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Accountability Blog for May 22/12

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Food: One of those days where I got out of my rythym. I find as I get older I get into this routine especially since I live in the country now and when something comes up and throws it off which doesn't appear to be much. Well I digress. Had to be in town early so no breakfast and part of that trip was grocery buying. Did good there stayed in the outside aisles except for a couple of trips down those bad inner aisles where they hide bad food. OK I admit it bought a jar of chunky peanut butter but I didn't pick up the pack of honey dip doughnuts that beckoned. One for the good guys. Got home after noon and had a little to eat. Really not enough and it was a good left over from night before supper. Had stuff to do. Kept very busy except for water breaks and had to rush supper before my meeting. Ate well for supper but not a lot. Got home fairly late and had a large peanut butter and banana sandwich ( love them ). Can you get an inkling I didn't track any food . I am sure the calories weren't that high but as well I am not sure whether they were good or bad calories as well.

Exercise: DID NOT BIKE. Just had no time to get on the bike and I really enjoy the bike. The difference with the bike and running is on the bike you cover a lot more country so I see more . On the bike I have moments of leisurely peddling followed by heart pounding effort. Running at this point for me is a struggle. I find myself at time looking around now whereas a short time ago I was focusing on the next tree or pole and saying just get to it . I am sure it will get easier at some point but for now if I don't get on the bike well that is sad. Just no time for it.

Not to say I lazed about . I spent the entire afternoon planting mostly potatoes. Much tilling and raking bending over . Also bought more flowers and planted them. It was a workout. So it was definitely not a washout exercise wise.

Reading: Younger Next Year: Kedging.... I didn't read a lot but I got to kedging. Basically at some point in our new life of aerobics six times a week we will get into a rut . Two things happen or can happen. 1) we get bored with our routine and for me anyway boredom can be a killer and 2) the body adapts to our routine and it becomes commonplace and the weight no longer comes off. I often see overweight mailmen and wonder why with all the walking they do why are they overweight?

Therefore kedging ( not sure if this is a made up word , must check ) is doing something different to jump start the process again. The author uses biking. He used to ride before and got back into it at age 70 and loves it. I am 62 and loving it again as well but I am way far behind him fit wise. Maybe by the time I am 70. More later.
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    Thanks for keeping it all real, my friend!
    2097 days ago

    Chunky peanut butter - YUM! That's the good fat. I say that was a healthy snack.

    Kedging is a nautical term - it's how they get a boat unstuck.

    kedging - 1 - To kedge off. A method of pulling a boat out of shallow water when it has run aground. A dinghy is used to set an anchor, then the boat is pulled toward the anchor.

    Thus, when we "get stuck", kedging gets us off the couch again. Chris suggests that we need to set a new, bigger goal - something that excites us - to get unstuck. I think he uses the exsample of going to a health spa for a few days, or scheduling a hiking trip in the mountains. Something out of our ordinary routine. You know, like storm chasing!!!
    2098 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/24/2012 2:48:04 PM
    You had a great day my friend! Working outside is hard, and peanut butter and banana sandwiches are a delight! I'm so proud of you!
    2098 days ago
    Sounds to me you had a great day! Exercise...working outside! Food choices seem good to me...I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches emoticon

    Life sometimes gets in the way of our daily choices...but you didn't let it get you by stopping at fast food...EXCELLENT!!!! And, sometimes our bodies need a day to rest the routine of 3 meals....from the tracking...

    Have a FANTASTIC day today!
    2098 days ago
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