A month of anniversaries

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good Morning, SP friends!

May is a very special month at my house. There are a few anniversaries my husband & I celebrate: our first date, our civil wedding, our church ceremony, when we quit smoking & the day that turned our lives upside down - the day I was diagnosed with cancer.

May 27th, 18 years ago, we went out on our first date & it was love from that day on. He asked my father for my hand in marriage 7 months later. We were married in a civil ceremony exactly 1 year after our first date.

Being raised Catholic, it was important to my parents & to me that we were married in a church. So, today is our 15th CHURCH anniversary. It was a beautiful day much like today. What's different today is that my love & respect for my husband has grown by leaps & bounds.

In 2005, three weeks before our 10th anniversary, we received the dreadful news - that I had cancer. Needless to say it was the scariest news to hear in your life. It was during those painful & worst times that I knew that my husband truly loved me. He stuck by me & nurtured & cared for our 4 year old daughter while I was receiving my treatments. We both found out what we were capable of that year.

The happy times are of course the sweet & lovely moments in our marriage. But, I believe it's the difficult moments that adds strength to our bond as a couple. Although at the time, we couldn't see anything good coming out of the evil "BIG C" there was a silver lining. Our commitment & friendship has gotten stronger, kinder, more patient & a lot more forgiving because of that tumultuous year.

Given a second chance, we renewed our commitment to our health. Both of us had already been "smoke-free" for a few years. So we decided to make more changes to our lifestyle. They were gradual, but after a few years, we've adapted a healthier lifestyle. We work out together regularly & we're eating healthier. Our daughter is beginning to appreciate this lifestyle, too! :)

He's my workout buddy, my confidant, my supporter, my business partner, the best father to our daughter & the love of my life. I think we make a great team.

We've been through an exciting & sometimes scary roller coaster ride these last 15 years. He's stayed with me in sickness & in health, through heaven & hell, & literally through THICK & THIN! I look forward to many happy, healthy, prosperous years of friendship & love. Happy 15th Church-aversary, DH! SALUD x o x o

Thank you for your continued inspiration & support, SP!

- Bee.

P.S. I'll have a new anniversary to celebrate next May - joining SP! emoticon
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