So to continue my downward spiral this past month...

Monday, May 14, 2012

There may be TMI in this post!
You've been warned!


So the antibiotics that I had gotten for my allergies gave me a yeast infection. That was unpleasant as I'd never had one before and didnt know what it was.

After that was all taken care of, it was midnight last Monday going into Tuesday and I felt a sharp pain in my uterus/cervix area.
The only pain I could relate it to was the pain I felt when getting the IUD inserted.
So I was freaking out thinking my IUD was migrating. I was in so much pain, I could barely move, just waves of shock going through my body.
I took a bath trying to calm down, that didnt help.
So I had to wait until 8am to call the doc, and luckily they squeezed me in at 9am.
Long story short...
He said that I had an ovarian cyst that had burst and I was to take 2 days off of work and no exercising for a week.

So, in the past 4 weeks I've had to leave work early or randomly couldnt work 3 of those weeks because my body hates me.

I wanted to wake up early today and either do yoga, run, weights... anything because Im getting jiggly. But my alarm didnt go off and I slept late. Going to do some form of exercise when I get home and every day this week. Im supposed to do the Race for the Cure on Saturday that I completely forgot about.


8 days until my teeth get pulled!
Im nervous and very excited. It will be nice to be able to eat solid food again. I've been living off of ice cream, milkshakes, yogurt, and smoothies the past few weeks. I can mash down some other things (pizza, for example =-X) but its harder and will be painful after a bit.

Any suggestions on healthy foods for me to eat after the surgery?
I plan to get some frozen mango, pineapple juice and yogurt to make mango smoothies (my fave!)
Ice cream.
I was thinking soup and mashed potatoes?

Any other suggestions? ^.^

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    So sorry to hear of the issues you've been having. emoticon I hope all goes well with your teeth extractions.

    As far as nutritional mush...What you could do is throw a handful of spinach in that mango smoothie. The spinach imparts no flavor of it's own IMHO it just makes the smoothie a lovely shade of green! And you are getting all the benefits of fresh spinach! emoticon
    2008 days ago
    Ugh, you are going through a lot right now, but it sounds like you're taking it well.
    As for other foods: applesauce, popsicles, pudding, jello, and what you mentioned. I lived off these things for about 5 days after getting my wisdoms pulled in my early 20s.
    Thinking of you and hope you're doing well. :o)
    2010 days ago
    ugh, I hope you feel better soon!
    2013 days ago
    2013 days ago
    Maybe sweet potatoes and carrots mashed up? I love that combo. Greek yogurt is yummy too! My boyfriend's grandma mashes up turnip and carrots together too. The sweetness is really nice...and it tastes naughty but it really isnt! My mom puts pureed califlower into her potatoes sometimes instead of heavy cremes.

    One of my fave indulgences right now is taking a banana and mashing the heck out of it with a fork and adding a bit of peanut butter. Sounds nasty eh? Sometimes I mix it into my tasteless boring steel cut oats for flavor. Man, it sounds like all I eat is baby food....

    Positive thoughts towards your speedy recovery :)
    2013 days ago
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