Conferences, a Work Day, and a Study Group...

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Three more days. I have conferences all day tomorrow, but have about 3 hours during which I can work in my room with no families...I have a lot to put away, and in that I have to dress up, and it'll be 200 degrees in my room (no AC!), I can't get all I'm limited with what I can get done.

Then Tuesday is a work day, which means I CAN get dirty, but I need to get everything OUT of my room by myself--my desk, tables, our custodian can wax my floor. We're required to stay until EVERYONE's room is done and have a mandatory staff meeting at 2 about which many on our staff are upset. They feel if they come in and get their room cleaned and put away, they should get to leave... And I don't disagree altogether... I *never* ask for help doing mine and I come in early so the really messy stuff can get done before it gets too hot...but should I have to help clean the rooms of those who goof around all day? no. And I can name about four people who will procrastinate like crazy so they don't have to do any of the work.

I'm kinda overwhelmed at the moment. Summer vacation looks so pretty on paper...about 2 months off...and then you add in all the PD, all the study groups for the GT PLACE test at the end of June, all the work toward units next year, all the organization, all the prep for a student teacher who is only going to be with me eight weeks but who I have to plan for and figure out how to incorporate into everything, gradually releasing one class to her... (None of this makes sense to me btw. I had to spend a full semester, all day, eight hours + after school meetings and night classes AND working on a work sample at the same time...I couldn't have a job when I student taught. I don't get how people are supposed to learn what it is like to be a teacher when you aren't in the classroom but an hour or two a day and then only for a few weeks?)

Several people on our staff are planning to take the GT PLACE test at the end of June. We were told that if we pass, we can ask CDE for an endorsement to our license for GT...but everything online states otherwise--two to three YEARS of classes we'll be required to take and pay for out of pocket in ADDITION to this test... The district says that so long as the test is passed prior to June 30, the endorsement is ours... I don't know who to believe...but I'll take it anyway. Someone decided we had to have a "study group" for this. I've never participated in a study group of any sort....I don't do it well. I get frustrated and do not trust the others in the group (regardless of what it is for) to give me the right information. But I was told it was mandatory to participate, so I show up every time. The group has dwindled, so I'm not sure that our definition of "mandatory" is the same either. It's not going well...I'm having to do more research on my own AFTERWARDS to supplement everything... *Sigh*

Add to all of this the fact that I agreed to edit a capstone project for a friend, but our definitions of "edit" are NOT the same. For the first chapter, he sent me random pieces and papers from classes he's taken so far...and wanted me to splice them together. Needless to say, he did NOT do well on that part of the project. I told him that he will have to do all of the initial writing. I can EDIT, but I will not write it for him. I spent a year doing my own, and he should be putting in the same amount of work that I did to earn this. He's doing it at the same college I went to, and apparently they have changed everything about the way the last project is set up, put together, and all of the requirements for it. And the prof facilitating it (online) has changed the due dates far. He moves them up a week or more each time it looks like. Bah.

So yeah...despite it being almost summer, I'm a little overwhelmed.

I do have some plans though that are all about me. One of the local women's athletic stores in town is hosting a Manitou Incline run every Friday morning at 6am all summer...and I am planning to participate. I haven't run in weeks... Our Jack Quinn's "run" turned into a walk when lots of people from school decided to join us...and now it's not nearly as much fun. But, I plan on starting up again there as well--I only need eight more runs till I can get my 50 run shirt! And Yoga. I'll be doing that as well a few times a week. More for my sanity than anything else. I am participating in a "book study" that's being facilitated by a friend of mine who teaches yoga with some other women that will end in a trip to a resort/spa (which I can't go to because of obligations at school--we can't take time off the week before a vacation and I can't afford to go anyway) but the book study has been great so far...very enlightening...

Today I went to Old Navy and bought a couple new things for summer...just needed some things to make me feel pretty...even if I am unhappy with the way I look atm... It was good find things that fit and looked good that I felt comfortable in...

So a few more days and I can maybe put myself first for a while...
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    Yeah, I think your district is wrong on the GT Specialist endorsement. CDE is totally revamping how we can get endorsements - no more testing to get an endorsement after Jan 1. I am taking the PLACE for Linguistically Diverse in June just so I can get that one before it goes to program based! You can't get the reading specialist endorsement through testing or credit evaluation either. I'd call CDE and verify...

    This summer we are going to do a bootcamp for you on saying "NO"! :)

    Are you doing the Color Run in August?
    2088 days ago
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