Re-focused on Week 4

Thursday, June 07, 2012

My daughter & friend canoeing at Camp T. this past weekend.

Good Morning, Fellow Sparkies,

Cabin camping with my daughter & her GS troop was fun overall. We hiked, canoed, paddle-boated, shot rifles & arrows, sang camp fire songs & made s'mores. I enjoyed all the activities, but I think I enjoyed the rifle range the most. :) What's most important to me was bonding time with my daughter & the memories we've made there.

On the drive over, I was confident that my 3 C's remained in tact:Choice, Commitment, Change. So, I was a bit apprehensive about the food groups while at camp...y'know the ones. The OTHER 3 C's: Chips, Cookies, & Candy. It was everywhere...except for the mess hall.

Although I did bring fruit & veggies, I did indulge in the "other" 3 C's. However, I did not waste time on beating myself up for making those choices. Instead, I made the best of the situation & enjoyed the activities with my daughter. I reminded myself that I can start over the next time I felt hungry & sat down for a meal. So now, it's Thursday & I've made up my mind to get back on track regarding my nutrition. Moderation & being consistent are the keys.

Today is Week 4/Day 3 of Couch to 5K training. The pace has definitely picked up. I'm hanging in there & doing my best to keep up. Even though it's difficult, I am determined to push through my mental barriers. The sense of accomplishment afterwards is worth it.

So, I am back on track. I've re-focus my goals : the 3 C's - My CHOICE to make a COMMITMENT, for lasting CHANGE. Yes, things/occasions are going to come up in my life that makes staying on track a challenge. Nothing worth it is ever that easy. But I'm up for it & I'm moving forward come hell or high-water. :)

Thanks again for the new adds, comments & encouragement this week. It really means a lot to me! emoticon

Spark on~

Bee. x o x o

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