Workout 1 phase 1 (AM Update)

Monday, May 21, 2012

I stepped on the scale and whoooa! Who knew in that short amount of time, I could gain 15 pounds. It's easy to gain but harder to lose. I'm even more determined now!

On to part I of day 1:
1. Sleep
I tried to get 8 hours of sleep. I went to bed at 11, didn't fall asleep until around 11:30, woke up at 5am, didn't go back to sleep until around 5:45am, then woke up at 7am. Well, it's a start. I'll just have to try and get to bed at 10:30 and pray that I sleep throughout the night which will be possible with this work out.

2. Workout
I have to say that I love Jillian Michaels! That workout did kick my booty, but I worked through it. The planks for me was difficult but I tried. I put effort into it which I think is all that matters. I did find myself getting very light headed and nauseous, but I blame that on a stupid move I did...

I only had a cup of coffee before my workout. I know, bad move on my part. Really bad move. I didn't think I'd have time to workout and make breakfast and then eat and then shower. Right now, I'm waiting for my eggs to boil and drinking on some water. I'm shaky and sweaty but my eggs are almost done. I don't like carrots but I may nibble on some in the meantime. If I'm going to have hard boiled eggs for breakfast, I need to make them the night before, or just eat a little something before the work out.

Back to the routine...that workout left me covered in sweat! I was surprised that I didn't fall flat on my face or just give up when I started to hurt. During the bicycle crunches or whatever they're called, I would take a two second break then keep going and pushing as much as possible. This workout also made me realize that if I did Insanity, I would die. No joke. But hey, I absolutely love Jillian Michaels and her motivation on the dvd. It's weird because I was trying to impress her...and then I had to remind myself that she's not really in my tv screen. If I use one weight, she's not gonna bust out of my tv and beat my butt...but I used two weights, just in case (I only have 3lb weights and 15lb weights...would anyone suggest 5lb weights or should I keep using 3lb until I build up).

emoticon (Mom did for me!) 3. Goals for the day
a. Go to the store and pick up zucchini. For some reason Safeway didn't have them on stock which made me sad. I love grilled zucchini and it's one of the very few vegetables I eat.

emoticonb. Type out notes before class. Normally I would rewrite them, but to prevent carpal tunnel, I need to type them out. Over 100 powerpoint slides I missed, and that sounds like it would kill me.

emoticonc. Remind boyfriend to go to the gym! We have this deal. If I go to the gym/workout, he has to go the gym/workout and vice versa. Poor thing doesn't know that I have to do two-a-days for 7 days...whoops. I'm sure he'll do one or at least maybe do cardio with me.

emoticond. Wash my face tonight. I'm really bad at washing my face at night. I need to. But hey, if I'm this sweaty after the morning workout, it'll be worse tonight. Two-a-days = two showers.

e. Bible reading before bed! By 10:00pm, I need to have the computer off and I need to take 20 minutes to read the Bible and 10 minutes to reflect and pray. This is a LIFESTYLE change, so it's just not my body that's going to change, but my mind and soul as well.

emoticon f. Eight glasses of water today!!
*The items that happen before bed will be edited in the morning. Computer needs to be off by 10.

I'm copying and pasting this all on my sticky notes on my desktop. Whenever I get one accomplished, I'll edit this post and put this sticker: emoticon

Anyway, I think my eggs are just about done and I need to pack my lunch (salad with tuna...omnomnom).

Feelings: Sore, shaky, smelly, sweaty, but most importantly, MOTIVATED!!
*If you read this whole thing...CONGRATULATIONS!
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    I think you plan your breakfasts the night before and get to bed when you want to you'll be fine. Sounds like a great program for you and your goals are great!!
    2098 days ago
    Awesome goals - you are back in the game - well done !! emoticon
    2098 days ago
  • -AMANDA79-
    Sounds like a great start!
    2098 days ago
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