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Updating You All!

Friday, June 08, 2012

It has been a few days or more since I last wrote a blog. I had four days off since then and I had so many plans for those four days off but when I woke up the next day I wasn't feeling so well.

My allergies decided to run a muck with me and even taking my meds it didn't help but instead got worse so I have to try something new.

I am trying Aerius now, this is the last one over the counter that I haven't tried yet but it was recommended by five people that I have talked to including my Pharmatist
The prescription that I got from my doctor doesn't work any more. My immune system has rejected it.

My allergies decided to invade my sinuses and my head so I had to force myself to take care and to take it easy. So I rested as much as I could and at night insomnia struck so instead of sleeping and getting better I was up and crocheting until I felt that I could sleep.

I was so glad that I had those four days off in a row because I could not see myself go to work.

What was causing my allergies this time was the cotton wood that is rampant here at this time of year. There are so many of us that suffer through this and I do feel for them.

Over the last three years the Cotton Wood has gotten worse. Just to give you all an idea on how bad it is. In some areas of the City it looks like snow is on the ground and is floating in the air as the wind blows. It is every where and I have to stay in doors with the doors and windows closed. Going to work I am lucky that we have Air conditioning in our car if we need to use it but we haven't because the weather has been cool.

Where is our hot summer! I am so tired of all this rain and coolness. Oh but it will get warmer I'm sure.

Once my four days were over I went back to work that was on Tuesday. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday went great at work but my allergies were still bad and now my sinuses are worse. I ended up with a Sinus Headache yesterday and came home to take some more allergy pills and to lie down for a nap. I was so exhausted from only having two hours of sleep for the last four days that my body started to shut down.

I slept for two hours and woke up with a question from my brother"What's for dinner?" I am not kidding. I nearly blow a gasket. I got up and took out the left over pasta and threw it in the oven as said to him. There's your dinner, it will be ready in 30 minutes.

Then for the rest of the night I tried to catch up with all my missing emails and sparking.

Having the time off I was able to manage to get three more Owls down, one partial Owl Afghan down(all that is needed to do is to sew one more Owl motif on it).

Last night I finished the Tan Boston Terrier for a customer. The same one that want the Owl and the Owl Afghan that I am now making today. This Afghan is three thirds done and it is crocheting up so fast now that I have the pattern down to a science. After all it is my very own pattern.

I still need to type out the pattern for both the Owl and the Owl Afghan.

Once these are finish I still have to crochet up the Black Sparkly Horse for the same customer. These all going to be for Christmas and the Owl//Owl Afghan for a baby shower.

All this from someone viewing my Web page:

I have given out five more business cards with my Web address on it. So I am hopping to get more orders.

I got a reminder from a Sparks friends about a order that I was going to do for her before my mom had her stroke. I have been so busy getting things done for her and working that I had totally forgotten about her order.

I did get one Christmas Elf done and I was half way finished on the second one when it happened.

So now I am going to dig out the order and get it finished ASAP and mail it off to her with my apologies. I am just grateful that it is for Christmas and not for something else but that should excuse me from my forgetfulness.

Today I had the day off and I was planning on doing some grocery shopping and getting some of Mom's storage locker done but I woke up sick and had to take it easy again.

All I did today was to crochet, run the Antivirus on my computer(Norton) and spark. I did make dinner, left overs and it only took me five minutes to open up the containers and put them in a pot on the stove to reheat. It came out tasty.

Now I am going to soak in a very hot bubble bath and head to bed early since I have to be up at for work at 7am.

I will try to get more pictures taken of my latest knittables to show you all.

Have a great night.

Hugs to all

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