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My Two Laughs for the Day

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1. Charlene wrote "You are doing good if you wake up alive. I must be doing good I did wake up alive this morning! lol

2. While trying to rearrange books on my bookshelf I came across a book I've been wanting for a long time (Caring for Your Teenager). I was excited thinking my husband decided to surprise me by slipping it in between some books - of which we have many. (He's done something similar before!) Truly I was "tickled" - happy and acting like a school girl. My daughter caught my enthusiasm as I began asking her "Did you know about this?" " When did Dad find time to do this?" " I ALWAYS wanted this book!!!!" Wow! What a surprise! Boy,Your Dad was sneaky (in the good sense!) "Maybe this was part of my Mother's Day Gift but why would he when he spoiled me already?" "Maybe he got it before Mother's Day!" "I wonder just how long it's been hiding on the shelf!" "I can't believe it!"....
I heard the garage door go up and knew hubby was home. I greeted him at the door saying "You are really sneaky!" He looked strangely at me and I had the book in my hand and pointed at it. "When did you get this for me? I ALWAYS wanted this! THANK YOU!" He looked confused. He said he honestly couldn't recall. I thought he was playing around but then he said, "Wait a minute we were out together and I got you that book because you really wanted it." I couldn't remember at first but then it started coming back. He was right LOL!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it! It was like Christmas all over again - in a sense. I must be losing my mind! But you know what I thanked him anyway! My daughter tried to console me and said, "At least you didn't look in the refrigerator for my jeans like you once did! " LOL I DID do that! I also once almost tried to pay for my developed film with my CAMERA! Go figure! LOL!!!

Hope you got a laugh out of this like I did ! Have a GOOD evening and I hope we all wake up alive tomorrow! Truly I do! emoticon
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