Maybe it's just me, but.... (and Day 6)

Sunday, May 27, 2012


If anyone gets offended by this blog, I apologize in advance. It truly is meant as a personal vent and a personal, likely very selfish issue I have right now with a specific thing. It is not meant to be generalized to all the lovelies on here who may feel that I am some way incorporating you into my problem. I'm not. This is a completely outside of Spark thing. And I welcome any feedback or criticisms with open arms.

*gets onto high horse*

Alright, you may remember a month or so back me mentioning my workplace is getting involved in a "Spring into Action" 6 week challenge. 30mins a week, 5 days a week. Broken up into teams. I've also learned that this is actually a province-wide thing, which is pretty cool! They say you can count anything from light housework to running a marathon. It is about changing your actions and getting active!

I've been hitting anywhere between 350-500 minutes a week. Same with my coworkers who are also pretty active. I mean, that's a respectable amount of activity! I figure, "oh, we've got this!" We're running, doing fitness classes, Wii games, DVDs, major gardening (one coworker of mine spent 2 hours digging in her backyard!). So I'm thinking, our team is surely going to win.


Every week the sponsoring organization posts the leaderboards. There are people logging 2000 minutes! If you work that out to 7 days a week, that's 285 minutes a day! More than 3.75hrs a DAY! I'm sorry but...

If the challenge was to "Spring into Action", does that not have some kind of underlying connotation to get your arse in gear and MOVE!? Do something outside of normal?

If you are able to dedicate 3+ hours EVERY DAY to fitness, I want your life! Part of me wants to get the details of these peoples' logs. I feel like they are counting the 10 minutes of walking around the grocery store, or everytime they stand up to do the dishes or fold a basket of laundry.

*throws temper tantrum* - IT'S NOT FAIR!

I work my behind off (literally!) when I work out. If I didn't sweat or have a peak HR of AT LEAST 150 - it doesn't count! If I am late for the bus and run the 2 minutes to get to the bus stop, that wasn't working out! It was being late! I have gotten up at 0500 on my days off for this thing to accomplish workouts that otherwise I could easily brush off, if I've accomplished my calorie burns for the week, but maybe not my minimum 5 days.

The gals I work with have been doing extra too! One normally puts in 60 minutes, 5 days a week. She's increased to 75-90 minutes. Another has been running before a workout class. Another joined Spark and has been doing the 10min fitness videos. We have been changing up our routines (and we all work shiftwork, so it ain't easy to do it!) to kick ass at this challenge, and we are being poured to the bottom of the barrel because someone wanted to claim their walk to the mailbox.

Trying to be the better person: I'm choosing to get over it and believe that everyone else out there that is claiming 2000 minutes a week is making a huge lifestyle change because up until the challenge started, they were on bedrest.

*rant over, climbs off horse and back to the Grace you know and love - I hope*

Alright, here's your pic. Silly Grace is sleepy in nightshift, and took a silly bathroom duckface pic. For silly mcsillyness.

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    Sounds like they are counting stuff that's not really exercise. I suppose I could log housework, that's easily a few hours every weekend, but it's not really exercise, it's more movement. It's better than sitting on the couch but not ask good as working up a sweat. I'm not about to log housework, the block I walk my dog when he's just going out for a pee break, or walking around the mall - there's another hour a week. emoticon
    If you want to count stuff like that, I feel like a pedometer contest would be better.
    2098 days ago
    The others are probably counting whatever time they have to stand on their feet for their job? I worked at a restaurant (8-10 hrs of standing) and one of the girls was doing some weird 'fitness tracking thing', and she counted half her shift as exercise minutes, even if she was stationary!! Smh...

    Sorry, I don't even know what you do for a living, I just ran across your blog while browsing. Just doesn't seem fair, as you said! Way to go on your team working so (legitimately) hard!
    2098 days ago
    Hahaha, your pics are great, they always make me smile!

    I agree with you 100% about the whole minutes thing. Wow, there is no way those folks are working full time and putting in almost 4 hours of exercise time. Sounds like they may be using a loophole in the competition to give themselves an edge? We run into things like that at our office when we have competitions -- nothing that is nearly as involved as yours, but I would be frustrated if I were in your shoes too. The honor system is a tricky thing, apparently!

    I doubt there is much you can do to challenge it, but shame on them!
    2099 days ago
    You're picture is fun!

    Your "rant" was completely valid. You're being honest and true and that's going to get you real results.

    Hang in there!
    2099 days ago
    First of all, your pic is great LOL

    Second, I wonder if they really are counting ridiculously light exercise? Like you said, are they walking around the grocery store and counting minutes? Maybe you can talk with your team and see if all of you can do something similar. Just think of a pedometer -- every step counts, right?

    And third, you're doing fantastic! Look how far you've come. You're a huge success no matter who does what!
    2099 days ago
    Tracking every step and every basket of folded laundry may get them more points in a silly contest, but it won't change their bodies or their health - only hard work and effort will do that, which you've seen! In the big picture, you're definitely the winner. Don't short-change your hard work and give slacker exerciser too much credit - their "success" doesn't measure up to yours!
    2099 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    I don't blame you at all. I often see people get "defensive" with me when they hear how much I workout. I'm like, why get defensive when you could do the same thing. One comes from another mom who is also a stay at home mom. Add on top of that, I go to school full time...yes, it may be online, but I do it.
    Ugh...that's my own rant for my own time.
    My point is, I understand where you are coming from. Like you, I would probably have to do the same thing and just "get over it" and hope that they are really being as active as they are saying and making a difference in their health.

    In the meantime, I hope you and your team continue to keep up the awesome work!! I'm proud of you, and you're a winner in my book!! emoticon
    2099 days ago
    2099 days ago
  • ROCKMAN6797
    Dang, well said!
    I agree, if it not something that you are focused on to increase your heart rate then it is not working out! Washing your dishes, doing your laundry, or going to the mailbox should not be considered a cardio activity!
    BTW, I love that you have a high horse just for ranting! emoticon
    2099 days ago
    I'm loving the silly mcsillyness pic. I think you are so right, I think with them saying "light housework" might have given people an idea that every single thing they do moving throughout the day is counting. Like got up and walked to restroom, 2 minutes. Typing while on facebook, 65 minutes. There might be a VERY select few that are truly dedicating that to fitness but that is a lot of time and it doesn't seem realistic that so many of them can be doing that. You have every right to be annoyed my dear. Your friend who did 2 hours digging in the backyard, totally and completely legit, but walking 60 seconds back and forth to get the mail shouldn't count but I am sure some of those people are counting it, grrr.
    2100 days ago
  • KAESEA78
    First, I love the way you are entertaining yourself at work lol. I am at work too... and bored!

    Second, I totally agree that it should be something out of the ordinary to count. I think its fine to log house work or whatever, as long as its something you don't normally do!!! That is kinda crappy especially for the ones that are really trying. I guess maybe that other group is being honest if it is a group that work in gyms or something...
    2100 days ago
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