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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Well, now that I know why I'm not losing weight, I should be doing something about it... but today I ate above my calorie range again! Argh... I went to the new Tea Room in town today with my friend, Gordon. He got there first, and said that he was the wrong sex and I was the wrong age: it was full of old ladies! There were some men there, but they all looked a little pained. A younger man came in when we were finishing his meal, and he definitely had the look of "OH SH*T" on his face... But it was good! I had a shepherd's pie and Gordon had a chicken pot pie. We split some bread pudding for dessert.

Airin made muffins and quiche for dinner - both of which were tasty.

SO... today I tried out my new Garmin Forerunner 405 for a 3 mile run. It tracked my distance very well, and my time. Also my minutes per mile. I had a few walk breaks, which it didn't really know what to do with, but overall it was fine. It turns out I did 3.05 miles in about 35:30, which is not a PR for me, but I did take a couple walk breaks (each about 45 seconds) and it wasn't a race so I wasn't pushing as hard. So, I am faster than I used to be last year. And I'll get faster at my 5K now that I'm training for a 10K. Saturday this week, I'm supposed to run 4 miles.

A couple people in the reviews complained that the bezel is sensitive and that they would be doing stuff with the watch while they were running, or the battery would die while they had it in their gym bag - but by pressing the two side buttons simultaneously it locks the bezel. I know a lot of people who write negative reviews also do not know how to read directions.

There is a virtual partner in the watch as well - I can program how many minutes per mile the partner runs. Mine was programmed at 11:30, so he beat me by 45 seconds. But now that I know how I did today, I can compete with myself to get faster.

I still haven't tried the heart rate monitor... I don't know if I want to get that up close and personal with my biofeedback. As it is, I wear headphones while I run (I KNOW - one of the seven deadly sins of running...) so I can't hear myself panting. It's one thing to feel tired, but another thing to hear myself gasping for air...

Avery is pretty much potty trained during the day, which is exciting! Now I need to figure out how to keep him from peeing during naps and overnight. In the morning his diaper is really full, so he goes a lot at night. The cup of warm milk before nap and bed probably isn't helping either, but he's always had it!

Airin's birthday is Monday, and I think I'm going to take him to our local running store. There are a pair of Mizuno's he tried and really likes. He also won a free dinner for Monday night in a drawing! Now I need to find a sitter for the kids so we can have fun. :)
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    I have to ask - why aren't you supposed to run with headphones? I thought you WERE supposed to, because then you don't notice how hard you are working.

    I use a heart monitor and LOVE it. I find it can actually encourage me to slow down (yippeee!) because I'm working TOO hard. I have to slow down a bit to get myself back to the good fat burning heart rate area.
    1981 days ago
    It will definitely help you remember if you wear it all the time... it's really large! You won't regret it - it's a great watch, and you'll like it. If you end up not wanting it anymore, you can sell it online for what you paid for it (I couldn't find any used for more than a few dollars less). But I think you'll like it - you're spending money on your health, which is a great investment!
    1981 days ago
    I also like the idea of halving the food - and then taking it home and getting two meals out of one. Restaurant portions are totally ridiculous and I never feel guilty about sharing or taking any home. When possible, I like ordering from the child menu, though may places enforce an age limit.

    I broke down and ordered that watch. I think I'm going through some buyer's remorse right now. Oh well. It's only money. And if I skip going out to eat all the times that I want to and eat stuff that I make instead, the deficit can be easily recovered. But I'm excited about it. I think this will really help in the area that I need it most: motivation! And if I wear it all the time, maybe it will help me remember that I can't eat out and I need to eat healthier.
    1981 days ago
    I like the advice about halving when going out, but then, it would feel like such a waste, of food, money and taste buds pleasure!!! (maybe I should go out to dinner with a tupperware box to pack left-overs and spread the pleasure, rather than spread the calories over my thighs!!!!)

    I hope you will try the heart rate monitor: I think it is such a great tool to actually know how hard you are working your heart, and the calories that you are really burning. When you feel like motivation is drifting, maybe you can use that as a new way to seek to improve your runs?

    As for night and nap nappies: same thing here for my son, but then, i think it takes a long time to suss that one out, as they have no control over it.... indeed, cups of milk before sleep is bound to result in full bladders, that will naturally empty in sleep! Maybe try to phase that one out first, and make sure that your child uses the toilet right before sleep. I think my son is starting to wee only as he wakes up, or near that, when napping, so maybe we are nearly there???? (I am not hopeful, I think there is a heridity of very late dry-sleep in both our families!!!!!!
    1981 days ago
    Advanced age - hahahaha!

    I'll give it a try... but my will power isn't that great!
    1981 days ago
    Who am I to dole out advice (other than the wisdom that comes with advanced age) but may I offer up a suggestion?
    You sound (like me) like a person who enjoys a wide variety of good food and are in a lot of eating situations.
    Try this - eat WHATEVER you want but exactly half (eyeball it) of what you would normally eat (except vegetables).
    Would this involve too much will power or sacrifice for you?
    If not, try it.
    If so, flush it.
    1981 days ago
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