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Intolerance - is it me, or is the world getting meaner?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I rarely find anything worth blogging about - I refuse to subject other SP members to the minutiae of my life because it's not all that exciting. But something's been bothering me for a while, and I feel I need to get in written down so I can look at it objectively.

I occasionally read news articles on the web and the accompanying comments. I'm amazed at the downright nastiness of some of those posts. I wonder if the anonymity of the internet, and the ability to post comments about other people's opinions gives the posters the freedom to say things they would never say face-to-face to another person.

Political articles seem to generate the most nastiness, however other topics can get just as heated. It's as if each poster believes that their opinion is the only one that counts, and that anyone who doesn't agree with them is ignorant, uninformed, or just plain stupid. Where's the civility?

Politics and religion are very personal, and I refuse to discuss either with my friends. I value the friendships too much to risk losing them based on a difference of opinion, especially when the only thing we can do about the political situation is vote.

I belong to a group of about a dozen women, all about the same age, similarly educated, but from different parts of the country who now live in the same town. We get together about twice a month, and invariably, one or two of the group will start talking politics. These two women are died-in-the wool followers of their political party - which party they belong to is irrelevant. But they manage to get their political views across at every meeting. The rest of us keep our opinions to ourselves, or try to change the subject whenever one of them starts up. They have even started emailing other members of the group to try to enlist us to their points of view. They never bother to ask if anyone has a different opinion - as far as they're concerned, their views are the only ones that are correct or make sense. They are completely intolerant of anyone who has a different point of view.

In the 40+ years I've voted, I have never voted the whole party ticket. I am an independent thinker, research the issues, use to get the facts on the political ads and soundbites from the candidates, before making my decision, and I vote for the candidate who I feel will do the best job. I don't care what party that candidate belongs to.

I've often wondered about these two acquaintances of mine - I can't really call them friends. I wonder if they are pushing their agendas no so much because they really believe in their causes, but because they're looking for reassurance that they are right and everybody else is wrong. It's gotten so bad that several members of the group are considering leaving, and ironically, the two trouble-makers are the newest members of the group.

I did respond to one email, basically saying that I won't discuss politics at our social gatherings. I also told her that nobody likes to be told how to think or how to vote - we are all intelligent women and can make our own decicions. If they don't agree with her opinions, so be it.

Sadly, this idea of one person's opinions being more valid or more intelligent than someone else's has infiltrated our whole society. It doesn't matter if the topic is politics, religion, where to shop, or the best diet plan. What is important to me, or what works for me won't necesarily be the best fit for you or my best friend or my neighbor. So, why can't we all play nicely? Life isn't a competition, we don't get extra points if we insult people, or try to invalidate the other person's contribition to the discussion because they don't agree with us.

Okay - I've stepped down off my soapbox, and probably won't blog again for a while.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Azure Sky---- This message could have come from my soapbox too!-- Amen!
    "So why can't we all play nicely?"... INDEED!
    Yes, sadly, the world is becoming meaner, and it truly is a fact..selfish, nasty folks just seem to be growing in numbers!
    We want to eliminate the bullying problem in our schools, but the children see the adults behaving in bullying fashion!
    I used to think that educated people are more decent, and more courteous than the uneducated class---BUT there are lots of educated "professionals" without moral principles. Integrity and ethics are necessary for personal dignity----period.
    I still maintain a happy outlook, however, and I appreciate all the kind hearted people in my life... and I am so pleased to have found Sparkpeople site... It is great!
    1213 days ago
  • v LEANNAW4

    Amen to this! I think you stole it from my brain because I've been thinking this for a while now! Heheh.
    1216 days ago
  • v 100LBLIGHTER
    I like friendly banter....most people do not know how to listen....they just want to be heard...that is where the problems lie. I enjoy listening to others opinions but only if they are willing to listen to mine in turn. Rarely is one opinion completely and perfectly right.....and sometimes perfection is somewhere in between two or more opinions. There are a few absolutes in this world,,,,,I, myself would not want to change my opinion or anyone else's opinion on those, but most other subjects are open for discussion. I do have one important exception... that is things I don't know anything about..........and I am afraid that leaves a wide variety of subjects I can not talk about. LOL. Enjoyed your blog....I do hope you will write again I have subscribed to it.
    1471 days ago
  • v RHAL1462
    I hope you felt better getting this is writing...many people out there are really self centered enough to think their opinion/view is the only one that matters. And I think you are right...the world is getting meaner...less courteous, more selfish, more opinionated, too concerned about being "on top" or "the best" and less about being kind, loving, considerate people.
    1471 days ago
  • v SAL2525
    Oh I so agree on the can't we all just get along. I was thinking of this very scenario when I was watching that famous Independence Day movie with Will Smith in it. You know the one where the WHOLE PLANET is attacked. Suddenly its not just liberal against conservative but everybody in the USA pulling together AND everyone in the WHOLE WORLD pulling together! I do like to politely discuss different political view points as I learn so much by just listening. I guess your 2 muckrakers are just very passionate about their view points Sal Nice blog
    1484 days ago
    I loved this blog. I agree totally with you! I hate troublemakers. I hope you can change the others minds about leaving the group! emoticon
    1484 days ago
  • v AMYB1985
    This is one of my personal pet peeves as well. I was raised to be courteous, even i I disagreed with someone. I also learned that I am not always right, nor is my opinion the only one that matters.

    Sorry that these two women are causing unpleasantness in your group. It is especially unacceptable that other members who have been involved longer are considering leaving because of the actions of these two new members.
    1495 days ago
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