Weeks 7 and 8

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hello again!! emoticon emoticonSorry for missing last week's blog! emoticon No excuse, I was just lazy! emoticon Last week went VERY well! emoticonI was a good girl all week and I ended up losing a full kilo!!! emoticon OMG!! emoticon I don't know how I did it, because I should have lost just over half a kilo. I measured my waist and I haven't lost any more cm there, but my legs and hips feel firmer and my pants are looser. emoticonI noticed that my new gym pants are getting visibly looser as well. Maybe I should take other measurements. This week went very well too! I lost half a kilo! emoticon Unfortunately I seem to be suffering some water retention, because on Wednesday I had a salty chicken panini as a treat and on Thursday I had a spinach and feta pie for dinner. Those things may only have 265 calories, but they sure do pack a real punch when it comes to salt! I swelled up like a sponge! emoticonI put on half a kilo over night and only now has it came off! I think I'm still getting rid of some excess water, because I've been going to the toilet every half hour since this morning! All this trouble just because I had a small pie for dinner one night! emoticon ANNOYING!!!! emoticon I really wish bakers and manufacturers didn't put so much salt in everything! It's not necessary and can be very damaging to people's health! Oh well, at least I'm rid of that sodium swell now. So I am losing weight again and my body is finally cooperating again, YAY! emoticonSo now I know that the medication is finally doing its job! Because things are going so good, I might decide to lose a bit more weight. I may have put on more muscle, but I still feel that I should lose another kilo or too. I will see how I feel when I reach my current goal weight. I am a bit concerned about my weight loss though. Because of the 1kg weight lose last week, I was a little worried. Maybe I'm overdosing? I shouldn't be losing a full kilo a week! But my weight loss is slowing down a bit, which is good. I will see how this week goes and how much I lose. I'm not TOO worried, because I'm having another blood test done and I'm having a follow up appointment with the specialist on June 4. If I'm taking too much then all I need to do is decrease the dose a little. Easy to fix! But anyway...I got some very good news! I can fit in my new jeans!!!!!! OOOMMMGGG! emoticonI haven't been able to get into them since September last year!! They are still a bit tight around my thighs and calf muscles (they always were! All those body pump classes!), but they fit nice and loose around my hips! Not even the slightest trace of a muffin top!! Oh! And I made bread again yesterday! I made corn bread and it was delicious! Here are some pics! By everyone!!

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