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Monday, June 04, 2012

I haven't blogged in a few days, so I thought I would take a few minutes and update!

June is going well so far. I am finally almost completely over the crud that knocked me out of commission last week. I am feeling much better, but still dealing with some of the milder symptoms.. a little congestion and such. Hopefully, that will all finish clearing up by this weekend.

Saturday, I did my LiveFit workout, and then went for a 6 mile run instead of doing the sprint intervals. I was shooting for 8-12 miles as a long run, since this weekend is marathon weekend. I got in 6 miles... and was ok with it. My legs were sore from the workout the day before, and the congestion I am still fighting won out, and I listened to my body and stopped.

Yesterday was my rest day, and I rested! All day! I did clean house, but I also watched some TV, laid in the sun, and just relaxed in general.

Today, I was at the gym and started my workout at 3:40am. Great Legs workout!! I am going to try to run a few miles tonight after DH goes to school. Today will be my only legs workout this week, even though there is another one on the schedule. I'm moving some workouts around this week to prepare for the weekend!

Friday I will leave on a "Maniac Road Trip" with two of my Marathon Maniac friends for the West Virginia/Kentucky border to run in "Feud Country"! I'm running the Hatfield-McCoy Marathon this weekend! So excited!! It's going to be a fun one for sure!! I am planning on taking this marathon slow, and taking my camera! It goes past many of the sites where events "went down" during the Hatfield McCoy Feud, and if you just watched the mini series on the History Channel, you know it's a ALOT of crazy stuff that went down! If you didn't watch it.... I recommend it. It's available for viewing (all 3 episodes) on the history channel's website.

Not much else is going on right now, besides the fact that I am working 10 hour shifts this week to be able to take Friday off to travel without having to use leave. 10 hour days are no fun. My daughter has colorguard camp this week, and gets out at 5, so it works out well with picking her up... so at least it will save some gas, I guess.

Now, back to work.... *sigh*

Have a great Monday!!!
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