been any event that I knew of that would lead mom to want to make a move.

So, today was the last day of school. I recognized 3 of my 11 students at our awards ceremony, had one complain that she didn't get an award, bought yearbooks for 2 students that wouldn't have gotten one otherwise (including the one that complained about the awards), met with a parent afterwards for the 3-4th time in a month about his concerns for his son, took part in a surprise b-day party for a staff member, met for the committee that decides if the students with excessive absences get a waiver, talked with the case manager and principal about the above-mentioned student, and left school around 4:15 with several boxes of stuff from my room and a bag of grading and assessment data to finish compiling before my final conference on Monday.

I missed lunch for the third day in a row, thankful that it wasn't because of one of my kids this time! I avoided the pizza, cupcakes, chips, etc. at both events except for two cookies. I drank a ton of water throughout the day. I took a nice 30 minute walk when I got home. I have been doing well with nutrition, getting in exercise, and drinking water. The nights I got in bed before 10, I couldn't drag myself out of bed. The two nights I got in bed after midnight, I was up earlier and more easily.

I am looking forward to a short, busy summer. Looking forward to time with my kids and dh, a beach trip with dh and a trip to the mountains with the kids. A couple of weeks off. Thrown in there are two grad school classes and a week-long autism training that my EC director strongly suggested I go to, in addition to the required common core training days, before teachers go back on August 2 and the kids come back Aug 9.

I made it through! I didn't quit, get fired, or even cuss anyone out. We are all alive and ready to continue on. As a wise colleague (retired principal, who was a TA in our behavioral middle school) said, this was an extremely hard year, but I will be able to look back and say, "if I made it through that, I can make it through anything!!"

My weight is up. I started the year at 141, and am ending it at 147 today. But really, with the year I have had, 6 pounds is nothing! I am not surprised that I have gained weight, I am surprised that I haven't gained much more than I have!

I still have the nutrition pieces in place, I am working on getting the exercise back in (walks all week, and a few strength sessions!) now if I can just reduce the stress load, everything will be ok! I can do this!

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