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Thin vs. Fit and realization of bodily limitations?/I may still be delusional

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ok so WTH are you talking about crazy lady.

Let me explain. All my life when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would jokingly say "TALL!" Lets face it I'm 5'3'' I'm not going to grow any taller. I'm short and even when I was in highschool I was thick and sturdy. Recently I came across this great quote “Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt. It's so true!!! All my life I have been pointing out these women. Women I wanted to be like. Women who are thin and maybe even fit with legs for miles! It made me miserable! Nothing was ever good enough because I was NEVER going to be 5'7'' and 115. I may reach 115 pounds someday but I'm short I have a fairly long torso which means I HAVE SHORT LEGS they will NOT go on for miles. Comparing myself to these women did nothing but crush my spirit.

Since reigniting my spark in March I have made some HUGE realizations!!! I now look at 90% of the women I might have pointed out in the past and I realize that they may be THIN but they are not FIT! Then I had the epiphany. I don't want to be TALL and skinny fat. I want to be ME! This sounds weird, but I've come to own being short. Do I like being short and fat? NOPE. Am I doing something about it? YUP! So after realizing I have been pointing out all these tall thin soft bodied ladies I decided to try and find some possibly achievable body images of SHORT FIT women.

I have to say my NUMBER ONE inspiration..... SHAKIRA uh yea she's super sexy she's not a twig and she's FIT. BEST OF ALL she's shorter than I am. So when I googled her of course the weights and heights vary from site to site but The big main one on google says she's 5'1''. It's estimated that she's somewhere between 120-130 lbs. I think this is COMPLETELY ACHIEVABLE. As I was talking with Bryan last night he said "do you really want to be THAT small?" Well I don't know I'll see when I get there :) The point is she's small she's short and she's not UNhealthy thin. Here's another. She has this GLORIOUS thickness going on in the hip/bum/thigh region FIT gorgeous small thick body! Now in the last 12 weeks I've noticed that while I thought I was an hour glass and I may have been before. I am losing SUBSTANTIALLY in the bust region. I was a little bummed but then again I've always sort of wanted "just a handful" of boobs so we'll see. This loss though is putting my measurements more so in the "Pear" category and I'm cool with that! There are other tiny women Salma Hayek comes to mind but she's pretty busty and I don't think I'm going to be so lucky after this is all sorted out :P Anyhow there are SHORT SEXY CURVY women out there. I will no longer think poorly of myself for not having grown an extra 4 inches, and hey if I were taller I probably wouldn't have the life I do as Bryan is not attracted to tall women :) I would have a completely different life my kids would be different people blah how sad. So I am short and I will be fit and I can be short, fit, and SEXY!!

Also if you haven't noticed my craziness over the last couple weeks this is my sexy legs summer. It was all inspired by 2 things the fact that I am getting the back of my thigh tattooed in August and this picture from my awesome spark friend BEAUTIFUL_REINA. I'm sure I have been driving her nuts with my ridiculous enthusiasm over getting the "perfect butt" I'm sorry HAHAHA. Seriously though who wants to be JUST THIN and have that butt when you can be FIT and have an AWESOME BOOTAY? This summer I will have sexy legs I MUST have sexy legs because in August in Berlin I'm going to have to do the unthinkable and BARE MY LEGS. I have not worn shorts in public since I dunno 9th grade? But this is the year I stop wearing hoodies to cover my stomach I stop wearing pants in a country that doesn't have Air conditioning EVERYWHERE. I will wear shorts and not feel embaressed I will wear what I want and shop where I want because this year I'm getting fit once and for all!!!! I WILL BE FIT DAMMIT!!!! WHO'S WITH ME?
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    I love this post! And you know what is so funny is that I was JUST googling Shakiri to get a good short fit role model for my self. I am 5'0, so Shakira is perfect. Like you I have spent so much time wanting something that is not physically possible for me. I gave that up this year. I will be 30yrs old in September and I want to not only be must most fit self, but I want to love and accept my self too! Thanks for the reminder :)
    2082 days ago
    I loved this blog! Great insights!
    The squats/no squats picture is a winner.

    I'm 5'7" myself, but my 18 year old daughter is 5'1", the strong and curvy type, and she is the cutest, most beautiful person I ever saw (OK I'm her mom but still) - and she is very happy about her height.
    2088 days ago
    I'm with you! Let's do this :)..I agree, accepting and figuring out who you are is the best possible thing you can do. I've kind of accepted that I don't have a "tiny" frame and will never look like a tiny model even after reaching goal weight but that's okay..I want to be the healthiest and fittest me. Plus I definitely believe that people of all shapes and sizes are beautiful so stressing out about turning into someone other than your best you is a waste of time. Great blog! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2089 days ago
    Own the Shortness!! I'm rockin' 5'4" and love it! It has it's perks.

    The Fit VS. Thin is an awesome way to describe loosing weight and being healthy! I'd rather have a good lookin' bum then be skin'n'bones for sure!!

    You have given me a positive boost today lady! Thanks! :)

    2089 days ago
    AMEN HONEY! Love your motivation, love the motivational pictures, and LOVE THE BLOG!
    2089 days ago
    That's funny I've recently thought about this too. I'm also obsessed-ish with getting a better butt!! The reality, though, is that I don't have a whole lot to work with, so I can't have expectations of getting this full round butt. But I started the Brazilian Butt Lift and am hoping that by toning my butt and legs and lifting my butt a bit that it will at least look the best my butt can look! I'd been playing around with trying the program and then I saw this before and after pic from a fellow sparker:
    Since I've started (just this Monday, so it's super early) I will say that this is a great workout for your butt and legs. It really works my lower back, which is great for me. And of course it's really working out my butt and thighs. Anyway, if you're looking for something else to try you should check it out.
    2089 days ago
    Exactly what Terrimmix says!! Love this blog!
    2089 days ago
    This made me giggle several times - at 5'2" I know what you mean about being short. Here's the thing - it is entirely possible to be small, curvy, and lovely. There are BIG advantages to not being busty - I really, really miss being "flat." Undershirts instead of bras? Yes, please!

    Last weekend, my husband went to a biker thing and saw a chick wearing a pair of shorts that said "With a butt this nice, who needs big boobs?" (I can't figure out how all of that fit across her butt, but I like the idea...) So, yeah, squats + lunges = BOOTAY.
    2089 days ago
  • ACCT1908
    I want to be fit! I want a nice bootay! :-)
    2089 days ago
    I've had the same realization, ah-ha moment with my body (kind of)

    Except I am tallish (5'9") and I have big hands and feet (when I lived in Spain, I got scornful looks when I tried to buy shoes!)

    So, I've had to realize that I will never be skinny. I am, in all likelihood, truly big boned. But, like you, I've decided to maximize my current body.

    Good for you for having the same realization. Fitness and strength are far more desirable than skinniness anyway!

    I am so with you! I've been doing squats till my legs hurt lately and can't wait to see the results!
    2089 days ago
    WOOP WOOP! I'm with you! Great attitude= Great Achievements, I've discovered, and this is a GREAT attitude! Fantastic, motivativing blog! You sound like a person climbing closer and closer to her dreams!
    2089 days ago
    What a great idea to look up people of your size and use them as a role model. In the meantime I saw some of your pics and I think you look very good!
    I always wanted to be a bit shorter... So maybe it helps to realize that some women long to be 'petite'...
    2089 days ago
    Woooo hooooo! I'm all in sisterfriend! :-) (Great blog btw.)
    2089 days ago
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