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LiveFit Day 47 - And the upcoming weekend

Friday, May 18, 2012

Good morning, and HAPPY FRIDAY!!
Are you *happy dancing* around like I am??

I guess I should start by saying that yesterday, after work, instead of vegging out like I usually do and watching TV, I rested for about an hour, and then hopped on my treadmill and did 3 miles! YAY me! And you know what happened after that??? I had energy! I didn't feel like taking a nap like I usually do! I actually cooked dinner without complaining, packed up my gym bag, and enjoyed my evening. MIRACLE!

AND, on another happy note... I think my 6 day headache is finally gone for good. Wooo Hoo!

This morning, there was NO CARDIO on my workout plan. More reason to Happy Dance! I mean, I love cardio. Really, I do... but today, I just didn't have time for it, so I was happy that I didn't have to do it. You see, the earlier I get to work, the earlier I get off... and I have a lot to do to get ready for tonight! I'm already leaving early, but if I could get to work a half hour early, that's a little less leave I'll have to use!

So, when I got to the gym, I got on the elliptical for about 5 minutes to warm the legs up, and then started my workout. LEG DAY! I heart leg day!
For some reason, today's workout didn't seem as intense as the last leg workout, but that's ok. The last one was intense enough for two of them. I felt a beautiful burn in my calves, and added on some abs at the end.

I am super excited to only have one more workout left in WEEK 7! 1 week to go until I re-measure and weigh to see what Phase 2 has done for me.

I decided last night to skip my trail marathon this weekend. I just don't think my legs (either of them) are ready for the twists, turns, and climbing of a trail... especially THIS trail! It's a tough course. Remember my face after last year...? You know... when I tripped on a root and planted my face in a rock? LOL

Anyway... I AM going to do the Memorial Day marathon in Peachtree City on Memorial Day. It's free... so the price is right.... and it's nearby (kind of). I think I can handle that one.... :)

This weekend is going to be fun!
Today, I am getting off work at 10 (maybe earlier if they pi$$ me off today) and heading home to change, pick up my girls, and run a few errands. Then it's off to Atlanta we go! We're stopping in Covington on the way so that my oldest, who is a HUGE Vampire Diaries fan, can FINALLY see where they film the show... then to Wendy's! From there... Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan in concert tonight!!!

We'll probably get home around 2am, and then when I get up Saturday, I am going to the gym for a workout and then hopefully to the park for a run.

I doubt I'll do much after that Saturday, but I am planning on some house cleaning and batch cooking on Sunday.

Have a great weekend!
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