One Week

Monday, May 14, 2012

So I've been recommitted to living healthy for one week. Not much of a streak, but I'm just glad to be back. And I'm feeling really good. Balanced.

My weigh-in this morning showed me down 2 lbs! I realize that doesn't necessarily mean 2 lbs of fat, but it was nice to see all the same. Hopefully that's 1 lb fat and 1 lb water weight. I can live with that.

My soreness from my last workout wasn't completely gone, but barely noticeable. So I was excited to hit the weights today. I had a good workout. I did the same workout as last Monday, even with the same weights, and it was much easier. So I did extra reps. Except for the swiss-ball jackknives. Oh. My. Word. On the first set I barely got out 4 reps before I felt like I was going to die. Clearly my abs hadn't fully recovered from last week. On the second set I did 1 rep and it felt like my abs were ripping. It was so painful and I just fell off the ball. So I guess my abs need more rest. Or I injured them or something.

After my weights workout I did 15 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill. Then, as recommended in the New Rules of Lifting for Women book, I stopped completely for 5 minutes. This let my bloodstream get flooded with fat, as normally happens when your body stops working out. Then I went back to the treadmill for some steady jogging endurance training. That way my body had a ready supply of fat to burn, (so goes the theory) instead of burning glycogen.

I don't explain it very well. So if you're interested, read the book. I'm going to try it for a month and see how it goes. Either it will help me burn more fat as opposed to glycogen, or it won't. If it does, then fantastic. If it doesn't, it can't hurt and I'm still burning calories.

After my workout I had to rush to the gym to take my daughter to her swimming lesson. I had my toddler in the pool with me and we goofed off for an hour. Then rush home and rush to clean the house and whip together a dinner before hubby got home.

I'm exhausted! But I feel great. Which is a nice change from my usual state of feeling exhausted and awful.

Hoping I feel enough energy to do some HIIT and endurance training tomorrow. I really want to focus my energies on weight lifting, but I have missed running. I want to get back into the ability to run 5k without getting winded.

It feels so good to move!
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