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My 5 Keys to Achieving Personal Consistency

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Have you struggled to realize your goals? I certainly have! Sometimes I think I am more familiar with the term procrastination than achievement? I start really well but can't seem to stick with something long enough to get real lasting results?

For the Month of June I have decided to focus on improving my consistency!!!


I am going to target building consistency in my workout routines and in my eating habits. I have actually defined 5 elements that I believe may hold the key to finding lasting consistency.


So here are my tips to improve my consistency:

1. Back it with a big WHY! The reason I revert back to old behaviors is because they tend to be very well reinforced – often related to pleasant situations or avoiding pain. So, to strive for consistency in new behaviors, I must find ways to equally link them to a desired and pleasant outcome.

2. Set aside a planned time for planning and reflection. I am going to make sure that the first hour of my day is allocated to planning the day and reflecting on what I did yesterday…that way if other important things come up during the day they don't derail my most important priority.

3. Set ambitious, but manageable goals. Understand that my mind can focus better for short increments (say maybe 2 hours), so every 2 hours I plan to have a break and then get at it again. If I can Plan this into my schedule I won't be working against my natural rythmn.

4. Check my attitudes toward discipline and consistency daily. I am all for creativity and changing things up, but for those BIG goals and objectives in my life, consistency gets results – period!

5. Get right back on that horse. I will experience failures, it is inevitable. When I mess up I don't let it impact the entire objective – instead, I will acknowledge that I slipped and then get back on track right away.

Consistency leads to momentum, energy, confidence and in the end, results. Identify those really important goals, objectives and related actions then commit to 30-days of consistency and watch your results soar.

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