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The Path To The Holy Grail- Regaining Emotional Balance Part 5- Independence And Passion.

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Independence is a stabilizing force. Early in my journey, I found it necessary to take off the training wheels so to speak. To me it was becoming more important to develop an at home routine than to go to a class. Social support is really important and good for the soul , BUT, I may not always be able to afford a trainer or a membership and workout buddies may fail to continue their journey. Ultimately, this is my journey and I cannot allow myself to be dependent on anything to prop me up. So what will I do if I no longer have access to the workout environment I am accustomed to? Will I lose my direction and wander off? One thing that is a part of my core existence is my home. I will always be living somewhere. I must learn to workout and function in my core environment and let the rest just be the icing on the cake.

I had to toss the idea that I will do everything by the book. My life does not fit the perception of the one size fits all, cookie cutter, 9-5 lifestyle. I would say that chances are very good that you are in the same boat. I have found that plans are, at best, a "serving suggestion", an example to be customized.

Remember that commitment to cause always breeds the outside the box ingenuity required to see it through.

Cultivating a sense of independence freed me from always looking somewhere else for a solution or blaming my circumstances. There comes a point where enough is enough. I woke up to the fact that it doesn't matter what my situation is, how little support I think I have, I don't have enough time or what ever. The bottom line after all the reasons are laid out why I am the way I am is this: I am 40+ years old and I am running out of time to change things.

After all is said and done and I am in my elder years, will I look back at this time as the time I took it back and made my remaining years good ones or will I be sitting in my room at the nursing room with drool down the side of my cheek, wondering where my life went? Why did I waste it? Why oh why couldn't I pull myself away from the TV, from the computer, the drive thru and simply LIVE? Now my life is spent and wasted. That will be the time when all of the reasons, the excuses, the justifications will not mean a thing. It is uncomfortable to face opposition, both from your own addictions and from a health-unfriendly environment, but the bottom line is that the possibilities of living your best life dwindle with each passing day that you allow yourself to cling to another justification until you wake up one day and your vitality is totally spent.

Then the bitter tears will flow.

What will you do today?

This is strictly my opinion and I will probably catch flack for this but I firmly believe the big reason that only about 20% succeed in long term weight loss and maintenance ( statistically speaking ) is that in general, there is a lack of total commitment. Yes, I know there are circumstances that happen, it happened to me too and i regained 20 pounds a few years ago.

Life happens to all and all the crap that goes with it but ultimately, when you are totally committed, circumstances will influence in the short term but they do NOT determine the long term because your vision will keep you coming back. Visualize a boxer that gets knocked to the mat and gets back up again and again and you get the point.

Unfortunately, the culture that we have created is our own worst enemy. We have been made docile by our push button, instant gratification, fast downloading, drive thru, pamper-me society until we have lost our will to dig in our heels and fight like hell to get what we want. The determined person, if they don't see the result they want, will seek out information and education, and go back to the drawing board until something happens that clues them in that they are headed in the right direction. Show me someone who is unwilling to go to any length to educate themselves so they have a better understanding as to how to succeed and I will show you someone who really isn't serious and results will be lacking. I have yet to meet someone who is truly passionate about something that does not search out and devour any and all material about that subject.

I know that this is rather pointed but this is part of the reason why I made it this far. I had to quit making excuses because, no matter what seemingly good reasons I had, at the end of the day, I was still a prime candidate for a heart attack and may die. If I want that to change and want to live, I had better pull out the stops and make it happen.

Survival instinct is pretty powerful. Powerful enough that we will eat anything and do anything to survive even if it crosses our petty preferences. Tap that instinct, realizing that our unhealthy lifestyle is slowly killing us, and we will be unstoppable. Keep relegating this to the " when it's convenient for me " list and we will fail every time. It is a law of nature that will never change. We humans are a funny bunch. We spend millions to be able to view the farthest corners of the known universe yet are unwilling to give up the least comfort because we can't see past the end of our nose.

Remember this: Success in this journey is affordable to all but comes at a price few are willing to pay.

Are you willing to fight for your independence?

Are you ready to be your own champion?

If you say yes and mean it and are willing to commit to it everyday in some small way, then success will ultimately be yours.

With independence comes freedom. Seek out like minded support but rely on no one. This is YOUR journey.

Make your journey your passion.

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