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So Frustrating!!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I know we're not supposed to weigh in every day (and this is probably why!) but it's a habit I haven't broken yet. Two days ago I was down to 232 (five pounds down from my highest, three down from my start here a month ago) and I was feeling pretty good about that. Yesterday, I was back up to 233 and thought, well, it's water weight or something, fluctuations are normal.... and this morning I was looking forward to seeing that pound gone but instead I'm up to 234! I could almost cry!

I'm not working out as hard as a lot of people I've seen on this site, but I've done at least *something* every day this week. I've tracked all my food and hit my "marks" every day and not gone over. I can't figure out why I'm losing so much more slowly than a pound a week, and why my weight has rebounded this way. Granted, I don't totally trust my scale, but it's all I've got to go by and I'm sure whatever its glitches may be (I think it's seven pounds low compared to my doctor's scale) it's at least consistent from one day to the next.

In my distraction (I've also lost a new favorite necklace - in my house? How can something just disappear?) I forgot to bring my breakfast to work. In fact, I realize now that I forgot my snack too. I've got a salad, plus two oranges and a Lean Cuisine I didn't eat yesterday, so it's not like I'll starve, but I miss my yogurt and Trader Joe's version of a Fiber-One "candy bar" snack.

I need to turn the day around so it doesn't keep going downhill this way! *BLEARGH!*
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    I also have a bad habit of checking the scale everyday, but I know that I'll weigh 2-5 lbs more in the afternoon, I always weigh in the morning when I get up, if I have a bad day it will show up on the scale a couple days later (unfortunately when I have a good day, I don't see it on the scale as much emoticon emoticon )

    I'm trying not to check it everyday, but I'm waiting for the numbers to decrease and they haven't!!! AAARRRGGGHHH

    As everyone has said, stick with it - don't give up - and maybe try focusing on something else this week instead of the scale (I'm going to try that - my focus is going to be healthy choices for calories)

    Good luck this week
    2059 days ago
  • JLR080500
    Don't feel bad. I have the same problem and it has taken alot of self-control to not get on the scales everyday. I did break down today and weighed. Not HAPPY with the results but not terrible.

    Remember this is a day to day battle. You can't give up after just a few bad days. Be patient with yourself and stay focused.

    Good luck!

    2062 days ago
    I'm sorry your day started out crummy! As far as the scale goes...yes, that is why we're not SUPPOSED to weigh every day. I can't say too much on the subject because I do it too. But I do believe that worrying about the scale too much can lead to my downfall. Just keep doing what you're doing! I just read a quote from Bob (biggest loser trainer) he said that what it takes to really lose the weight is mental strength. That everyone does fine while they're losing weight, but when the scale doesn't cooperate is when a person really needs to stay strong and "trust the process". Just trust that you are making good choices...it matters, and the scale WILL move in the right direction again. Keep your chin up! emoticon

    2062 days ago
    A lot of people don't understand you have to burn more than you eat,if you eat 1200 calories a day and you only burn 400 calories,then the next day you eat 1800 calories then you will stay at your current weight.I use to have a hard time eating less han 2500 calories a day now i eat less tha 700 calories a day because i don't get in enough exercise,i would eat a fruit,water for breakfest,proteinshake,water,fruit,
    for lunch,and for dinner eat 500 calorie meal example vegetables,protein meat,crystal light drink only 5 calories,and i load my plate with vegs to get full,the next day back to the same did you know u can water can be a snack,also bananas,grapes, i jst started a week ago and down 6lbs!dont worry bout your falls keep trying new ways of eating till it start to work
    2062 days ago
    Ha! You're right, very similar blogs!! I feel your pain but you know if we keep up on the healthy eating path it will come off. I want to scream WHEN, too!!! emoticon
    2062 days ago
    Deep breathes!!!!!!!!!!! I weigh everyday just to keep track. Only take the lowest weight of the week for your records. Weigh at the same time, naked, and after you have gone to the bathroom. Make sure that you are getting all of your water, not eating a lot of salty foods because both can make you retain water. Also your cycle can mess up your scale as well. Keep your chin up, it will turn around I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2062 days ago
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