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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Last weekend, we had some lovely weather and I spent a good part of Saturday in my garden, enjoying the sunshine. Candy the cat thought she was a lion in the savannah, stalking a zebra, when in reality she was stalking flies and then, failing to catch them!

When I went back into the house to cool down, she followed me and then she laid down across my legs to make sure I would stay put and would not disturb her rest!

On the Sunday, I went to the dance school to help out during the medal presentation day and got roped in to dance with the kids during the Barn Dance and the Sambarina. Here are my certificates:

We finished the day with a meal at the restaurant and we had a really good laugh. Good day all round!

This is the salad I prepared for my lunches during the week. Recipe courtesy of Oh She Glows:

Angela has started a salad challenge for June – not sure I’ll be able to manage a salad a day (well, I didn’t have a salad today to start with!) but I’ll try as many as possible. I especially like Angela’s recipe as they are big enough for you to have enough salad for a few days and they keep perfectly well in the fridge.

I have not been dancing these past few weeks (there is a reason for this which I’ll have to explain in a future blog. It is not a happy subject for me) so I’ve decided to increase my cardio workouts by going to Zumba twice a week and Bokwa once a week.

About 4 or 5 weeks ago, during Zumba, I started feeling pain in my right calf and thought it was just my muscle protesting at the workout. As I was stretching it, my Zumba teacher even asked if I had a cramp, but I told her everything was fine.
Since then, I have suffered from pain in both my lower legs (not just my calves anymore) but again thought it was just sore muscles, until last Friday when I could hardly jump around during Zumba.
I have been to the doctor’s who said I am suffering from shin splints (which surprised me as I thought only serious runners could suffer from this.)
When I asked him what I could do to improve things, he said quite unhelpfully “Stop what you’re doing.” Well, I don’t really want to as Zumba and Bokwa are an important part of my fitness regime, so I was really annoyed at his reply. Anyway, when I pushed him for a bit more advice, he then said to simply take it easy, bandage my legs and ice them after my workouts (that’s more like it!) and he’s referred me to a physiotherapist so I can be shown strengthening and stretching exercises.

Here are my legs all strapped up before Zumba this Friday.

It has been very frustrating this week, not to be able to give 100% as I normally do, but even if I wanted to, I physically can’t. I tried to be clever during Bokwa on Wednesday and hop on my right leg, and a searing pain went shooting up my lower leg! Well, that stopped me in my tracks!
As my Zumba/Bokwa teacher said, it is very important right now to listen to my body and alter the moves as needed, otherwise I’ll make the injury worse and I’ll have to stop everything.

What I cooked during the week – Chicken Curry
Not a recipe as such: Diced chicken, onion, 1 red pepper, 1 yellow pepper, 1 orange pepper, green Thai curry paste + low fat coconut milk, serve with brown rice.

I went out on Friday night for a friend’s leaving do. It was a horse race night, and she had asked us to make hats as if we were watching the races from Ascot or something. She said the hats had to be funny and we started calling them the “Silly Ascot hats!”
Here is my hat and here is a close-up of the cute little bumblebee on the sunflower.

Here what I was wearing – black dress and yellow cardigan, to match the sunflower and bumblebee theme of my hat! As I was wearing high heels, the whole of me didn’t “fit” in the mirror which is why my head got chopped off!

I won my bet on the 1st race and won enough to buy me two white wine spritzers during the night! Bonus!

Last Sunday, I experienced a major kitchen disaster: my smoothie maker broke beyond repair!! I always start the day with a protein smoothie, which is why it was a disaster for me.
Anyway, I went on the Internet and found this lovely blender on special offer. It blends a beautiful smoothie! And as it is a glass jug, it is very easy to clean (although it is quite heavy.)

Today is Sunday and this weekend, the UK is celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. As a French national, the idea of a monarchy is kind of funny to me. But England has been my adoptive country for almost 15 years now and I quite like all the tradition and pomp and circumstances that surround the Royal Family. I actually really enjoyed watching the Thames Pageant today and from what I could see, the weather in London was typically British (as it is here!)

I also suffered major hat envy every time I saw Kate, Duchess of Cambridge! She is so lovely and elegant!

I decided to have a bit of a traditional British Sunday roast for my supper: Roast beef, French fries and baked mushrooms (with a generous dollop of Dijon mustard, which is the best way to enjoy beef in my book!)

This is it for now (Phew say all my Sparkfriends!) Tomorrow and Tuesday are Bank Holiday in England. Despite this, I’ll be at work tomorrow as we are open due to exams (my colleague will work on Tuesday so I can still enjoy a day off.)

Hope all my Sparkfriends are having a lovely weekend!

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  • GUNNSGIRL91303
    Beautiful pics and love the hat you made! I'm so sorry about your shin splints and hope you recover soon! I also can't wait to try that salad recipe you gave the link for. Thanks so much! Great blog!
    2059 days ago
    I'm so sorry you had such frustration. Seems you made the best of it! Love the dress -- you look great! Thanks for sharing!
    2059 days ago
    Hope the shin spints go away fast! Cany cat is so pretty : )
    2060 days ago
    Hmm..I had shin splints when I first started zumba as well. For me it turned out that it was my shoes causing the problem. I was wearing regular cross trainers and then I switched to dance sneakers (capezios) which made *all* the difference..also..some teachers don't give enough of a warm up and cool down which can make a big difference as well. Hope you figure it out so you can continue..don't push yourself when in pain though. emoticon emoticon p.s. Kate is definitely elegant! I love how she presents herself.
    2060 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/3/2012 4:32:07 PM
    What do you know, SparkPeople just featured this video guide on stretches helpful for shin splints. I still recommend the yoga pose though. One time (albeit uncomfortable 3 minutes) improved it for me...
    anyway, here's the SP URL (sorry, they don't let us make them actually linkable in comments):
    2060 days ago
    Full schedule!

    Shin Splints... I'm not a runner and I get them frequently. I have some outward tilt to my feet that makes me more prone (I think there's an article on Spark Health A-Z that explains). What helped me when I had to do sprints for LiveFit was using elastic arch supports and particularly this yoga pose (Toe Squat)

    Highly recommend you try it out for a few days- icing did nothing for me.
    2060 days ago
    Thanks for all the news! I have to agree with the advice to listen to your body. If you don't, you may end up taking longer to heal and get back to "normal." That's what happened to me when I got Bell's palsy at first. I finally had to accept the limitations and give myself time to heal, much longer than I wanted to wait, but worth it in the end. Be patient, my friend!
    2060 days ago
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