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A short really

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Today kinda sucks.

Work sucks.
Bills suck.
I don't have much of a life right now and that sucks.

I'm very lonely today. I've done nothing but work for so long. I work 7 days a week. I already know that I won't be able to go to the Farmer's Market on Saturday because I need to be working instead. I already know that I won't be going to church Sunday because I need to be working instead.

I work at home, alone. I never get to talk to real humans, as equals. I'm not even talking to my son tonight because he is really pushing my buttons lately, so I told him off and I have nothing more to say to him right now.

So here I sit. I'm eating out of boredom / loneliness / the suckiness of life. At least it is a salad and not ice cream.

I know I'll snap out of it. It's just the isolation getting to me. For seven months I have worked, eaten, and slept right here in my office, alone.
I have got to get out and make some new friends with whom I can actually hang out.

Okay, I'm done whining now.
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    I hope you're able to make the time to get out...even if to visit your favorite cashier :)
    2024 days ago
    Yes, you do. Even at the expense of work you need to get out. As someone who works at home it falls to me to do everything here - laundry, cleaning, cooking, shopping, AND my pottery work which includes promotions and marketing, manufacturing, pricing, gallery upkeep, workshop upkeep, glaze mixing, kiln get the picture. With that much to do I "force" myself to go out and do social things. I joined a choir. I go to yoga and tea every Tuesday morning. No matter how important work is, so is your mental fact I'm pretty sure mental health takes precedence over work, cuz if you're nutz you can't work.
    Take care of yourself all ways. (Too bad we aren't neighbours!)
    2024 days ago
    Whine all you want! It's better to vent like this than to eat your way through it with ice cream or that sort of thing. We all go through these tough periods; good for you though for recognizing what you need. just find time to get out and find some people to hang and have fun with! :)

    Hang in there!
    2024 days ago
    Can you sign up for some classes or something? Where I live, our parks and rec summer classes are about to start up, and I start my swimming class on Monday. If anything, it's going to be some human contact! I've been wanting to sign up for a guitar class, too.
    2024 days ago
    It's better you take your feelings and talk about them here then bury them under a bunch of unnecessary eating. Hope things pick up for you soon.
    2024 days ago
    Too much work!!! I know it's easy for me to say that because I'm outside of the situation. But sometimes it's worth it to make less money and enjoy your life more. Best of luck to you!
    2024 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2024 days ago
    Ditto what Petalia said. And she said a lot to chew on, so I won't add more.
    2024 days ago
    Curious. From earlier postings I have the impression that your work is all about people yet you work alone. For me, 7 days a week is not sustainable. 7 days a week might seem necessary to meet expenses, but you who are so self-aware and knowledgeable about your own health, do you not see what an impact this has to your wellness? I worked alone in my studio for years about 12-17 hours a day. I felt privileged to be able to do what I loved. Although I was applauded for my drive and dedication, I know this intensity was a major contributor to my health downfall. You often speak about listening to your body. I would add to that to listen to your thoughts and feelings, too. I don't see your exclamations as whinging but rather that you are trying to tell yourself something really important. Take heed and be gentle with yourself. You are valuable.
    2024 days ago
    Micheal I am sorry that life seems to burying you in lemons. I won't tell you to make lemonade though.

    I know where you are coming from with the all work and no play. Depending on the type of work you do from home you should take small breaks during the day and LEAVE your office (even if it is no further than your own back yard or a walk to the corner). I am training for a job that could be done from home and I am afraid of falling into the same pattern you are describing.

    I really hope that things start getting better for you. Try to remember that nothing lasts forever (good times and bad alike).

    Take care my friend.
    2025 days ago
  • PJC19671
    Say to yourself I am going to take 60 minutes out of my day and get out of this house. You deserve an hour off. Go for a walk in the park, go to the gym, ride your bike, go sit in a coffee shop you might meet someone. YOU TIME. You can do it. I use to be just like you and then finally I decided that's it I am going to make me time for myself every day and I feel better. If I lived near you I bet I could get you to take an hour off for a good tennis game emoticon
    2025 days ago
    Well, Micheal, you are allowed to whine! And it is understandable...that is ALOT of work, not allowing you any time for you, to relax and just have fun! And if I remember, you do work that can be draining, as well!
    All I can suggest is to first steady make time for get out to the Farmers Market, church, etc. Even that will help. Take a or go to a movie! Do you have any coed volleyball teams at a community center or adult ed classes, etc? Exercise, plus way to meet people and no obligations, unless you choose. Cooking class in natural foods? You are probably laughing at me and saying, yeah, I know all that, but this is my deal with it (LOL), and know I understand and just wanted to help!
    Feel better!
    2025 days ago
    It can change little by little with one baby step. Steps that you want/need to take to change your life for a better healthier life. You can sit down and make a list of things that you want to change for the better and then just take one of them and little by little you will change it over time. If one of those is to get out and meet new people, then little by little you'll be taking the time to go to more places and meeting more people and then friendship begins and things can change. Good luck!! emoticon emoticon
    2025 days ago
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