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Thursday, May 17, 2012 - Reset Day #5

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wow, I can't believe I am on day 5 of reset. I am on the first stage of it and tomorrow begins phase 2 of Reset. I was so excited to be down for weigh in. I know it was just 1 pound. It was 1.7 pounds for reset program as my weigh in was 213.9 and I weighed in at 212.2. I been at 212.0 now. I did see 211.9 but then it was 212. I need to drop a couple of more but I am battling swelling.

I got really excited yesterday but did not have time to blog. I WALKED 3 MILES! Wow, I don't remember the last time I was able to do that. I did it again today. I am quite a bit tired after 3 miles, but I did it. I am still a little energizer bunny. I am not right at the moment, but it is evening. It is time to rest or sleep. It is normal for me to be tired this time of day. I guess after having several days of energy at this time of day, that if I am tired now, that it is ok. I do have to pay really close attention to my body and heart. When I am walking and feel my neck squeeze or shoulders tighten, I have to slow down or stop.

With leaky valves, you have symptoms like CHF too. I have both. I have what they call a very complex heart situation, but what is going good for me is that the valves are not bad enough for repair or surgery. I learned why a defib, but yes, I am on the line. I am on the line with everything with my heart.

One thing very noticeable to people is that my breathing has improved and I am walking and talking without as much trouble catching my breath. They were a little shocked that I was not on a statin, but when found out trouble I was having, and yes, CHF can be caused by statin, but said it is not common. I sometimes wonder if it isn't more common then what they say or want to admit. I do understand why they do put some on statin, for example they do it for leaky valves to keep plaque from sticking or building up...

One thing a person can do to really watch or help themselves with is inflammation. So yes, lasix is helping me with that, but I will soon be starting a supplement Proflavonol C 100 that is known to help with inflammation.

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