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Saturday, May 19 Please share info about hip issues with me!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hi everyone,

It has been a weird week with a lot of downs that seem to be managing themselves. One of the big ones is the mandatory training day on our last day of school. It seems that something has caused our principal to rethink that one and to let it go, turning our last day into a real last day of school so that we have true closure to a school year. I am so glad because that gives me back my day to prepare for the thing I couldn't let go of. They posted summer positions for teachers--reading teachers in particular--to be embedded in the summer programs by the park board and the King Center and so on. I really had decided that I needed the summer off, but since this all came to be because of my efforts, I sent a letter downtown expressing my interest. I love this kind of work, but I had decided that my body needed the summer off. It has been a crazy school year with 3 surgeries completed and cataract surgery to come on both of my eyes and this saga with my hip. I am the best person for this work and do it better than anybody else, and of course there is the matter of getting paid for what ai used to do as a volunteer. It also will be a social security job rather than TRS (teacher retirement) because the funding comes from a grant obtained by my church and that is a really good thing. With 26 years in this position--and all of the stress I get--retirement comes up in my thinking and conversations with friends and family frequently. However, I am sure that I will work at least until I have 30 years and my youngest son has graduated from high school--and maybe longer if he goes to college. However, I am sneaking away from my own questioning about the "why?" into my own actions. This is probably not in my own best interest.
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Our youngest son "graduates" from 8th grade next week. It will be a big week for him and he is on my mind. Besides having a graduation ceremony on Friday, he has his first show choir try outs, a big field trip to six Flags over
Great America, and a promotion dance. This is a great time for him, but with his Aspergers, I am also going to worry. If you don't know much about Aspergers, it is a form of autism at the higher end of the spectrum. Social skills are particularly difficult for Micah because he doesn't read people well, he takes them at face value. Kids can be rude, mean and sassy--some are kind and caring and sensitive, but in the junior high age bunch, they are few and far between. Anyway, that means with all of the fun, there can be issues and the one kid who has been his close friend and confidant is now trying to move up on the social ladder. In other words, Steven is now avoiding Micah and according to Micah and a couple of others, has become a bit of a snob. It is this mama's job to worry about my little guy.
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I saw the physical therapist yesterday and she did a good initial evaluation. It is actually the second time I saw Kim, but I don't really remember the first time. (It was after my lumbar fusion surgery and Dr. Rude ordered physical therapy, but he wouldn't let me take my brace off, so there was nothing she could do for me with that big contraption on. It was a waste of both of our time. I think I really needed PT back then and I didn't need the doggone brace, maybe now I wouldn't have a chronic pain problem there. Anyway, back to my hip... As she examined it, she noticed that I wasn't having groin pain and she told me that arthritic hips usually have groin pain so she isn't sure that this problem is my arthritis. Now that makes no sense to me because what that leaves is some sort of injury and given this is my right hip, even when I fell in October, I hit my left side, not my right. She also didn't see swelling in the bursa, but Dr. Miller could see that back in January a year ago when she started giving me injections to bring down the inflammation. Anyway, if Kim is right about these two things, her recognition that there is definitely something wrong leads to an injury of some sort. She modified my pool exercises and gave me a few additional exercises to do on land before ordering an ultrasound treatment to my hip. I will see her again on Tuesday and then I will see my ortho on Wednesday. I expect after he takes x-rays that we will all know what is going on with it.
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I think it is time for me to just take it one day at a time. I got all worked up over the principal's bad choice and behavior--and things are better. I am not going to get all worked up over my hip until I have something to get worked up over. I wish I knew more about hip issues, but when I did a search, everything was about hip replacements. I am sure that I have time before I need to consider that, if I ever do--so it left me without any help at all. I will try another search today and see if I can do better. If any of my spark friends know much about this, please let me know your info and experience. It helps me to know before I see the doctor so I can ask questions about what he tells me. Thanks for your help in advance!
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I'm glad to be here--As for my spark program, I think I have developed so many good habits here--I'm still having some eating issues, but my PCP thinks it is because of my pain meds. He told me to take Miralax everyday--I bought some, but I haven't used it yet. I keep thinking that a healthy diet with lots of fiber should take care of those issues. I will break down and try this stuff, it just looks a bit scary to me... Anyway, healthy eating and exercise seem ingrained in me these days. Somebody bought a box of bakery chocolate chip cookies and left it by my chair and I am proud to say that I haven't eaten any of them in 5 days. I thank SP for helping me to make good choices in eating. My weight isn't changing much since that last big loss I had--but lately, it seems to take a bit and then show up "big" on the scale. I think the summer will shake that around for me because as soon as we settle down this hip, I will be more active with gardening and Whitewater Junction. I love, love, love the summer!!
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We are going camping the first weekend in June and that's the way I want to spend the summer--playing!!
Gentle hugs to one and all,
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It was really good to catch up with what is going on in your life. It sounds like the kids are doing great. Hopefully you will have good results from the hip treatments and have a great summer.
    2096 days ago
    With your hip the way it is and your cataract surgery I wish you could rest this summer and get your strength built back up.

    I feel bad for Micah but most of us don't keep our high school friends for life. He will be starting a new school and making new friends. I really liked the kids my son met in high school. He was very shy but he was accepted into a great group of friends. They had a good influence on him. He has never smoked, drank alcohol, or done drugs. I hope Micah has the same experience.

    The physical therapist seems very good. I would wait to find out what is wrong because that will determine the proper treatment.

    We are going to have a great summer. Can't wait.
    2104 days ago
    Congratulations to Micah. I hope he has a great time with all of his upcoming events. So sorry his used to be friend is no longer there for him. I hope he is able to find someone new for the upcoming school year.

    The hip pain issue, what pain. I can relate. I have no helpful answers, as I've said before my doc just writes scripts for pain and tells me to lose weight. Brilliant.

    I was taking Miralax until my gyn said why not try having 2 fig newtons a day or some dried figs..he felt getting the fiber from food was a better way to go. It has helped.
    2105 days ago
  • _LINDA
    I wish you would take the summer off and not think about taking this summer position for reading teachers -you really do need a break and to look after yourself properly.
    I am glad that your son Micah has some fun events coming up, but really sorry to hear this Steve has turned his back on him:( I hope he comes to his senses and realizes his behavior..
    For twenty years I have battled a very painful hip flexor problem. Could never guess where or why I was getting this problem. Then when I saw a physiotherapist, he told me my hip ball wasn't rotating in the socket properly and that was causing all the problems. When I had my hip replacement, they said the bone was dead in there as well. And yet, I never had any pain in the hip joint itself, I had full range of motion, so that phsyio may be on to something... After my surgery I never had so much as a squawk out of the hip flexor -its 100% better.
    I hope they solve your issue..
    Well done on avoiding the snack temptations!!
    Have a good weekend Sylvia!
    {{{gentle hugs}}}
    2105 days ago
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