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Friday, May 25, 2012

For those of you that are thinking that RAW entertainment has any thing to do with scantly clad dancing are not in luck with this blog…heehawed But it got you here..You know who you are...hehehe

In March I was so down, spring on it’s way, up a size from last summer with a closet full of new summer cloths that I bought on clearance at the end of season last year…I ended up on Spark people again and am grateful I took the time…Those of you that know me know that I am a time whore…I love and respect my life and try not to take it for granted!!! I can be selfish with myself since I have gotten older…I was at one time a real people pleaser…I am now a Kimmy pleaser. I still take care of my responsibility. Not always do I do that with a smile on my face, I am working on that….I know that the only one responsible for my joy is KIM…I am in charge of how my now goes…I live in the present… I am a loner. I think most artists spend a lot of time alone…When I am in what I call paint brain,( ( which is just another term for inspired to create,) I always have a fear of it leaving so I am desperate to have my time…It can be fleeting if not properly cared for…I think our brain is our most prized possession. Not properly cared for and we lose it…When cared for responsibly it works better with age…Maybe not as fast. Fast is not always the best way to think now is it? In order for our brain to improve we must exercise it and feed it…I was in total need of some brain food in March!!! SP was my first step…

I was looking for a good cleanse and ran across the spark team Juice Feasters…That lead me to the Low
Fat Raw Vegan team, COOL team, although I am not the greatest team member…Tons of info and super friendly group...

I have been studying these books… The China Study was a tough read...It really opened my eyes...It is the type of book that you have to be ready to read...

I am a convert to a Low fat organic raw vegan life!!! I am still going to have my very favorites once in a while, sushi for sure.. (I know not very vegan) I am loving it!!! I have tons of energy to do the things I need to…It is fun and in my opinion very healthy…I was pretty concerned about getting enough protein. I have learned fruit and veggies have way more protein than I thought… There is some prep time involved to thoroughly enjoy your eating experience…I love to enjoy the experience with all senses.. Visually it is a blast!! The presentation is so colorful when the food is still alive…I have planted eatable flowers and tons of herbs in my little flower garden…fun fun…I am so fortunate in the fact that I love veggies!!!! Even more than fruit…This does present a problem…The problem is getting enough to eat…At the end of the day when I log my food after a day of eating everything that I want and am so satisfied I find out that I need to eat more…Tough huh…so I have to pig out on a couple of cantalopes or a big bowl of grapes…I am addicted to banana water!!! It is so energizing…
Some of the benefits I have seen being a LFRV..
Lost 21lbs
I know it is not about the weight, to people with eating disorder, Ya it is important!!! I wouldn’t be here if I did not have a eating disorder…My disorder is I am a binger…I have yes binged a few times but it is not worth it…The insult to my body is so evident after a binge. I feel like $#!T!!! Puffy, tired, grumpy, and more…It just is not worth it when you know what good feels like…
Benefit 2 is feeling great!!!
Benefit 3 Never hungry!!!
Benefit 4 FUN FUN FUN
Benefit 5...I also really feel that it is cost effective…Many would disagree. I have been keeping track of my spending on groceries. I am spending less…REALLY I AM!!
Benefit 6 No sugar craves
Benefit 7 At first I was a little foggy in the brain, but I think that was a bit of detox…I am feeling like I am thinking clearer that usual…
Benefit 8 It is so easy to always have food in your purse
Benefit 9 Time saving in the market…I use to have a rule to stay on the outside of the store…With meat and dairy not an issue anymore I can just zip in to the organic…My man is on board when he is home…When he travels he is still eating cooked…he is a work in progress…I do feel he is healthier than I…He has always been fit.
Benefit 10...It is the first eating lifestyle that I am excited about…I know that I can do this for life…
that’s enough for now there is to many to mention now, I have boared you long enough.. No I can not stop there I’m sorry..
Self esteem.. No running away…kinder and more thoughtful…my quest for energy with caffeine gone for 3 mo……

I have a bunch of new kitchen tools, my favorite is my spiralizer…I made this dish: I't was Megan Elisabeth's Citrus ginger pad thai...I tried to post a link..It was on utube..

I served it with green juice>
The bees had been in the flowers so they were extra sweet! YUMMY

I also purchased a new mandolin slicer, a word of advice, use the black thingy that keeps your fingers away from the blades.. See the big bandage on the thumbs up...

I am committed to turn my health around and be the best I can be!!! So far so good!! Today I am grateful for the opportunity to change my life and improve my mind and body. I am so very proud of myself!!!

here is the link to the pad thai recipe..
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You look great -- and the food you created looks fabulous. Wow. I'm proud of you, too.
    1847 days ago
    Yummers! I am doing lots more clean/veggie eating. Still have some tuna and a good juicy steak ever once in a while... LOL
    I am getting lots more fruits in too! Starting up my pretty smothies for the summer, bought me a NEW blender! OMG! I loves it! LOL

    Love you girl!
    2091 days ago
  • BEME80
    That is so great! I love this blog and was in a similar place about now only not reaching goals last year but gaining weight as well. This time with lfrv I am starting to see improvements and loving it. I am glad you are too!
    2096 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    You look emoticon and your food looks soo yummy

    how do you make banana water?

    Oh hey love your name (my name is Kim too)
    2096 days ago
    This its an incredible blog! Thank you soooooooo much.

    You look amazing!

    You are Amazing. You said it sister, benefits too numerous to list. It is the healthiest way to eat. I wish everyone knew that.

    MJ I'm with you. We have the greatest team.

    Kimmy, thank you. I feel better than ever from just reading your blog and looking at your gorgeous pix. emoticon
    2096 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/26/2012 6:20:10 AM
    Awuh! You look fab, my friend! So happy to see that you found a plan that works for you!
    2096 days ago
  • MJK0430
    emoticon Benefit 8!!! You guys are teaching me so much! I too love our team.
    2097 days ago
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