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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hi everyone. I'm doing just great. I found I love sleeping with Mommy at night up by her shoulder. Sometimes she moves around too much and I have to go down to the bottom of the bed. Mommy is short so her feet don't reach me there! LOL I sometimes like laying on the wooden nightstand too. I generally lay on the bed with my paws laying on the nightstand. I love to stretch out. I have so many places to cat nap too. I like my bookshelf and I found I can go from there to the captain chair and curl up. I like being a captain, whatever that is! The back of the chair fits my curved sleeping position nicely. I sometimes sleep with my legs through the rungs of the chair. I also like to sleep on my blankie on the living room floor near big book shelves. I sometimes lay my head on the bottom shelf. Of course I like Mommy's comfy chair and the sofa. I like to curl up on Mommy's footstool and get Mommy to pet me. Sometimes she's a little slow and I have to head butt her or nip her ankle a little to get her attention. If I MEOW real loud that gets her attention too.

My very favorite place when it's not too hot is the screen porch. I have lots of high places to watch the birds and roosters and hens from. One day two very big black birds got into the bird bath which is quite close to the screen. My eyes got so big looking at how big they were. Only one bird could get in the bath at one time. It's liked having my own cat TV but even better.

I have it very good here. Sometimes if I'm not hungry first thing in the morning and I want to be out on the porch Mommy will bring my breakfast out there to me. I feel like I'm on a picnic.

My weight is good too. I stay between 10.4 and 10.6 pounds. I eat anywhere from 1/4 to a half a cup of food a day. Mommie said she will not let me get overweight.

Anyway, that's what I'm up to here. Just wanted to check in with all of my friends. I see some more wet stuff is falling from the sky again. It's really loud on the porch roof when I'm out there. Mommie said something about us really needing the rain. Guess that's what the wet stuff is called.

Have a great day everyone.


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    Hi Max,
    My name is Seamus and I used to be friends with your brother Thor. It's good getting to see how well your humans are adjusting to you. I like sleeping with Ma too!

    I also like to go on the screen porch but if it's too humid I have to stay inside. I have problems breathing when it's too hot but otherwise, I do ok. Sounds like you're getting along just fine. Hope to hear more about you in the future!

    Seamus emoticon
    2101 days ago
  • JUDITH316
    Thanks for sharing your day Max, sounds like you are enjoying your life and sleeping with your Mommy, I get to sleep with my Mommy also, I sleep right beside her snuggled down beside her legs, I think my warmth helps my mommy's legs to be less sore, Paw Hugs from me, my name is Sunshine, my mommy says I'm a ray of sunshine to her...HUGS... emoticon
    2102 days ago
    My buddy Nugget needs to watch his waistline too because he is not long and lean like his brother.. I hate to not give him little treats like the other kitties so I give him less..I love to hear how u r doing!
    2113 days ago
    Hi there Max,
    It's your doggie friend, Zoey. I loved reading your blog especially all of the fun places you have to sleep. I love our porch too especially with all the birds flying around the flowers. You are a very lucky boy to have such loving parents and I'm so glad you are fitting right in. We are having that stuff called rain today and even some bad thunder which scares me. However, I'm sitting in the chair by my mommy so that makes me feel safe.

    Good hearing from you!
    Zoey and her Mom
    2113 days ago
    Hi Max! Glad to know you have made a good home with a wonderful mommy. My mom is home for the summer cause school is out. I know that we are having visitors later this week. Mom is cleaning up the house. I don't mind that but hate the thing called a vaccum. Your sleeping places sound great. My favorite is on Mom's chair back. Nice to hear your mom is loving you so much.
    2113 days ago
    Hi Max - I love reading your blogs. My new mommy and daddy took me in this BIG scary thing called an "RV" last week. I don't like when it moves, but it is fun when it stops. We stayed in the forest and I got to run around and play all day and mommy didn't even have to go to work. It was fun! Daddy won't let me sleep in the bed, but I have my own bed right next to mommy's side of the bed. I used to try to jump in with mommy, but now I really like my bed. Sometimes when the fan gets to cold, I use my paws and move it alll around the room, then I move it back later. For some reason, mommy always laughs at me when I am moving it. Mommy wanted me to tell you to tell your mommy hi for her. She has been really busy with work and school (but never too busy for me!). Talk to you soon. Your canine friend Theo
    emoticon emoticon
    2114 days ago
    You have a good mommy, Max.
    Fobie and Tigger say "Hi"
    2118 days ago
    Hey Max,
    It really does sound like you have things pretty good. Things are good here too.
    Jazzy and I like the fact that there are more things to watch out the windows. It really is kind of like cat tv.
    Mom refuses to let us sleep with her. Something about wanting to sleep not play with us at night.
    She got some thing the other day that flashes a red mark that Jazz really likes but I am not so sure I would rather play with feather toys. I like to hang on to them, That spot is just kind of annoying.
    Essie (AKA Queen Esther Haddassah) for both of us Smith Cats.
    2119 days ago
    Glad to hear you are keeping well and having a lovely life, Max!

    2120 days ago
    emoticon for sharing your day with us Max
    2120 days ago
    So glad to hear that you are settling in and enjoying the good life and the rain. I know your mommy and daddy love having you there.
    Kitty hugs and pets...
    2120 days ago
    Hey Max, Boots here so man to man, those girls are really something ya know? Have a good day. Boots.
    2120 days ago
    Hey Max, Timber here. Do not listen to that fat cat Pumpkin. She sits on me and squishes me something awful. The vet said she is obese ha ha ha ha. Uh Oh, here she comes and she has fire in her eyes. Bye.
    2120 days ago
    Hi Max, my name is pumpkin. I have a brother Boots, and a bratty little sister named Timber. I do not know why my mommy brought her home as she is really annoying. I like to sleep on Mommy's face, but when I try to settle in she shoves me to the bottom of the bed. When i try to get back up there she puts me in the living room where the brat can terrorize me. I really hate that. But, it gets better when Mommy gets up in the morning and feeds me my favorite food with gravy on it. It has been fun meowing with you. Love Pumpkin
    2120 days ago
    You are lucky to have a great mommy and a good home Max. Enjoy yourself and listen to your mommy, she loves you very much. Keep us up to date with that kitty tv.
    2120 days ago
    Good to hear from you Max! I always liked it when my cat would snuggle up with me at night.
    2120 days ago
    2120 days ago
    Max is living the good life! Glad to hear he's settling in after his initial shyness - I guess that has changed!
    2120 days ago
  • WILLOW49
    Hi Max, thanks for checking in with us. I think you're very happy in your new home. You are one lucky cat...but so is your mommy & daddy!
    2120 days ago
    It is so good to hear from you Max! I am glad you are loving your new home and new family!!!!!!
    2120 days ago
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