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Saturday, May 19, 2012

I am a bit late in sharing some exciting news, but I still am eager to share it with SP!

A week and a half ago I went for a run at the Y. Nothing out of the ordinary, although for some reason I decided to not use my inhaler this time. I had been particularly stressed that day & was on the verge of a panic attack, so because my breathing was already heightened, I didn't want to perpetually make it worse by the inhaler.

I started out with my usual 2.5 min walking warm-up, slowly building speed at certain intervals. When I started to run, my initial aim was for 10 mins before taking a break. Around 7 mins I realized that I was still finding it quite easy, so my new aim was then 15 mins. Closer to that timeframe I was starting to breathe a little harder, but my heart rate was still pretty low compared to usual. So my new aim then became 20 mins. After not seeing a heart rate change, I decided to go for a full 30 mins non-stop. In my mind I knew I could do it but I also was so shocked and surprised.... 30 mins non-stop. Oh my god... could I really do it? What if everything started kicking in shortly after that intention? What if I started to get that nauseous feeling right before the end? Would I be able to push myself through it?

I kept myself focused on the fact that I had just committed myself to a full. 30. minutes. I envisioned myself sharing with my family and friends my huge accomplishment, being so proud of myself and receiving the feedback that I knew would be genuine and sincere. And I made it!!!

I was so incredibly proud of myself that I almost started crying afterwards. I have never ever been able to do that before. Looking back at how much I've grown and accomplished since I started running, I'm amazed at what one can achieve. To think that with over-pronated feet and exercise-induced asthma, I started with only being able to run for a minute or two, I can now run an average 2.5-2.8 mile run during my work-out (averaging 10 mins before a break) let alone do 30 minutes non-stop, is huge!!

Personally I don't feel like I've hit my highest point. I know I can better myself in some areas & there's always places to grow. I've come far but I can go farther. And I can't wait to see where that goes. :)
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