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Monday, June 04, 2012

What a day!

I went grocery shopping with the hubby today.
He needed some ďspecial foodsĒ let him tell it, and I was not going to get my day alone without him. It was okay, but I hate shopping with him. You forget stuff. And you can have a list in hand, and you still forget stuff. Well, I forgot a few things. So, I didnít think about it anymore. I get home and call all my kids out to unload the Truck. Well, my baby girl wasnít feeling good, and she was feeling sickly last night. I thought it was a virus, but since she was still feeling warm, and told me the light makes her head pound. I rushed to the phone to call my mother, and I also went into the bedroom to talk to my hubby about keeping an eye on the older kids, and Iíll keep you posted.

We are rushing to the E.R. My mom came rushing along, because when it comes to my babies Iím better off going with my mom to the E.R. Iím known to reach over and grab a nurseís hand when I think sheís gone too far with the pain. Well, my baby girl needed an IV, and the woman tried 3 times. Well, the first nurse tried once, and when she didnít get any return on the blood flow she went and got another nurse. This woman did a little too much, and was lying to my baby saying it was just her finger nail digging in her arm. I said. Okay. I know what you are doing, and you arenít going to do it for long. She moves to her hand by then, and I said. This is the last poke. I said. If you donít get any return on that poke. Hang it up. This was poke number 3. The woman got blood flow, and was so happy. And my baby was crying her eyes out on the 2nd try. The 3rd one was not as bad as the others. So, I made a personal note. Make sure they run all IVís in the hand and not the arm. The arm is a no go. So, the personal note was logged in my note book, handy tip. Keep all personal information. Like the meds you are on or anything else in a personal journal that can fit in your purse. You can find those at the dollar store, hard cover. I keep all my family information on meds, and doctors in there. Even all my e mail addresses, and my husband loves it. Even shoe sizes and measurements for the kids if things changes, and the hubby too. You never know right.

So, this is what was wrong with my baby. She has acid build up a gastric flare up. I have them often, and for this to be happening to a 12 year old shocked the heck out of me. I was so scared I was thinking the worst when they said her fever was 106 and I knew that wasnít right, and her heart beat was racing. They asked her had she been drinking. WHAT THE HUCK! I mean címon. We are dealing with my baby. She will never do a thing like that. She goes. Oh, you will be shocked at how many kids get into their parents stuff. I know I would be, but I donít keep that stuff around my house. It comes during those blue moon stages, and itís not going to be in my house until the 7th. My mom goes. Oh yeah. Youíre counting the days down. Yes! Iím counting the days down.

Anyway! They treated my daughter and we made it home alright. My husband was gone to plant some flower in a flower bed for a lady, and as soon as he got home he went looking for his baby girl. He didnít find her, and he was flipping. I told him. Sheís at moms. He goes okay. He went right to her bedroom to check on his little girl. I have a wonderful loving husband.

As soon as I gave him the first update about our daughter.
He was on the phone with his mom giving her updates.
Worried the family was, but they are so happy she is okay.
My mother in law said. Just call me if you need me to do anything. She would have been in the waiting room waiting on us.

Itís good to know that my kids have all this love circling around them. My mom told me. What one wonít do, another will, and my kids have the best dad in the world. Heís not step dad, because you wonít step over him. Heís dad. End of discussion.

After all the ripping and running was done with my baby girl. I thought I would get a chance to eat something. I didnít eat this morning, and my husband goes. We have to go to Barryís. Itís a golf shop. His club was making a noise on the inside. I think it was his driver. I donít know which one. Well, I went with him, and I had my bible with me, so I read a little, and then he came out about 30 minutes later. It was time to go home. I love spending time with my hubby.

Since our falling out Ėwe have grown closer. Itís funny now that I look at it, but we have grown closer. When I make him upset. Iíve learned how to just look at him with my eyes and make him laugh. And he has learned how to make me smile as well when Iím feeling bad. We are working on a lot of things, and itís best to work with one another than against.

So, we are loving each other strongly and having a wonderful time being true to each other and voicing our feelings. Something I never thought of doing. Well, Iíve thought of it. I just didnít do it well. We didnít do it well, but now we are working on those things. Little by little we are growing in our love. Itís not growing apart. We are growing closer. I will be going to his church of choice on Sunday. I know my church home is going to miss me that Sunday, but I have to follow my man and he invited me to go with him. And he hasnít been to church in years, and I want to support him fully on this. I love my man. And thatís what you do when you are in love with the right one.

Well, Iím off. Sorry for the long written blog.
You all have a wonderful night.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Lynn, sending prayers that your daughter is feeling better soon. So glad you responded quickly and were able to get her right down to the ER.

    Also glad that you and your husband are building such a strong and loving relationship. Not only is it wonderful for you, I believe it one of the most important things you can teach by example to your children.

    Take care and know you are in my thoughts tonight.
    1578 days ago
    I hope your baby is doing better now.. how scary for her.. and you, too, of course. Glad to hear your relationship is doing well now. ;) Congrats!
    1578 days ago
    I hope your baby is feeling better today. Just reading this so hope you give an update soon. You are blessed with a loving family and that my friend is such a blessing.
    1578 days ago
    I am so sorry that your daughter was not well - I have lifted up prayers for you and her - you cause it hurts a momma when her baby is hut - her, for healings.

    I love to hear the love talk between you and hubby!! Keep it going and going and going!1
    1579 days ago
    Praying your daughter feels much better today((hugs)). We didn't and don't use the word step either. I had two kiddos, my hubby had two kiddos and we have one together. They are all ours and we are mom and dad. emoticon My daughter went to live with her mom almost five years ago and tells me every time we talk how I am her "mom" and she misses me. She tells me I was there.

    Hope you enjoy your time at your hubby's church. emoticon
    1579 days ago
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