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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ya know how there are some things you just don't say cuz it will jinx you ultra bad? The past several days have been somewhat wild. The weekend was pretty decent and routine except for the fact that BOTH ankles and all toes have been cramping and intensely painful ninety percent of the time...since three pm Friday afternoon. Either that day or the day before, one of the nurses said the Q word that you should NEVER say in describing the work campus. I'm thinking it might have been Thursday she said that it had been q...q...quiet. That night I had to be the campus nurse supervisor and twenty minutes before end of shift one of MY girls called in to the abuse and neglect hotline that one of her peers was "making fun of her and making her cry and staff wouldn't make her quit." You just tell us how and then we will know, ok?

So on Friday, a couple of the A building nurses were in the hut with us and we were talking and I brought up that it wasn't fair for everyone to act like I fall down at every turn cuz I have only fallen twice at work and as far as I know, everyone that works there has fallen down at least once. We joked about that for awhile and then I went to sign in on my units and when I was going to the back door of my middle unit, watching the horses as always, I noticed that one was really far back...and then I noticed that I was sitting on the pavement. You never know for sure the exact way things like that happen but I twisted BOTH ankles and just crumpled. And then had to walk allll the way to my third unit after signing in. Suffice it to say that although I have walked about 193 miles since April first, the past few days have just been what I had to do...instead of five miles a day I did a total of five miles, give or take, between Friday and Sunday. The left foot is puffy and hurts the worst most of the time but I was shocked yesterday morning to notice the deep purple bruise from the big toe joint down the side of the right foot all the way to the instep. Zoinks.

Friday was just weird all the way around. Niece put on facebook that she squeezed her toothbrush and put the toothpaste under the water and that is how my whole day went. I went to mom's house where I always start out sweating until she turns on the air conditioner and then offers to turn it back off if you go near a blanket due to the icicles. Her tv has to be either at top volume or on mute as well. That is why, when I got the call from the vice principal of Dakota's school just before work, I decided I had time to show up anyway. Also, she had given a check to pay for groceries and get cash with and I inverted everything on the deposit slip so I deposited her cash and have to fix that. With all the coaxing Coda had to do to talk us into buying him the Ghost Peppers,and us telling him how dangerous they were, we just took it for granted he would have enough sense to leave them at home. We certainly didn't think he would give them to another kid who would then get really sick from them!!! When I picked them up, the Vice Principal said he had dropped one so he picked it up and threw it away. He later touched his cheek and set his face into flames.

Also, those girls (staff) at work are driving me nuts with the pager! I always expect a 911 when the pager goes off, that is just how it is. Because of scheduling, Johnny has had to work midnights this week and I have had to pick up one of his units on top of my regular two and this one has to have me come over so the kids can check out the Wii games. Even though we have it set up and they KNOW that I am gonna be there at six forty five to check them out and nine pm to check them back in, they just HAVE to page me BOTH TIMES every SINGLE night. Thursday I made sure and talked to all the staff that was there to let them know but the one girl that came later on paged SIX. I went over there anyway and guess what? No one wanted to even check out Wii games that night. On Friday, Kelly and I had already talked about how I can't do anything about a grievance at all until the charting is done and twenty minutes later SHE pages me! So and so has a grievance for you. Is the charting done? No. You're a brat.

Ron even added post toppers cuz he says it's gonna crack. Now if he will just spring for a work out from Spider Be Gone. Two more jumped out at me today. I hate spiders~

At least we got some stuff done at the cabin! Good thing I decided to email the log bed place. They were supposed to email as soon as they shipped but they had forgotten. The bed will be here tomorrow so we HAVE to go back and work on living room walls this weekend. We got our real live refrigerator and Ron put in the sink and faucet and screwed down the kitchen countertop. Then we bought twenty more wall panels for work next week and got our real live mattress and box spring from Mattress Firm. Whoda Thunk they don't carry alot of mattress for sale right there? She was all up for having one delivered from Houston between eight and ELEVEN pm but we weren't really up for that and found one I think we are both happy with. Today, Ron put up the last strip of ceiling panel in the bedroom which makes no sense since I did the staining a week ago. He also put the covering over the edge of the loft and then even asked if I planned on staining today. Not with my ankles feeling like I have been hobbled like Steven King's Misery. Nope. Not today. That is sorta why I decided that even though the difference is REALLY obvious on the bedroom ceiling, I just can't do it. At least not right now. Today I actually thought my ankles might be healing and they really didn't hurt much all the way up til we started moving all the panels in and I had to stay on them for a long stretch of time. Then it seemed to take hours for it to stop. I have finally used every bit of my prescription arthritis medicine that I got on the first of November. I will probably be calling the doctor again.

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    I have really enjoyed watching your progress on your "cabin", even though I have not been reading them on a regular basis (because I have not been coming onto SP on a reg. basis). But I enjoy catching up when I get here. I always enjoy your blogs! Your kitchen is looking GREAT!

    I'm sorry to hear of your injuries,--your bruising on your ankles looks painful--I hope they heal up quickly. Please give them some extra pampering time, so they will heal well.

    I am currently in Dallas and really hoping we MIGHT Have an opportunity to meet up somewhere, before we leave--any ideas?
    2097 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/29/2012 3:48:31 PM
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