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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mowed the acre the other day with a flat tire on "Jack." Yes, my riding mower has a name. Ds named him when he was just about 3. So Jack's doctor came today and fixed the tire and brought back an old weed whacker that was saved from the landfill. Thank goodness, because the newer models are lacking in power and the batteries don't keep their charge. What a HUGE waste.

Been totally kicking some errand butt lately. I have tried to keep all of my reminders on my phone, but I'm old school and prefer a notebook and pen. It works for me.

In other posts I mentioned wanting to learn to sew. I do not have anyone to teach me, so I will teach myself. I've subscribed to some suggested blogs, (thank you ladies), and bought some patterns. I have muslin, since I'm a quilter, and I'll make the patterns with the muslin, before cutting my fabric.

I'm still crocheting for charity with a local church. (it isn't my church, but the ladies are fun to fellowship with and we donate to various local places and we're STILL waiting for the color selection for the Special Olympic scarves.) I have a few projects to complete before I begin my sewing projects.

One of my other goals this summer is not to have so many projects going on at once. And let me tell you~ my summer to do list is growing by the nano second! So I'll need to stay focused to get them all accomplished.

I was really hoping to have a lovely summer vacation, but with the economy in the toilet and no relief in sight; okay, there's a glimmer of prospect in november, but you have to really squint to see it. Anyway, ds and I are planning on attending a Jane Austen festival. Not so girly-girl, there will be a gentleman's duel, fencing demonstration and bare knuckle fighting! Sounds like something a boy would like. =)

On more a more serious topic, I have friends that are dealing with some health issues. All, but one are obese and none eat well. We are newly friends and they question me weekly about what I eat or don't eat. Now today I received prayer requests for one of the family members for some serious health problems that the doctors cannot seem to diagnose. Ugh! And obviously if they can't diagnose it, they can't treat it. So they're supposed to run more tests. The whole family is stressed out on multiple levels and that doesn't help the health issue either. What a vicious cycle.

Does anyone have any information on short circuit in the heart?

Has anyone noticed how our society is dealing with major health issues compared to 20 years ago? And these health issues are man made. They are a by product of the garbage we are shoving into our bodies. Just as e coli is a by product of the corn we force feed bovine. Okay, I'm not even going there.

On another completely random topic, a robin built a nest on a window ledge of my breakfast area. she laid four eggs. Three hatched, but there's now only two birds in the nest. Don't know what happened to the third. The unhatched egg is still in the nest too. I don't think it will hatch. The mom is away from the nest. I find this interesting. I don't know where she goes when she's gone.

Need to come up with some Memorial Day plans. What is everyone doing?
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    I agree with Tatter--I loved this little blog/visit! I feel like we're having a morning chat (I even have my coffee here in my hand).

    We don't take fancy vacations but we enjoy camping, so we always do that. There are many nice places to go that have beautiful trails to walk and our favorite is on the edge of a wildgerness area where we can do some serious hiking if we choose.

    Sorry about your friends' health issues. It's too bad you couldn't get them interested in Sparkpeople. They might be able to get some control over their unhealthy diets.

    1828 days ago
    Love this blog! feel like you're visiting me. I found a nest in the yard the other day and set it up in a nook to keep. 'Short circuit" may be a term referring to the inability of the heart to keep a specific rythm...but I would have to think about it.
    I was out in the field 2 hours on the mower last night and have 2 more nights to go before our general cutting is done for the week. I'm trying to get ready for the holiday wkend so i can play. See you on the site
    1832 days ago
    I was so willing to attribute my health problems to my weight. I continued to refine my diet over and over, cutting out processed where I could..... But diet is not the only thing that affectsan individual and their health. My weight continued to increase even when I improved my diet and my health continued to deteriorate, although some would argue my "invisible illnesses" make me "healthy" still.

    By short circuit in the heart are you talking about arythmia? I don't know much directly about it, but have a couple of online friends whose children have them. My issues are all neurological (clots, aneurysm, and chiari malformation)
    1833 days ago
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