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"A Taste of Armageddon"

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Been to a Chinese Buffet since your personal Sparky reformation? Didn't think so. Me neither.

I had the opportunity to peek inside one not long ago. It was sort of like peering into the time-warp of a pre-Spark past. I was not shocked to note that a pretty high percentage of the patrons could benefit by joining the Sparky Caravan out here. All of a sudden, in comparison to the customers in the restaurant, I felt quite svelte. I know it's not nice to have such thoughts about other people; I am quite imperfect to let evil creep into my head.

This brings me to a question: are you a Sparky Pied Piper? Have you offered to tell anyone about this web site and your successes (and other adventures) here? Have you offered the insight to a friend? relative? co-worker? Complete stranger? Did you stop and think that perhaps they felt insulted, even though you were trying to help? Is this reason enough not to offer it up? The experience, information and insights here have been nothing short of a revelation for me. I'm hard-wired to want to share the insight, but often don't for fear of insulting an acquaintance. How do you handle this?

Of course, some places one travels seem to lack overweight people. Last summer we traveled to Montreal and Quebec City. Particularly in Quebec City, the people seem not ever to have heard that smoking is bad for you, but I cannot recall meeting an overweight native. Here in the USA, Boulder Colorado (and to nearly an equal degree, Denver) stands out as the singular place (or area) where one has to search long and hard to find any overweight people at all.

I have been to the Denver area three times in my life, and never saw an overweight person there. I also did not see any elderly people. So after my second trip there, I developed a theory: the overweight and/or over-40 (note to all would-be critics - I am 51 as I type this!) are required to report to disintegration machines! Of course, my brain goes here because Space is the Final Frontier...

A classic episode involves our space-faring heroes visiting one of two planets locked in a centuries-long interplanetary war. The destruction and disease of war came to be replaced by the civilized reporting to disintegration chambers following computer-simulated attacks. Astounded that people would willingly do this, Kirk blew up the body-counting computers, giving both planets "A Taste of Armageddon." Only then were the two sides willing to negotiate peace.

So, what happens to the overweight, aged and infirm of Boulder and Denver? Where are they? Is Colorado in a simulated computer war with someone? And if not, just what is it about that place that bankrupts Chinese Buffet restaurants?

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    Hee! Hee! My grandma always said "senior citizens" were people ten years older than she.
    She still said that at 90!!

    All the elderly of Colorado have moved to New Mexico. The cost of living is half what it is there!*** Plus, we have sunshine 360 days a year!

    ***Not kidding! I paid cash for my house, and I often have money left over from my SS check!!***

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2134 days ago
    Don't want to be considered elderly. But if you are 51 then this is just funny. Plus I am thinking that you might not realize the age of the healthy over 40 crowd.

    Love Trek. Keep on trekking to your goal. emoticon
    2138 days ago
    You make me want to spend the evening watching Star Trek...
    2138 days ago
    Hmmm... I was in Denver for a conference back in December. I can't recall any elderly either but I know I saw overweight. Then again, I was only in the downtown area by the convention center so that might be why I didn't see any elderly. Most of the people I saw were commuting to/from work so that kind of eliminates the retired population, no?

    I've become that annoying person who tells everyone about Spark. I'm trying to get one friend to join but she refuses. She finds fitting in exercise daunting and I've told her that she needs to start off small, with just 10 min at a time. She finds strength training exercises daunting and I've told her it's ridiculous to expect that for someone who is a complete fitness novice to immediately start being able to lift 20 lb weights. Oh well, people will hear the message when they're ready.

    As for Chinese buffets... I'm Chinese-American and I find these places DISGUSTING and REVOLTING. It in no way resembles any of the food I grew up eating or can find in "real" Chinese restaurants (both here in the US and in China). It's kind of funny that I'm the one out of my group of friends who absolutely shuns these places.
    2140 days ago
    The fatties of Denver: "They're dead, Jim."

    :) Love the Trek stuff!
    2141 days ago
    I plan on living forever (After Armageddon, actually) so I too am not "elderly" either. I'm 49. I AM disabled and I AM fluctuating with my weight but the other stuff.... nope! emoticon
    2141 days ago
    people ask - I tell them - but that's it - they are actually only curious about how I did it THIS TIME. They don't have confidence in my loss - my name is YoYoNancy

    The first time I ever went on vacation and noticed overweight people was in Myrtle Beach NC. It was very interesting - the Jersey shores were still full of rather trim people. Of course that trip to Myrtle was 20 yrs ago. Not sure what it's like now - truly not much better - BECAUSE we just returned from Disney and my goodness - the overweight population was bountiful. Very interesting. Just happy that I was not a major contributor to that category this time.

    Now on the other hand - we had not Chinese Buffet while there BUT we did frequent several other buffets. All pre-planned and managed quite successfully - Let's put it this way - I planned what I ate, but not so careful on how much. So returned with a 2 lb increase that was quickly corrected.

