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Thursday, May 17, 2012

I just allowed someone to enter my life and let him make me someone I don't want to be. The situation filled me with anger and disappointment and just cost me a night's sleep.

Here's the Reader's Digest Condensed version. We just purchased a tandem bike: something we've talked about doing for a long time and Gloria, my wife, decided that now would be a good time - my birthdays coming up soon. We were quite excited about the idea.

First we checked out Craigs List, came up with several, but none worked out for us. Then we did a little research on line comparing brands, decided on what we thought would be a good one and called a local bike shop. They had one that had not yet been assembled. Said they'd put it together and then we could come down and be sized for it. Turned out that it had a damaged wheel and they had to order a new one. In the meantime, we found another on Ebay that just happened to be available at a locale small independent bike shop. You know, one of those working out of someone's garage. (but in business a long time). Name of the shop was Rich's Bike Shop in Wellsville, PA. Supposedly, it was new, but a floor model with a couple of blemishes. The price seemed right and he offered me a discount if I'd purchase it directly through him (without Ebay) and paid cash. Yes I know - red flags everywhere and we ignored them.

Well to make a long angry story shorter, it became obvious that the bike was not new and on our second ride, the pedals, gears, I'm not sure what, locked up and we could no longer pedal the bike. We walked it back to the truck.

Now in the Ebay description it said there was a 14 day return policy and we decided to do just that. Rich wouldn't take it back. Said we didn't buy through Ebay; that we bought it through him for cash and therefore "as is". To say the least, we weren't happy and let it be known. Didn't matter, he didn't back down.
So threats were made and we ended up spending too much of the night figuring out what action to take.

A part that hurts is that I really liked Rich when we were dealing with him. He's an older guy still making a living with his bike shop. Problem seems to be that he now lets his grandson sell bikes for him on Ebay and I'm afraid it's the grandson who is putting his grandfather in a bad spot here. Rich originally said he'd give us our money back but then called his grandson who said "no way".

Okay, now we've both lost a night's sleep discussing the many things we might do - most of them things that would at a minimum cause Rich some discomfort and at the most damage his business. In other words, we were looking for revenge.

There's a problem with Revenge - it starts to make you act like one of the bad guys. I spend a lot of energy trying to live a life that doesn't make me one of these bad guys. So now what, roll over and play dead? That doesn't sit well either.

So now I'm thinking we'll take the hit, fix the bike and sell it for less than we paid for it. Maybe trade it in? I'm not sure. At this point I'm trying to come up with something that will make us feel good, not bad.

I've got a couple of ideas.

We'll see.

In the meantime, I'll go back to trying to live my motto of "Life is good" and accept that not everyone out there is going to make that easy for me.

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    Well isn't this just wrong?! But unfortunately it happens. I am with the others in maybe trying to talk with Rich one more time and see what he can do. I know this is late in a response so maybe things have changed. I hope by now things are resolved. Hugs to you and Luv.
    1729 days ago
    Everyone else said what I was thinking, so I'll just say, that sucks! And I don't think it's revenge to get him to do right by you and Luv, and either fix the bike or take it back, and if that's not a option, then others should know that this guy is not what he makes himself out to be, whether that is his own doing or his grandsons. If it's his business, he is ultimately ressponsible for the product coming out of it, and he should own it, one way or another, and back it up too!
    1739 days ago
    Oh, I'm so sorry this happened to a nice guy who obviously plays by different rules than Grandson does. I agree with the other responders...certainly BBB and a talk with Rich might help.
    1739 days ago
  • BOBBYD31
    damn brother that just kinda sucks but i love how you are the bigger man in all this. maybe if you can stop by and talk with rich you can work something out
    1740 days ago
    Well that sucks. I guess next time you'll stay away from the "under the table" deals. At least the ebay rules allow you a bit of protection. Did he at least offer to repair the bike?
    1740 days ago
    I'm a little bit angry right now. What if you and Luv had been hurt when things went sideways?! I'd put in a complaint with the BBB. I'd also make sure that everyone I know, knew the story. I don't like to be vengeful but I do like keeping my friends safe.

    Life IS good but that's mostly because people like you and Luv are a part of it. I'd like to keep it that way for a good, long time.
    1740 days ago
    Oh my...what a sorry deal this has been for you all really.

    I guess, I would think the bike should be fixable. Do you have any idea what is really wrong, now you have had time to think about it?
    Snow has a good point...cause if it'll raise your BP every time you see it might not be worth a dime.

    Cassie also has a good idea with the BBB...maybe a new discussion with Rich with a plea for reason and fix the bike. Otherwise you'll have to write a report to BBB. Rich must understand you basically have 2 options...to give him a good report or a not so good report. With Yelp and other such news groups too...lots of these internet site a really get a lot views. I don't think its revenge to write honest reports. so...Rich has a chance here too, which report does he want???

    Loss of sleep is not worth it...

    And it really matters, how much the repairs might cost. Rich should give you a deal...

    Wood- you are a good guy...these things happen, cause there are some icky people out there.
    Just know we have all been there too...

    A quote I like to think about when I have these types of 'run-ins' is...
    Acid only hurts the vessel in which its contained.

    so, don't hold on too long...
    How bout a big deck hug...and a long soak in the hot tub?

    1740 days ago
  • K-PO110
    I'm proud to know you as one of the good guys and that you will strive to fix this situation in a way that feels as good as possible.

    I am so sorry you had this experience though...you're right to sell the bike. It will just never give you the freedom and joy you deserve after a negative origin.

    You're a smart guy Wood.
    1740 days ago
    Im on the side of maybe seeing if having a "satified customer" might be important to these guys, get more bees with honey" kind of thing. Worth a try, then sell it if it still makes your BP go up when ya look at it! Hugs Wood and Luv, and get a teensey nap in today, thanks for finding my pink bikini! Im having some shots with you later in the hot tub! ***SNOW***
    1740 days ago
    He should fix it for you. I can see not wanting to take it back, but at least fix it!
    1740 days ago
    If Rich has been in business for a long time, he must know something about customer service. It must be painful for him to watch what is happening with his business now that the grandson is making decisions.

    Here in Canada, we have something called a better business bureau. We have used that a couple of times here, and a call from them is usually enough for a business to try and correct the problem. Nobody wants to end up on their "list".

    I'm truly sorry you and Luv had this experience. I agree that revenge isn't an emotion that we want to spend any amount of time on. It will eat at you, and if you do something that makes someone else feel badly, I know that would also bother you. No win-win there.

    Hope you have a better day. Life is good, and you my friend deserve the best there is out there.
    1740 days ago
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