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Counting is a Tricky Business

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I am not a math girl; I never was. When I go out to eat with friends, I let them calculate the tip because they're just so much faster than me. Otherwise, we'd be sitting there while I think in my head, "Okay, that's four, and carry the two..." It's sad. I mean, I get by, but I'd just...rather not!

Which is why I love that Spark adds up my calories for me -- it saves me a lot of mental anguish! But, and this may sound like a weird problem, sometimes I end up UNDER my daily goal. I know, poor me, right? Normally when this happens, I'll drink some 1% milk and that will solve the problem. I worry that it if I don't land somewhere within that span of numbers in my tracker, it will work against me and my plan -- the little warning they post has me spooked. But by the time I get the ol' cow juice, I'm usually not hungry, and it's often around 9:30/10 PM -- bad time for consumption. This week it happened a few times because I was fighting off a bad cold and wasn't hungry. So I wonder, what's better -- to take in the calories and meet that goal to keep your body on track, or to not make up the difference and just go with how you feel? (Am I making too big a deal about this? I feel like I'm making too big a deal about this.)

Today was a prime example of this little deficiency scenario. I am not a big breakfast person, so my calories are good enough but low. Lunch was a salad -- not many calories there either. I had one snack (fruit) and then my husband and I went out to play miniature golf (and oh my god, I totally beat his butt, I am the Mini Golf Majesty!) and dinner at Chipotle -- YUM!!! I diligently cut my burrito in half and took the rest home, because they are crazy high in calories if you eat the whole thing, yikes! And I was like, yeah man, look at me and my control, and then I entered everything into my tracker...and I'd fallen short again. Significantly short, like 3 cups of milk short. Huh. That's just too much milk for me to take in one sitting, so I had a spoonful of peanut butter. There, mission accomplished.

Does anyone else ever have this problem? What do you do? I should've entered the meal in before we went out, but I didn't have time. I guess I'm still figuring out what I need to do to stay on track.
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  • MTOLL81
    I'm so glad to hear that I'm not alone in coming in under calories at the end of the day. I was doing great until I upped my fitness minutes with running and spark upped my calorie range....I have a difficult time getting to 1600-2000 everyday. I think it's a great idea to eat some peanut butter or drink a glass of milk. My go to snack is raw almonds...I LOVE them and they are high in calories. I am going to have to try tracking on the go, I think that may help me...I have an ipod touch with the spark app, I think I just need to stick it in my purse and carry it all the time.
    2007 days ago
    I track on the go! I use the Spark App to track my food. Even if I don't get to actually sit down to spark until later in the day, at least I know where I am in my ranges earlier in the day.

    Alternatively, planning and entering my meals ahead of time can make sure I get into the ranges.

    Good on you for having sticky PB mouth though - very important to hit your ranges!
    2008 days ago
    Like Kristin, Dove dark chocolate is my reward for coming in under my calories. I like to plan my week ahead of time if at all possible. I also think eating frequent small meals helps my metabolism plus it makes it easier to get the right amount of calories in each day. Here's a stat I read that may help you in the breakfast area...your metabolism slows down by 40% if you go 12 hours without eating. So get up and eat breakfast girl! :-)
    2009 days ago
    It's days like these when I indulge in a couple of dove dark chocolate pieces or make a "milkshake"- Blend some ice, a frozen banana, cup of milk, stevia and vanilla extract to taste. Both are decadent treats for me, but they also have a ton of nutrients!
    2009 days ago
    Before my required intake dropped (I changed my goal), I had this problem all the time. (Now I have to work hard to stay within... sigh). But I digress... Depending on how soon I was going to bed, I would decide if to have a snack. I read that it's not really important how late you eat, as long as you have enough time to allow the food to digest.
    2010 days ago
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