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Sunday, June 03, 2012

...with my new sneakers!

They are the freaking coolest sneakers I've ever owned. Sneaker shopping seems to have totally shifted since the last time I bought a new pair, only a few months ago. I felt like I had to choose between a barefoot type shoe (I was really tempted, but scared that it would hurt to wear them in the real world) or a chunky traditional sneaker. I think what I found was a perfect balance of the two! It's sleek which makes my huge size 9 feet not look as huge, and I just love the colors! You think these shoes have made me excited to work out? Heck yes!!

In other news, I tried foam rolling after a) noticing that my gym has foam rollers and b) watching a Coach Nicole video on how to do it. All the comments on the video said that it hurt, but it doesn't look like it would hurt so I didn't really know what people meant. Well, once I tried it I discovered that the pain kinda feels like you're bruised all up and down your leg. I'm not totally sure I did it right or got any benefit from it, but I tried it both yesterday and today.

A few blogs ago, I'd lost my motivation to work out. Well, it's back, full force, along with caffeine, haha. I'm still not tracking my calories. I think I am making really good food choices (I had fish and a salad for dinner), but as long as I don't track I'm going to eat enough that I don't lose weight and probably gain.

My hubby built us a kitchen island! He'd never done anything like that before, so I was really impressed! We hauled it into the kitchen tonight and ate dinner at it! And he also bought a hedge trimmer so our front yard is looking kind of manicured right now. :)

One other thing. I probably should just keep this to myself - it was very disturbing. This afternoon after the gym my hubby and I went to a taqueria for lunch in West Roxbury. We pulled into a parking space in front of the restaurant and before we got out of the car we noticed an older woman in a very unusual outfit sitting on a little wall on the sidewalk, surrounded by a bunch of bags. All of a sudden she stood up, pulled down her pants, and urinated on the sidewalk. This was on a busy sidewalk on a busy street in a cute part of Boston. I saw it quickly, gasped and threw my hands over my mouth as if I was about to throw up, and looked away. I didn't know whether to call the police, drive away, or what, but what I did do was just sit there (and lock my car doors). Then as quickly as it happened the woman walked away with all her bags, and people walked by as if nothing had happened! This woman clearly needs help, and did something that is probably illegal, maybe we should have called the police. I don't know. I'm surprised at how disturbed I was. I felt sick afterwards, and I kind of do now, writing about it.
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    those are some purdy running shoes!!!
    1975 days ago
    I LOVE the sneakers :) And yay hubby on the new island! AWESOME! I want an island someday!
    1984 days ago
    On a much lighter, yet probably disturbing note to you- we witnessed a Mom allowing her 2 little boys to pie in a sewage drain in the middle of a super busy street in the middle of Prague- actually Danny saw it and was like- umm, really? I was like- that's Europe for you. I've seen drunk people urinate next to cars in the middle of the night- just squat down and pie and somehow that is tolerated. I know I would probably reacted the same way as you- but my DH called the police on a guy for wearing pants with a giant open butt sticking out-LOL. I woulnd't have.

    I hate New Balance shoes, but that's because I got a stress fracture while wearing a fairly expensive pair- granted this was years ago, so maybe it might be time to try it again.
    1993 days ago
    So sad that some people wind up in that condition... all we can do is pray we never hit that!!

    LOVE the sneakers!
    1997 days ago
    LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes! Let me know what you think after you work out in them awhile, I'm super interested!

    The old lady thing...that's a tough call but I agree very disturbing. So sad.
    1997 days ago
    Oy! I have never witnessed a homeless person peeing in the streets.. but after my time spend in the hoods of LA, I know it happens more often then you think!!! (For some blocks, we had to cover our faces with our jackets, it smelled of urine so bad!!!)

    I don't think the cops would have even responded to that call. :( but I agree, that woman needs help!
    1997 days ago
    I love New Balance! I have 6 different pairs of them at home right now! LOL! I am totally with you on the choice thing, too. Barefoot and minimalist shoes are NOT for everyone. Sometimes I feel like articles and posts and advertising imply that you can't really be a runner or serious exerciser if you wear traditional shoes!

    And size 9 is NOT big at all! :D

    OK, that is gross about the woman - I have witnessed that here in Miami and it skeeves me out. Of course, we have TONS of homeless people here, so you kinda get used to it.
    1997 days ago
    I love the new shoes! Congrats on finding your fitness motivation too!

    1997 days ago
    oooh cute kicks! Looove black & hot pink together! :D

    That's so sad about the lady. I remember being like 15 in downtown Chicago with my best friend, and we were walking passed this (I think) homeless man in an alley, and he whipped his weiner out and was yelling, "hey! Look at me! I'm PEEING! I'm PEEING!" Talk about scarring someone! Bleh.
    1998 days ago
    homeless? when i lived in nyc, there were certain parts of town where people would just stop and pee right on teh street like it was nothing. i was that lady really peeing right now?!?!??! YUP!
    1998 days ago
    I love NB shoes!

    So sad about that obviously mentally ill street person.
    There's nothing you could have done.
    1998 days ago
    enjoy those new kicks!
    1998 days ago
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