    My dh told me when I was 35 that I was middle aged. He barely survived that comment. Now that I am 11 days from 60 I finally consider myself middle aged HOWEVER - I have no desire to live to be 120. Thanks to SP I feel 30.

    As far as Armegeddon and your Treckie references go - I am clueless. :)

    Have a great day and thanks for the welcom
    2141 days ago
    If an acquaintance says to me, you look like you lost weight and I think they can benefit from, I will say thanks and tell them that this place helped. That way they think I am referring to myself and I am not being insulting to them. There are overweight people who do not think they are overweight or do not think they need to do anything about it so who am I to dictate their life. This way if they are interested they can always google Sparkpeople later.

    2141 days ago
    Yeah, I am going to take exception to the over-40 and elderly references too. I am not getting older - I am getting better!
    2141 days ago
  • CALI1156
    So here I am reading your post....tra-la-la.... and suddenly.....ummmmm... I stop dead in my tracks and re-read the part where I think you insinuated that people over 40 are...elderly.

    Really? :-) I'm rolling on the floor laughing here....maybe it's the margarita I had with dinner that makes this so funny. But, Boss, I know I am NOT elderly.


    Elderly? Hell NO! :-)

    Just to be clear... The definition of "elderly" -- past middle age.

    The definitiion of "middle age" -- age 45 -64.

    Now that I have officially confirmed that I am not elderly, I feel much better. *giggle* *guffaw* *snort*

    Gimme another 9 years. I may concede to being elderly at that time. But I bet ya I won't .;-)

    Great post, Boss!

    2141 days ago
  • DRB13_1
    headed to Denver for family reunion this summer, so I will continue the search for overweight Spark recruits, Captain! LOL
    2141 days ago
    My theory is that the older people are there, they just don't age.
    I have told people about this cite if they comment on my loss. I just don't think anyone has signed up for some strange reason.
    2141 days ago
    I have referred friends, but not in a 'I see you need help reducing the size of your thighs' sort of way... It's usually that someone asks me what I use, or I talk about it and they ask, or they're looking for something that's great and free, and I send them over here.
    2141 days ago
    I stay away from ALL buffets. I know that I just can't do it (and, really, is the food all that good?).

    I actually have discussed Spark with perfect strangers when I work at the bookstore. If they want a dieting cookbook, the Spark book is the first one that I show them. I have also told a few of my friends about SP, and my sister joined on my referral. I don't know if she is lurking or blogging -- I lurked for a LONG time before I started participating in the SP community.
    2141 days ago
  • MARYANN2323
    If you think Chinese Buffets are the down fall of civilisation, what are your thoughts on "biscuits with gravy?" A truly american staple. Up here, beyond the 49th parallel, there is no such animal. Thank goodness! Our Chinese buffets have lots of healthy choices, just watch out for the sodium. And MSG is virtually banned. I'm not saying we don't have our fair share of "fluffy" people, I'm just saying we have more healthy places to eat. Even the so called worst of the worst, offer up descent meals. We just have to make the choice, which is where the problems begin.

    As for Boulder & Denver, I think it's the mountains. If you have tall mountains, you have slim people. (Mostly.) Maybe the old & the "fluffy" can't make it over them thar hills?
    2141 days ago
    I've only shared SP with people who ask and with the office Biggest Loser program where we were all talking about what we're doing to become more healthy.

    When I bought an SP T-shirt, I received cards to give out to 'spread the spark'. I will not be handing them out unless someone asks.

    Lately, a LOT of people have been asking, though. I mean, a 45 pound loss is pretty dramatic on me. I'm closing in on the half-way mark!

    There are fat Ecuadorians, but there are also a lot of thin ones. There aren't nearly as many heavy teens and kids. In fact, there are almost no heavy teens and kids.

    2142 days ago
    To the first question about Sparking other people; I always talk about my OWN experience with it and never infer that someone else might need it. Sometimes planting a seed in someone's reality is more effective than hitting them over the head with a 2X4. I talk about the tools and the recipes, but mostly what I've found is best about it. The people and the support!
    I for one, never realized that that was what was missing from my plans and how important it's come to mean to me. Self esteem, confidence.......the love that I get (we get) makes me want to keep trying every day. Not to mention the inspiring stories I stumble across every day here!

    To your second question about Colorado and the missing fat folk and elderly:

    SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!! (or maybe it's a Logan's Run phenomenon; everyone reports to a disintegration chamber when they reach 35?


    2142 days ago
    Personally, if someone ASKS me about my weight loss I tell them about Spark. MANY have asked me, so I have told many about Spark. I can't say that I've even encountered the feeling of being insulted. I would have to look @ the situation before opening my mouth, though, to someone who hasn't asked.

    I lived in Colorado Springs and I can tell you that the altitude was NOT my friend. So, I lost weight when I lived there. Go figure! Everything took so much more effort to do.

    2142 days ago
  • NEWMOM20121
    Made me smile. Once again a splendid blog.
    2142 days ago
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